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Mike Bouchard and Van Halen: an Awesome Combination

Another great ad from the Bouchard campaign. The Van Halen in the background gets my blood pumping.

Donate to Mike Bouchard and turn this thing around.

Hat tip: Mary Katharine.

Comments (8)

I'm very happy that I have ... (Below threshold)

I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to vote for Bouchard. He has always been very straight forward -- you know exactly what you are getting with this guy.

Stabenow, other the other hand, couldn't couldn't be squishier if she were made of jello.

Michigan deserves to have at least one Senator that will represent the views of it's citizens -- instead of acting like they were elected from Massachusetts.

Wish we had a candidate lik... (Below threshold)

Wish we had a candidate like him in my state!

Is there a Dem I can call ... (Below threshold)

Is there a Dem I can call or email to get 4-6 mail in ballots so I can vote for this guy?

Love the stmt, 'If it starts with illegal.......

Just hope that he keeps his principles and values once 'DC' gets to him.

So thats what Sammy Haggar ... (Below threshold)

So thats what Sammy Haggar looks like? I always wondered.

Stick a fork in Bouchard - ... (Below threshold)

Stick a fork in Bouchard - he's done. He doesn't have a chance.

Was this poll done by the s... (Below threshold)

Was this poll done by the same people that showed Daschle to be ahead of Thune by 20 points? I think I saw that on this same page. Funny how that one turned out.

Van Halen sucks. They sucke... (Below threshold)
Guy in Korea:

Van Halen sucks. They sucked twenty years ago, and they suck now. Republican politicians have bad taste, but hey, they cater to their base (and lo, how base this base is).

Ted Nugent rules!!! Sammy Hagar is awesome!!! Idiots.

Bouchard certainly has an u... (Below threshold)

Bouchard certainly has an uphill fight at this point, but he is a strong candidate.

Most importantly, his opponent is arguably the least effective Senator on Capitol Hill.






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