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Murtha Supports our Troops Like...

This line from Murtha Must Go! is classic:

Murtha "supports" our troops like an arsonist "supports" firefighters.

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Contrast Murtha's "support"... (Below threshold)

Contrast Murtha's "support" to this photo of Cheney with the 101st Airborne-welcome home from Iraq rally-

Photo Cheney with the Troops

Think Murtha would have the guts to tell them about the Democratic Cut and Run from Iraq policy.

Think Instapundit would have the guts to whine about Schiavo-who's dead, and Miers who was replaced with Alito as good reasons to think the Democrats deserve to win.

The Apologists for Patriotism?

They might enjoy a talk abo... (Below threshold)

They might enjoy a talk about his redeploy to Okinawa policy. ;-) Of course it's against the law for them to be disrespectful to a member of Congress in any public venue.

Murtha kind of reminds me o... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:


Murtha needs to go to camp ... (Below threshold)

Murtha needs to go to camp pendleton and begin serving each of the marines sentences the cow.

What a bizarre world we liv... (Below threshold)

What a bizarre world we live in when you think Cheney and his "other priorities" support the troops more than Murtha. Thats like saying that saying Rudy Giuliani is a bigger supporter of the Yankees than Yogi Berra. Yeah, we always see him with his cap rooting for his team, but Yogi bleed and sweated for that team while Rudy gets to sit in his nice cozy box drinking beer and eating peanuts whether they have won or lost.

Hey Derrick, when you going... (Below threshold)

Hey Derrick, when you going to bring up Haliburton? Now that all of the contracts are public and it's a fact the Haliburton won over 90% of their contracts on open bids. No favortism there, they were just the most qualified with the lowest bid.
Actually their rate of open bid contracts was better than any other government contractor. Damn, don't that just deep fry you lefitis okra. I would say ba**s but most of you don't have any.

Derrick, sorry buddy, but l... (Below threshold)

Derrick, sorry buddy, but like cheney, as a member of this country i have a stake in the outcome of this war. Winning is the only option.

You and your ilk have a similar stake in this war and that is losing it. Obviously if your kind wanted to win this war you'd sound less like Osama bin laden, ahmedenajad, Kim jong il etc... and more like George Bush.

If you wanted to win this war the bottom line is that your attitude wouldn't be in the sewer like it is now. You truly comprise the hate-america first crowd and you look at our foreign policy as electoral issues instead of real-world issues that could affect whether or not you live or die tomorrow.

It must be mind boggling for you to consider that because George Bush you are alive and able to talk trash about him on a daily basis. It must be mind boggling that the troops you want to redeploy to half way away from the war are actually fighting for your right to sound off like an ignorant liberal that has no concept of the world around you.

Yes you derrick embody what is wrong with this world. When someone attacks us we should reel back and try to understand why and what we did not retaliate and figure out how to make sure it never happens again. Of course thats only when a republican is in office. If it were a democrat we could waive it as another one of those "pesky nuisance terrorists" again like the Clintonistas and the Kerry crowd.

What I suggest derrick, is that you take a serious long hard look at the things you believe and the things that you hear. Are they really in the best interest for the people in this country? Or are they really in the best interest for a minority of the country, namely the democrat party? You need to take a serious long look at yourself and the way you and, the things you say and try to figure out why you keep losing elections and why you will continue to lose elections. Only then will you have hope derrick... Only then...

Murtha's past service gets ... (Below threshold)

Murtha's past service gets him a lot. So does his history of voting for military funding.

But those things don't get blind approval in the face of his demonstrated willingness to portray his "brothers" as cold blooded killers walking the knife edge of nervous breakdown, his idiotic idea of military strategy, or his failure to follow even the most basic standards of military leadership. At that point what his past service gets him is the title ex-Marine because unlike his never-served civilian contemporaries he has no excuse for not knowing why what he does is wrong.

There's legitimate difference of opinion and then there is betrayal. His willingness to tear down the reputation of our military for political gain is inexplicable.

You are a bunch of fascist ... (Below threshold)

You are a bunch of fascist criminally insane or retarded scumbags. The whole war was more than a mistake and tons of people have died, but hypopcritical fascist pigs, you are pigs, who claim to be pro life and Xtian seem to love to hate and kill the most. Look at your name, as matter of fact, your logo is bombshell, shot out of a howitzer or mortar. A whizbang is a bullet like projectile, usually solid AP shot or just shrapnel. If you support the troops and care about human life, we never would have had the war in the first place. Piling on Murhta is killing the messenger cause you don't like the message. I wish they could hit us back here, but only Bushbot pigs like the knee jerk right wing folks like you would get it. I'd love to see what a cluster bomb would do to your complexion or car's finish or how you would feel if you were holding a three foot blackened log that once was your spouse. Bet that would be a bellyful for all you war mongers. You're all criminally incompetent.

