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A New Face in GOP Fundraising

Apparently, Tony Snow is a great fundraiser for the Republicans. I don't think any president's press secretary has ever been so popular with his respective party's base.

ST. CHARLES, Ill., Oct. 15 -- Tony Snow draped his lanky frame across a wooden lectern, leaned forward and gazed out at 850 adoring Republicans who had paid $175 apiece to hear him speak. There was a conspiratorial gleam in his eye, as if he was about to reveal some deep inner secret from his new life as the White House press secretary.

"Yesterday," Mr. Snow declared, "I was in the Oval Office with the president ----"

He cut himself off, took a perfectly calibrated three-second pause and switched into an aw-shucks voice for dramatic effect: "I just looove saying that! Yeaaah, I was in the Oval Office. Just meeee and the president. Nooooobody else." The crowd lapped it up.

Live from the suburbs of Chicago -- It's the Tony Snow Outside-the-Beltway Hour! Memo to White House press corps: you can't catch this show in the briefing room.

In the six months since Mr. Bush enlisted him to resuscitate a White House press operation that was barely breathing, Mr. Snow, a former Fox News television and radio host and a conservative commentator, has reinvented the job with his snappy sound bites and knack for deflecting tough questions with a smile. Now, he is reinventing it yet again, by breaking away from the briefing room to raise money for Republicans, as he did here on Saturday night for Speaker J. Dennis Hastert.

Mr. Snow, who will make 16 such appearances before Election Day, acknowledged he had entered "terra incognita"; to his knowledge, no other White House press secretary has raised money for political candidates while in the job. But with his star power from television and his conservative credentials, Mr. Snow, unlike his predecessors, is in hot demand.

I would love to see Tony Snow in person. As a press secretary, he's by far the quickest on his feet at deflecting the White House Press Corps' attempts at "gotcha" questions.

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Kim thx for the post. I sti... (Below threshold)

Kim thx for the post. I still miss his radio and tv shows but as a press sec. he has redifine the role!

He does a great job as pres... (Below threshold)

He does a great job as press spokesman. Now if the networks would replace the 'repeat after me' monkeys they have sent there for years. They (reporters) are the best display of proof that the American education system has failed, and it doesn't look that any improvement are within reach.

ah..so no one has a problem... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah..so no one has a problem with Tony being the first?..do you even bother to ask why the Press Sec. did not do this before?

Hes funny the way He puts o... (Below threshold)

Hes funny the way He puts off the rabid dogs. What is with that Helen Thomas? I swear when I was a kid She looked the same as now and that was 40 years ago.. Does'nt She ever expire?

Oh good grief, nogo!<... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Oh good grief, nogo!

That's a shining example of a 'nattering nabob of negativity'.

If his health will allow, I... (Below threshold)

If his health will allow, I choose Tony Snow for the Republican Presidential candidate 2008. Talk about charisma, and brains to match!!

I saw Tony Snow lecture a f... (Below threshold)

I saw Tony Snow lecture a few years ago. Before the talk started, my son, who was a junior in high school at the time, approached him to introduce himself. Then, after the talk, my son asked him some questions and Tony treated him with such dignity and respect, I was amazed. Tony is the real deal; I was pleased when he received his present appointment.

"Talk about charisma, and b... (Below threshold)

"Talk about charisma, and brains to match!!"

Yeah OK,so Tony Snowjob's brain matches his charisma huh? And you are actually touting him to run for President?

These are really desperate times for you folks.
I guy who has diarrehea of the mouth, and a constipation of thoughts, and who is such a blind partisan, that he cannot even answer a straight question without trying to spin it. This guy is your fundraising hero now?


Yeah. Now that Kos guy?...h... (Below threshold)

Yeah. Now that Kos guy?...he sure is winner.

Field Scum, if you can't fi... (Below threshold)

Field Scum, if you can't find anything to like about Tony, then just step away.

You're such a bitter, frustrated race-baiter, you couldn't wait to jump in and prattle on in your negative way.

That's why people are turned off with you guys. You're just not appealing on any level.

Tony is a class act, and a nice guy. He conducts himself with dignity, and as any sentient person can see in his press briefings, he can school the densest reporter with grace and charm.

"densest reporter"--like th... (Below threshold)

"densest reporter"--like that drunk that wears the pink shirt--just love the way Tony puts him in his place. If this guy (David G.) is a reporter, I am the king of Siam. He is nothing more than a political hack.

And He wears pink..... (Below threshold)

And He wears pink..

I've never got to meet Tony... (Below threshold)

I've never got to meet Tony but I've heard him speak and came away very impressed. Late last year Tony, Bill O'Reiley and local talk-show host Lars Larson were the speakers at Talk Fest 2005 here in Portland, Oregon. You can't help coming away feeling better about yourself and more positive about life after hearing Tony speak.

jhow: did you see that vid... (Below threshold)

jhow: did you see that video of his colloquy with David what's his face from NBC re the proposal the admin. had on detainee questioning? Oh dear Lord, that was astonishing to see.

It lead me to the conclusion that we have a very unsophisticated, and poorly educated, press corps. If this is as good as it gets, sheesh.






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