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A Tribute to the Strongest Dad in the World

This is off the topic of politics, government and world events, but it's so inspiring I wanted as many people as possible to see it. This, folks, is real love.

Over forty years ago, Judy Hoyt gave birth to a baby boy whose umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck. Judy and her husband were told that their son, Rick, was a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Doctors advised them to place him in an institution because he would never improve. Rick's parents said absolutely not.

Even after years of being told that their son would not accomplish anything with his life, Judy and Dick refused to give up. Eventually they had Rick hooked up to a computer, which allowed him to communicate.

A family friend organized a charity run for Rick's benefit, and Rick, after watching the runners cross the finish line, later told his dad that he wanted to do something like that, too. Even though Dick was out of shape and couldn't run a mile, let alone five, he decided to give it a try anyway for the benefit of his son. Dick pushed Rick in his wheelchair as he ran five kilometers. Afterward at home, Rick typed out on his computer that, "when we were running, it felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!" It was a turning point in both their lives.

Since then, Dick and Rick competed in 85 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, 212 triathlons and 15 Iron man competitions.

Now that you know the story, watch the video. And you'll need a lot of tissues. This one goes right to the heart of what it means to love unconditionally.


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Comments (17)

Pass the tissues, please...... (Below threshold)

Pass the tissues, please...

I know. I think I've watche... (Below threshold)

I know. I think I've watched it ten times now and I sob each and every time.

Anyone have an idea WHY I a... (Below threshold)

Anyone have an idea WHY I am unable to play and watch U tube?

Even makes heartless male e... (Below threshold)

Even makes heartless male eyes tear up.

pretty amazing. that's all... (Below threshold)

pretty amazing. that's all i can say

Wow. When my son gets home... (Below threshold)

Wow. When my son gets home from school he is gonna get a big hug. Never underestimate what a good father can and will do for his children.

Thanks for that! It's nice... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that! It's nice every once and a while to have a good positive story.

If there was ever a guy who... (Below threshold)

If there was ever a guy who "deserved" the rewards of a NIKE commercial, exhibiting their theme...Just Do It...this would be the guy. What an accomplihsment; what an inspiration.

Soupy2c2 - are you at work... (Below threshold)

Soupy2c2 - are you at work? Many workplaces block youtube and others (mine does) but I can see wizbang fine.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago. unbelievable.

Just when I was having one ... (Below threshold)
Jerry Haberer:

Just when I was having one of those jaded by reality sort of days, you had to come alomg and show me what is really important in our lives.

Thank you.

Beautiful!!! But I made the... (Below threshold)

Beautiful!!! But I made the mistake of watching it here at the gate in Sacramento Airport with lots of people around. I think I did a pretty good job of acting like I had something in my eye....both eyes.

The most important thing any of us can be is a good father or a good mother....I wish I could be half as good.


Both of my boys were born w... (Below threshold)

Both of my boys were born with the cord wrapped around their necks, so my first thought was, "There but for the grace of God."

And then I thought that no matter how horrible people can be, there are some like Dick and Judy Hoyt who show us how great we can me.

I also noticed that Rick lives independently and has a job. That's more than lots of very spoiled kids managed, too.

I was a mess (but then Hallmarl commercials make me cry); the true measure was that my almost-15 year old son (whom I called in to watch) had tears coursing down his face, too.

Wonderful story. What a gu... (Below threshold)

Wonderful story. What a guy!

Thank you, Kim.... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kim.

There's greatness in those ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

There's greatness in those who try. Thanks Kim.

I've cheered on the Hoyt's ... (Below threshold)

I've cheered on the Hoyt's at the Boston Marathon several times. Every time you see them is just as emotional and inspiring as the last.


Just, wow.

Wow, thats really amazing. ... (Below threshold)

Wow, thats really amazing.






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