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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Amy Ridenour at The National Center Blog explains how in Huffington Post Beware: A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part I.

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The moment anyone mentions ... (Below threshold)

The moment anyone mentions Cuba having a great national healthcare system, I stop reading. They obviously have absolutely no idea what the heck theyre talking about. Cuba's healthcare is an apartheid type system. Hospitals for foreigners and party aprachtniks have every single medically advanced ammenity available. Hospitals for the average citizens dont have a darned thing. No aspirins, no bedssheets, no doctors now that theyve all been sent to venezuela and other countries, no syringes, no medicines. Heck, half of them dont even have electricity half the time.

I always want to contact said author and ask how many family members from Cuban contact him asking for everything and anything they might need for a hospital stay that the great lauded and vaunted cuban healthcare system doesnt have.

Same goes for that "infant mortality" rate mumbo jumbo. The numbers look great on paper for Cuba, of course, because they dont plug in the six of ten pregnancies that are aborted in the island.

I wonder if Mr. Fleetwood would be willing to fly down to cuba for treatment at a Cuban hospital for Cubans.

Idiots, the lot of them

Liberals act as if access t... (Below threshold)

Liberals act as if access to ANY healthcare is the determining factor in the quality of a country's healthcare. I wish some of them would move to Colombia and Morocco for their supposedly "superior" healthcare.


The issue of a need for a s... (Below threshold)

The issue of a need for a single payer nationalized health care system for our country is a no-brainer. The only people who could educate themselves to the facts and conclude otherwise have NO-BRAINS and are completely ideologically driven right to their early American deaths.

Greg:That's a lot ... (Below threshold)


That's a lot of the basis of the "Cubas has great healthcare" idea.

Supposedly, if you take any moron, send him though some second-rate training, he's what they consider equal to the multi-year training we require to call someone a "doctor."

You can do the same thing with schools in general, if you stretch hard enough. Put a kid in a room, teach him some basic language skills, give him enough math to make change, and and he's "educated."

"The only people who could ... (Below threshold)

"The only people who could educate themselves to the facts and conclude otherwise have NO-BRAINS and are completely ideologically driven right to their early American deaths."

So what keeps you here M? The desire for an early death? A morbid fascination with statistics? I keep hearing about how much better it is to be anywhere but America but I don't see many bags being packed or many one way tickets elsewhere being purchased.

Tell you what - pack your bags and buy the ticket. I'll throw a party to see you off. And when you outlive me over "there" you can smile smugly and say "I told you so"!

Muirego, you communist. Wh... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Muirego, you communist. Where would you find the part of the consititution that would allow you to take my money pay for someone elses healthcare. In which section or under what amendment does it state the job of government is to insure the health of free citizens? If this is such a no brainer, you should have the answer in a few years.






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