'I wish they could hit us b... (Below threshold)

'I wish they could hit us back here,'

At least we know where you stand, Jerk, I mean Jake.

When are you leaving for Canada?

Jake:<blockqu... (Below threshold)


Look at your name, as matter of fact, your logo is bombshell, shot out of a howitzer or mortar. A whizbang is a bullet like projectile, usually solid AP shot or just shrapnel.

ROFL...are you off your meds or do you normally have trouble forming coherent thoughts ?

"Piling on Murhta is kil... (Below threshold)

"Piling on Murhta is killing the messenger cause you dont like the message."

Your right Jake, I do not like Murhtas message and that message is Im a treasonous stab My fellow American in the back snake in the grass Sheehan.

Re: JakeSomeone pl... (Below threshold)

Re: Jake

Someone please call animal control....

Jake,Ummm, okayyyy... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Ummm, okayyyyy.

We don't 'love to hate and kill' anybody. However, we WILL kill those who are trying to kill us.

You, on the other hand, do appear to hate....your fellow Americans. You also appear to wish death on your fellow Americans.

You need to take a long look in the mirror.

Someone seems to be missing... (Below threshold)

Someone seems to be missing purpose and direction in his life.

Pig bot?

Flame bot maybe. Maybe his Nintendo, ya know, broke, or his little brother erased his Mario Brothers save. Lots of hostility can result from that, believe me, I know. Any time it happens in this house you'd think someone lost a limb and was spouting arterial blood.

Derrick or dickhead. Show m... (Below threshold)

Derrick or dickhead. Show me one instance where a member of the current administration has 'convicted' a group of Marines in the press before the investigation was complete, much less a trial as required by American law. At least we were once promised a fair trial. Did Slick Willie change that to? As a 22 year member of the military I think Murtha should be recalled, arrested, tried and shot. I'll volunteer to do the shooting.

By the way, after retiremen... (Below threshold)

By the way, after retirement from the military I became a volunteer firefighter/EMT (currently in my 12th year). There are some things i'd like to do to Murtha that would shiver your bones. Maybe get some Mag from a Volks engine on fire and cram it up his a**.

Actually, Arson does suppor... (Below threshold)

Actually, Arson does support hundreds of firefighters in this country. If not for the big overtime forest fires- there would not be a lot of overtime.

Murtha is not the one fanning this fire, but the Republicans who need this war to continue to make Billions off of "We the Taxpayers." This war has cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Who has that money gone too? Our contractors most of whom are directly related to our government.

I don't know how many of you realize how close this country is getting to a dictatorship and how much our constitution is being ripped apart by our current president. We suspended habeas corpus yesterday for anybody that the president thinks might be a threat. I would warn you that if this doesn't get shot down by the courts, the next president and every president after will also have the power to pick and choose and torture their enemies as long as they think have a good reason.

This country needs checks and balances and we haven't had them for years. I know my history and I fear a dictator in charge of the largest military in the world FAR more than I fear random groups of terrorists.

How are we defining winning the War? We already took Iraq and we have more or less given up on Afghanistan. Do we need to kill all the Arabs. It is time for conservatives- ESPECIALLY middle class conservatives- to rethink their position. I vote Democrat this year to bring some hearings to the congress.

What gets this country clos... (Below threshold)

What gets this country closer to a dictatorship isn't a few war powers.

It's feelings.

It's all the things we do and all the things we allow our government to have control over because of "the children" or compassion or the need to fix some social problem. We willingly give over our personal lives to legal oversight for the best reasons without thinking about the fact that we're establishing a mechanism that relies on the whim of the majority.

An inconstant tyrant at best.

What I know, and most people who read this blog know, is that the horrors that George Bush is being allowed and the policies that he's followed have been IN PLACE in previous administrations, by and large. Most certainly including Clinton's administration. No one complained before it became politically beneficial to portray Bush as a fascist bully.

If it's not a pending dictatorship that we're supposed to be afraid of (and apparently not from the "nanny state" party, curiously enough) it's the impending theocracy, as if any *Christian* church would stand for such a thing.

You're a smart guy, James. You're being spun. Not that we shouldn't be diligent over our freedom and privacy... we certainly must be. Constantly. But take a step back and coldly compare the state of our freedom today and 10 years ago and 20 years ago. Compare the social attitudes and public trends now and then.

