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NoKo Informs China of Three More Nuke Tests

Here we go again. From the Kyodo News:

(Kyodo) _ North Korea has informed China that it is prepared to conduct "as many as three additional tests" following the first nuclear experiment Oct. 9, CNN television reported Wednesday.

Quoting U.S. intelligence analysts and officials, CNN and Fox News said U.S. spy satellites have detected activities which could be preparations for nuclear explosion tests at three North Korean sites.

Update: Kim Jong-il stuck his head out for the first time since the nuke test:

On Wednesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il made his first known public appearance since his country's recent nuclear test, attending a performance of songs praising him, the North's official media reported.

The exact date of the performance wasn't specified in the report by the official Korean Central News Agency, but Kim would most likely have attended the event on Tuesday evening as the country marked the 80th anniversary of the Down with Imperialism Union, a group purportedly founded by Kim's father, the late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong-il - trying to live in the shadow of daddy.


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Comments (35)

Rove got to 'em.Wa... (Below threshold)

Rove got to 'em.

Way to go, Karl!

Yeah! Rove's October Supris... (Below threshold)

Yeah! Rove's October Suprise is a nuclear holocaust - that'll get the conservatives to the polls! Ya-Hoo!

Since it is abundantly clea... (Below threshold)

Since it is abundantly clear that no one will do a freakin' thing about NK and it's nukes; I wonder just how far the little lounge lizard will go?

Next, we'll have Iran running their little defiant tests, I think they've got a spot picked out to run their tests as well, say, Israel?

Lee - if Rove was just 10% ... (Below threshold)

Lee - if Rove was just 10% as smart as you and the other moonbats give him credit for, you'd all REALLY be his bitches!

Oh, thanks Clancy - thanks ... (Below threshold)

Oh, thanks Clancy - thanks for straightening me out.

Americans anxious over U.S. foreign ties

WASHINGTON - Americans are anxious and frustrated over the state of U.S. foreign relations, a survey indicates, with large majorities worried that the country's foreign policy is making the world increasingly dangerous for the United States and its people.

The poll, taken in September, included an "anxiety indicator" that calculates the level of angst in the country based on answers to five general survey questions. The indicator registered 130 on a scale of zero to 200, with zero being the most secure and 200 the most anxious.

That indicates "that apprehension and unease about the country's international position are at high levels and that the public mood may be nearing a tipping point," said veteran survey researcher Daniel Yankelovich, chairman of Public Agenda, the nonpartisan public policy institute that released the study Wednesday.

The survey identifies a "tipping point" as the point at which "attitudes have reached such a high level of concern that political leaders ignore it at their peril."

"This level of public anxiety, combined with Americans' disapproval of the nation's current course, is not something leaders can just dismiss," Yankelovich said.

The Republican'ts can dismiss it - they don't give a damn about anything except trying to re-elect their sorry *sses to office -- and they're failing there too! They think they can blame their own errors and failings on Clinton and Carter. NoKo is a good example - and there's the result!

Three more test should just... (Below threshold)

Three more test should just about use up the material Slick Willie and Madam NotAllTooBright gave them. Now they are using the new Nuclear Reactors to make more powerful conponents. By the way, Slick gave them the two nuclear reactors they are using, at a cost to the U.S. taxpayers of approx two billion dollars each. I think he included about 7-8 billions dollars in money and goods to feed the army of North Korea while they develop the nuclear bombs. Wouldn't want them to have to take a break and grow something to eat.

....the country's foreig... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

....the country's foreign policy is making the world increasingly dangerous for the United States and its people.

And it was so hunky dorey BEFORE 9/11? Now the world hates us MORE because we chose to defend ourselves and the lives of all free people? Yeah, we're definitely the bad guys in all this. Let's not blame the dicators, imams, terrorists and other repressive regimes and hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity inside and outside of their countries. Let's only blame ourselves. That's taking the high ground.

What a bunch of crap.

Oh, an since we've been engaged in multilateral talks with NKPR, who have repeatedly walked away from the table and demanded bilateral talks that we've rightly said no to, NOW the left attempts to critisize attempts at multilaterlism? You want hyprocrisy? There you go, pal.

What a bunch of big pile of donkey crap.

How old are you Lee? Are y... (Below threshold)

How old are you Lee? Are you old enough to remember the 80's? Do you remember movies like Red Dawn, War Games or perhaps a lot if some 80's music?

Anyway - If you do, you'll remember that society on a whole was worried about Nuclear Annihilation/Mutual Assured Destruction from the soviet threat.

