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Will It Be Venezuela or Guatemala on the UNSC?

Allah at Hot Air has been following the voting. A country must receive at least 128 votes in the general assembly to get a two-year rotating seat on the United Nation Security Council.

The UN ended today's voting after the tenth round where Guatemala had 110 to Venezuela's 77. They'll pick up again tomorrow morning.

Let's hope the momentum continues to trend toward Guatemala. Chavez wants his seat on the UNSC so he can more easily bash President Bush and the US like he did during his speech at the UN on September 20th. It's hard to believe that the UNSC could be even more of a joke than it already is, but with Chavaz having a say, it could get even worse. A Venezuelan seat on the UNSC would be akin to a seat for every evil tyrannical dictatorship on the planet.


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Comments (5)

What could be more easy the... (Below threshold)

What could be more easy then just lear jetting to the U.N. and calling the leader of the freeworld the devil?

A: Having a seat on the UNSC to further bash amongst the sulphur and brimstone..

Might as well make it a full house of dictators and add Saddam to while their at it.

When will we grow the [email protected] (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

When will we grow the [email protected] to refuse to purchase any oil from Chavez?

I know a lot of people that... (Below threshold)

I know a lot of people that refuse to go to citgo anymore,so they are already reaping what they sow.

Consider if Chavez did get ... (Below threshold)

Consider if Chavez did get a seat. It might actually hasten the day his countrymen finally find the fortitude to oust the stupid bastard.

It would at least make U.N. sessions interesting, if not any more productive.

Frankly VENUSZUALIA should ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Frankly VENUSZUALIA should tell HUGO CHAVEZ to go take a leapi mean he could kill a condors apppitite






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