The theocracy we're supposed to be afraid of? Where is it? In a reluctance to tear down the Mt. Solidad cross that has been there for 50 years? The turn toward barbarism and acceptance of torture? Because we *don't* execute ununiformed enemies on the battlefield without anything resembing a trial? And Dictatorship? For wanting to keep secrets and to have legal mushiness defined clearly?

If you want an example of someone ignoring our legal traditions Murtha is a good example. Americans expect to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Murtha knows and understands that the military is NOT the place to get in any sort of trouble with the law as they have their own judicial system (soldiers being investigated can be and are held without any charges, often in isolation and for *months*). He shows his intentions and motivations and disregard by announcing that they are guilty.

If our freedoms are in danger it's because our lawmakers don't bother to be the least bit careful about the crap that comes out of their mouths (or offices) because they live in a responsibility free environment.

That's scary.

I agree with you completely... (Below threshold)

I agree with you completely that the problem is ideas, but the problems you point out are the result of an overtolerant congress and constituency allowing sweeping powers to a few individuals. Powers that our founding fathers, except for Alien and Sedition Adams, would have fought against, in fact did fight against.

Mr. Murtha is a single voice in congress and is not the one who was granted these powers. They were granted solely to Mr. Bush and his regime without any qualifications to that power.

If our freedoms are in danger it's because our lawmakers don't bother to be the least bit careful about the crap that comes out of their mouths (or offices) because they live in a responsibility free environment.

This is exactly my point the Military torture bill flew through congress in a week, it is doubtful that most of the legislators even read it. Why was it so necessary to speed through a bill that revokes habeas corpus, so that we can continue to hold people without trial indefinitely.

I am concerned because it grants war powers for a war where victory can't be defined. So, in effect. unless we bring back checks and balances, Mr. Bush will have these powers for ever and can use them in any way he likes. Who in this country will have the authority to stop him.

I am as guilty of complacency as anybody, partially because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I couldn't believe how little was being said in the press when such a nonspecific law was pushed through congress. I know now that the networks in the MSM are as much in on this as anybody. They are making staggering fortunes as well and it is still not financially expedient for them to buck the system. Only a few commentators are even talking about it. I'm afraid that by the time they buck it will be too late to get our freedoms back.

At the very least this is worthy of serious questions. Even on Fox.

I am still afraid of the theocracy. It is not the crosses or the bibles or the ten commandments that worry me but the theocrats at the top. I live in Colorado Springs within sight of these people. I see the creations of Haggard and Dobson and their massive tax free complexes. These are not religious men, they are power brokers of the highest order. Another set of people who are allowed to act without limitation on their powers. I am still not certain whether they are pawns of Mr. Bush or whether he is their pawn. I live in the one city in the union that is already practically a theocracy. Power in this country is slipping too much into the hands of too few.

An inconstant tyrant requires only a nudge to become constant.

Sorry,There were a... (Below threshold)


There were a few points I didn't address so to continue from above.

You mentioned that previous presidents also had higher powers during times of war and this is certainly true. The battlefield is a more complicated legal environment and I commend our troops for trying to keep law and order in the middle of a civil war.

But, since every president has extended powers to suspend habeas corpus in time of Rebellion or Invasion, why does this president need so much more? Everybody keeps trying to tell us that this conflict is somehow new and that we have never dealt with terror before. This is nonsense. There has been terrorism since there were people and it has been dealt with for millennia.

The Terrorists have a few new weapons, but so do we. The idea that our government is pushing on us is fear. And they keep shoving this down our throats. The terrorists are fighting to make sure that we are scared and our government is playing right into their hands. Why do we need to be so scared-- Because scared people are easier to control for both the terrorists and our politicians.

I can look back 15 to 20 years and I see a lot of the same nonsense but never to this degree. Only a handful of presidents have pushed their wartime powers and it almost always ended up hurting a lot more than it helped and it was always motivated by fear. No president has ever requested the right to do away with habeas corpus completely, not even Lincoln during the civil war did that and he was the only one who was within the conditions granted by the constitution.

I concede that I am being spun, but so are you and so is everybody else. The trick to the spin is to make sure you take a sample from both sides. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

Sorry for the adendum I await the response, Thank you,


You people are insane. Sto... (Below threshold)

You people are insane. Stop dumping on Murtha, he's the only one on the hill who knows what the F he is talking about. Bush is the one going around setting fires for the overworked firefighters to put out. Your logic is missing.






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