I contend that we were WAY more afraid then, than we are now, based simply on our current movies and music.

Good point, Clancy. The Le... (Below threshold)

Good point, Clancy. The Left have no historical memory, thus no perspective. That's why Cindy Sheehan required a hysterectomy the other day.

Lee, yes, I can see you are truly "anxious and frustrated," but you need to take something for it, instead of relentlessly pushing your b*llshit on this blog.

(Your link didn't work, Lee... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

(Your link didn't work, Lee. I found your article anyway.)

Conspicuous by its absense was the paragraph just after what you cited:

"It's not just one event or one specific policy that is worrying people. It's Iraq; it's the danger of a terrorist attack; it's energy dependence; it's our diminished reputation around the world; it's the rise of violent Muslim extremism," he said.

In short, it's a lot of things that make people anxious. And by God, they should be anxious; we are in a state of war. But apparently some of us have forgetton that fact...

<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)

Here's another go at the link to the survey story.

I think we should "help" th... (Below threshold)
Greg D:

I think we should "help" them with their tests.

Figure out when everything is set up, and then nuke all possible test sites. It's a great use for some MIRVed ICBMs.

"Hi Kim, welcome to the Nuclear Club."

O/TBreaking- CNN r... (Below threshold)


Breaking- CNN reporting radiactive dirty bomb threat for NFL STADIUMS this weekend.

Miami, New York, games this weekend....

Homeland Security has no other evidence but is going to increase security. Non credible threat on an Islamic website.

Government Doubts threats

Greg D., the major downside... (Below threshold)

Greg D., the major downside is the Norks (or at least Mr. Ronery) might think the explosions were their nukes working.

This is the google search f... (Below threshold)

This is the google search for the Islamic website posting the specific threat-

new attack on america be afraid - The Friend Society new attack on america be afraid Ordered Idiocy. ... The Friend Society > General > Ordered Idiocy · Reload this Page new attack on america be afraid ... www.thefriendsociety.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31972 - 77k

But of course it no longer loads.

The threat is for teams playing home games this coming weekend and is suppose to mark the end of Ramadan.

Altlanta, Houston, Oakland,... (Below threshold)

Altlanta, Houston, Oakland, Cleveland add to the list.

Oakland?But Osama ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


But Osama promised not to attack pro-terrorist "blue" states...'

Guess he was lying...

Being a Raiders fan, there'... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Being a Raiders fan, there's a sick and twisted joke in this "dirty bomb" threat, but I won't say it...

In all seriousness, I was wondering when this sort of threat might surface...

So Ronery . . .Poh... (Below threshold)

So Ronery . . .

Poh Rittle Meeeeee . . .

Ahhh, so Ronery.

I fail to see HOW we are su... (Below threshold)

I fail to see HOW we are supposed to control another sovereign nation's activities, even if it is run by a tinfoil hat wearing nutjob!

Second, if we are really lucky, they'll screw up the test(s) and nuke themselves! Playing with fire and all that, doncha know.

"In all seriousness, I w... (Below threshold)

"In all seriousness, I was wondering when this sort of threat might surface..."

Just a few weeks before the election, of course.

Well, is anyone really suprprised by this? Doesn't this play right into the "climate of fear" the Republicans love to have around in the weeks before a national election?

Or, if you don't subscribe to this being a Rove October Surprise, maybe you believe that terrorists are doing this now because they want Republicans to be re-elected...?

For the 90th time. You are ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

For the 90th time. You are an idiot Lee, shut up.

Oooooh right Lee.I... (Below threshold)

Oooooh right Lee.

If they didn't tell you-you'd claim right to know.

Also when did Al-Qaeda bomb the trains in Spain?

They did it to effect the election of Jose Maria Aznar.

90th time? You're being too... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

90th time? You're being too generous, Zelsdorf.

And it would have NOTHING to do with the fact that football season and elections occur during the same time of the year, now would it.

Come on, Lee, even you're smarter than what you just wrote.

Peter....tsk,tsk,tsk<... (Below threshold)


The Raiders stink that bad aye?

Dang don't hate me as much as Lee but I'm a Steelers fan.

{running away....and ducking...}

P. Bunyan-

Gee Lee might be heart broken at that thought-he has to come from deep in Blue State central somewhere....

San Fran, Berkeley, shoot where is moonbat central?

Pelosi's district!

LeeLook I work for... (Below threshold)


Look I work for Rove and really October surprise is sooooo passe it's now around November 4th.

