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The "Truthers" Have Some Trouble With The Truth

Jon Sanders caught one of the 9/11 "truthers" in an untruth.

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They're like creationists: ... (Below threshold)

They're like creationists: they have their story, and any inconvenient contradictory facts are spread by evil people.

An astute comparison, John.... (Below threshold)

An astute comparison, John.

Not all crazies are in an i... (Below threshold)

Not all crazies are in an institution. A majority of them are in the classroom, as teachers on one level or another.

"A majority of them are ... (Below threshold)

"A majority of them are in the classroom, as teachers on one level or another."

How many levels of teaching are there "in the classroom" these days, Scrappy?

Let's start by counting the levels in a Sunday School classroom. Are politics taught in Sunday School these days?

And are private schools allowed to teach political doctrine (just as parochial schools teach religion)? Should they be allowed to indoctrinate students in a political doctrine?

"Not all crazies are in an institution."

At last, a subject on which Scrappy is an expert. He spends way too much time on the computer to be institutionalized.

Actually, they're more like... (Below threshold)

Actually, they're more like atheists. If you contradict what they believe, they call you all sorts of nasty names, make fun of you, and say you're blinded by your beliefs. Of course, your beliefs are deemed irrational and said to be a gigantic hoax perpetrated by evil conmen to rob "sheeple" of their money. Only they - a tiny, tiny fraction of people - hold "THE TRUTH."

Yes, Lee, some are right he... (Below threshold)

Yes, Lee, some are right here on this blog, blogging at 11.33pm.

The Truthers are like the Dems. Truth being optional in all things political for them.

By the way, Lee, you missed Scrapiron's point by a mile. I wonder if we just let you be, if you can ever figure it out on your own, or would you need Hugh and Field Negro to bail you out, if they get it (unlikely).

Lee, last I checked, freedo... (Below threshold)

Lee, last I checked, freedom of speech includes private school teachers as well. It's the only reason the New Mexico law university hasn't been shut down. While I'm sure you'd love to shut down any group that dares teach that the UN isn't god, or that the whole bill of rights exists... it isn't going to happen, even when 'conservatives' are in charge.

As to Sunday School, I haven't been in a Church on friendly terms in over a decade now, but from the kids I talk to, they don't discuss even typically Christian idealogy. Outside of typical ten commandments stuff or Veggietales, it's fairly politic-free. Certainly nothing like the classic Christian Fundie concepts of hating fags, gals outside the kitchen or bedroom, and condoms.

Bwhaha...I love it when we ... (Below threshold)

Bwhaha...I love it when we catch the leftwingers in their lies.

Scrapiron, your animosity t... (Below threshold)
you are insane:

Scrapiron, your animosity towards educators is astounding. Is it because drool-flecked rants against the United Nations and the "Dimocrats" did not earn you a passing grade in your 4th grade Civics class last year?

Waaaah, some teachers' politics are left of mine!!! Line 'em up against the wall, eh, Scrappy?

Lee, I count teaching from ... (Below threshold)

Lee, I count teaching from Kindergarden to the failed college system teaching on different levels. They sure pay on different levels.

you are insane: I passed my 4th grade civic's class when they really taught civic's. That would be in about 1952.

Democ'rats and educators are really stupid. You two are perfect examples of the democ'rats and the graduates of major colleges that have a deficit in learning after four years of school at $46,000 per year are a perfect example of the idiots turned out by the education system.

Yes, I think 95% of the educators above high school level are totally unqualified to teach kindergarden, maybe pre-school if they wouldn't rape the students.

Why do we let these threads... (Below threshold)

Why do we let these threads get hijacked? Don't forget, this thread was originally about 9/11 wackos, now it's about crappy teachers, a totally different set of wackos.

They're hardly unrelated Lo... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

They're hardly unrelated Logan. The totally retarded theories from people like those mentioned in Sanders' article are pretty commonplace from kindergarden classes all the way through doctoral programs in this country. Where ever you have lefties you will have fabricated "reality" as actual reality does not conform to the secular socialist worldview.

Lee, who the hell are you t... (Below threshold)

Lee, who the hell are you to say someone else spends way too much time on the computer?!! You are one of the first to "comment" on almost every thread on this site, at every time of day and night. And while we all know that this is your favorite site to froth at, but I am sure you spend equal amounts of time on du and kos getting your talking points.

Lee bleeted:<... (Below threshold)

Lee bleeted:

At last, a subject on which Scrappy is an expert. He spends way too much time on the computer to be institutionalized.

Don't argue with Lee on this, D-Hoggs. The amount of time that institutionalized persons are permitted to spend on a computer is something which Lee has first-hand knowledge (on the receiving end).

"This thread was origina... (Below threshold)

"This thread was originally about 9/11 wacko's!"

Well Logan, Since Lee is on here 9am thru 11am the next day every day of the week, and He is a wacko!! I guess it fits the topic of this thread.






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