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The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilization

Saturday's college football game between University of Miami and Florida International University turned into a gang-banging street brawl on the turf of the Orange Bowl...

Bonus: Listen to the commentary by former University of Miami player Lamar Thomas cheering on the violence. So far he's paid the biggest price for the mele... he lost his job.

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Hilarious!... (Below threshold)


I didn't see the action, bu... (Below threshold)

I didn't see the action, but I don't see how it can be considered a fight when players wearing football uniforms try to skin their knuckles by punching someone else's helmet, face guard or shoulder pads. Do the "victims" even know they've been attacked? Isn't it safer for the kids to do that than to actually play football?

bh, why don't you watch the... (Below threshold)

bh, why don't you watch the footage then.

bh, one guy used his helmet... (Below threshold)

bh, one guy used his helmet as a weapon and swung it at another players head. Another was stomping on downed players legs.

Why make a comment with an opinion after saying, "I didn't see it, but"?

Good spoof of the whole thi... (Below threshold)

Good spoof of the whole thing: www.gunsnbutter.com

"After Miami-FIU brawl, college applications from street thugs rise 600,000 percent"

For a minute I thought I wa... (Below threshold)

For a minute I thought I was watching hockey or Brazilian soccer. But I quickly figured out it wasn't soccer. The fans weren't brawling.

Hey my homes Lamar was just... (Below threshold)
Bustin out:

Hey my homes Lamar was just keepin it real, why go all plantation massa over one comment?

I agree Bustin out, I thoug... (Below threshold)

I agree Bustin out, I thought He was a great ringside announcer and funny too..

one more embarrassment in t... (Below threshold)

one more embarrassment in the career of lamar "the strip" thomas. and one more reason to remember just how ridiculously awesome george teague was at 'bama. he totally deserves a statue.

and folks, did no one see the south carolina brawl in 2004? what about wvu/syracuse back in '92? the chik-fil-a brawl last year?

I have no proof, but the Un... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I have no proof, but the University of Miami football program HAS to be dirty somehow.

The only reasonable response to this is the following:

Strip all the players of any scholarships, fire Coker, fire the athletic director on both campuses and suspend both teams from any bowl games for the next 5 years. (I'm glad Thomas was already fired.)

Anything short of that is a farce.

Didn't any of you notice th... (Below threshold)

Didn't any of you notice the tidbit at the end about who the President of the University of Miami is?

Donna Shalala, Clinton's former Secretary of Health & Human Services and paramour ... er, "life partner" of Janet Reno.

Check out this article:... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Check out this article:


This is the very definition of irony!!

So far he's paid the big... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

So far he's paid the biggest price for the mele... he lost his job.

Better yet, bring up charges for inciting violence on TV. I'm tired of this f***king s*** in football. Particularly college football where the FIRST emphasis is supposed to be on school, not sports.

This whole melee has me positively fried about the whole over-importance placed on collegiate athletics and the gross amount of attention paid to it.






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