{You've been warned go alert your friends at Kos...}

If these scum attack us cow... (Below threshold)

If these scum attack us cowardly again ( the only way they know ) Then I estimate it will bring about the end of Ramadan alright. Only not the way they imagine..

"Also when did Al-Qaeda ... (Below threshold)

"Also when did Al-Qaeda bomb the trains in Spain?

"They did it to effect the election of Jose Maria Aznar."

Hmm - So, you think this bomb threat is possibly election-related too?

If that's the case ask yourself...

(1) Exactly which party would benefit from heightened concerns about terrorism?, and...

(2) why would terrorists favor that particular party?

It's a two-part question, which leaves the sinple-minded yammering trolls out of the competition, but anyone else is welcome to answer....

Lee-Do you believe... (Below threshold)


Do you believe in freedom of choice? In the public's right to know?

Ya it behooves the terrorists to get your party to react by blaming Bush in ANY case-he can't win for losing.

Here's what's wrong with your party-

You don't take terrorism seriously.

Case in point you'd rather believe that this is a Bush conspiracy and part of your crowd would rather believe that 9/11 is a Bush conspiracy.

When Democrats think like you do-{it's evident at the DU and Kos today} how do you protect the country when you underestimate the terrorists or don't react responsibly. Blaming it on Rove reflects the continuing head in the sand, laissez -faire attitude of the Democrats.(If! you could only have a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to the economy...}

Here's a confluence of events, there have been past threats made about the Ramadan period, there is a guy connected with staking out these cities that is at large, diagrams and plans of the NFL stadiums were found in Afghanistan, AND Al Qaeda has attacked just prior to elections to effect the outcome.

It's only prudent that you give the public the freedom of choice to make their own decisions and you don't hide the information like some all knowing /we know what's best for you Nanny State.

Also in the meantime you possibly gain from the public and stadium owners heightened awareness.

Unfortunately, your party would rather sweep it under the rug and get your panties in a bunch about a possible, based on irregular science, two hundred years from now hypothetical Global Warming.

Hi Lee I'll take a shot at ... (Below threshold)

Hi Lee I'll take a shot at this...So far this is nothing but a story posted on an obscure website.The Spanish attack was-well,an attack which probably swung the election away from the pro-US let's fight party to the appeasing moonbat let's-kiss-terrorist-anus-and-they-will-go-away party.If this is just a story then it is irrelevant-similar tales have been told before.If this does turn into an attack ask yourself 1)In light of the effect of the Spanish train bombing on their election which party does Al-Qaeda expect a pre-election attack to benefit 2)and why does Al-Qaeda favor that party? The answers are 1)The Democrats 2)Because they want to redeploy the troops in Iraq to Okinawa which will save Al-Qaeda there from extermination.

First off there is plenty o... (Below threshold)

First off there is plenty of blame to go around. Clinton spent 8 years doing nothing of substance, that is, unless you view Neville Chamberlain's treaty substantial. Bush has been a bit preoccupied with things farther west and probably has dropped the ball a bit too. I would prefer to focus less on the hand wringing and more on what is in the best interests of the US and secondarily the best interests of our allies.

Win-win negotiating relies on both parties buying into the concept. The alternative to "win-win" is "no deal". Clinton tried to negotiate but the NoKos didn't negotiate in good faith. I am reasonably sure that Madame Albright and Co. knew this, so let's not give too much credit. The 6-way talks were the way to go if we have any illusions that they are serious about negotiating by normal rules, but lil Kim isn't going to play without pressure being brought to bare. We don't have the political willpower to do so, and China hasn't shown any willingness to yank his chain.

I'm with Jack Kelly on this one. It's not really our problem. It is China's, South Korea's, and Japan's. We can help them however we reasonably can, but the motivation to make things better must come primarily from them. We can, of course, deliver a nice little one-line note to the great leader that any nuke of "unknown origin" set off anywhere will result in his immediate elevation to the Late, Great Leader, and ALL of his cronies with him.

Hey Rory, did you guys get ... (Below threshold)

Hey Rory, did you guys get all the Diebold Machines rigged yet? Let's hear them Moonbats SCREAM!!!!

Be Seeing You,


Chris, seriously, did you k... (Below threshold)

Chris, seriously, did you know that Karl Rove's brother is on the Board of Diebold?

Quick, Lee, Google it!!!

MitchellDid You kn... (Below threshold)


Did You know that the chimp still has'nt got all the monkey business out of the Diebold sheens yet??

Yeah, It still counts 1 illegal mexican american for every dead person who voted by absentee ballot.

914, this is good news.... (Below threshold)

914, this is good news.

Let's hope the chimps keep up the good work.






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