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Judgment Day For An American Terrorist

Jay at Stop the ACLU is watching to see what the sentence is for jihad lawyer, Lynn Stewart. He has a good roundup of others blogging and will be updating as news breaks.

Update: Larwyn pointed me to this Byron York column from last year which lays out the Soros connection.


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Comments (10)

This pathetic fool better g... (Below threshold)

This pathetic fool better get prison. By the way wheres Her burka?

Isnt it ironic that all of ... (Below threshold)

Isnt it ironic that all of a sudden, with punishment facing her square in the eye, she finally starts to 'get it'??

Pity party judge. 28 months... (Below threshold)

Pity party judge. 28 months, what a joke. No wonder there are so many violent criminals, they do the crime but don't do the time.

CNN is reporting that she w... (Below threshold)

CNN is reporting that she will only receive 28 months in prison. What a joke! It should have been 28 years in my opinion.

28 yrs of hard labor, i.e. ... (Below threshold)

28 yrs of hard labor, i.e. tending to muslims at Gitmo

Twenty-eight months...not n... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Twenty-eight months...not near enough. What do we know about the judge?

Apparently He/She is soft o... (Below threshold)

Apparently He/She is soft on terrorism.

What do we know about th... (Below threshold)

What do we know about the judge?

Not hard to figure out who appointed this judge.

About time, at least it is ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

About time, at least it is a conviction...by the way can someone name all the Terrorists or those who have supported them have been found guilty in the U.S. since 2002? Surely this can't be this first..but i can't think of any other..(oh there were those 3 nuns)

Uhh nogo brainless can you ... (Below threshold)

Uhh nogo brainless can you "count" the number of DEAD terrorist since 2002? Huh?






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