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Fair Daze and Foley - Negron Haze

My husband and I took the girls to the NC State Fair on Wednesday so I am extremely behind on my blogging. (My feet hurt too, in case anyone cares.)

There were many stories that I missed blogging about yesterday, including that the President was in my neck of the woods. The one that really got my blood boiling, though, was the ruling Kim posted regarding the issue of whether or not voters at the polls could be advised that a vote for Foley would count for Negron.

The ruling is absurd, but the part it plays in the long running drama that is the "Democrats as victims of Republicans' nasty electoral tricks" is what infuriates me. I am sick of hearing about Republicans stealing elections or not counting votes, as the punchline of the late night comic routines. Just a quick refresher -- it was Al Gore that sent lawyers to Florida to disqualify as many military ballots as possible in 2000, and Al Gore who wanted to keep recounting until he found a count in which he was ahead, and Democrats that came up with the butterfly ballot, and Democrats that tend to attract the dead vote, and Democrats that don't want voters to be required to show photo ID, and Democrats that actively recruit the felon vote, and the illegal immigrant vote, and on and on. Time and time again, Democrat leaders do things to make it more likely that voters will not receive all the facts before casting their vote, or will find the process confusing. They constantly take positions which make it more likely that those who are not eligible to vote (felons, illegals) will be able to vote. And now it is Democrats (and their friendly judges) who want to make it harder for Florida voters to be fully informed. Forgive me for not being shocked.

Update: My comment above that the ruling is absurd is not accurate. I should have said the law is absurd, as it appears the judge probably ruled within the law on this one. There should be some provision to see that voters are adequately informed in the case of a Foley-Negron situation. In other cases, such as when Democrats in New Jersey pulled their Torricelli switcheroo, Democrats have found a way around the law. Then they point at Republicans for supposedly "stealing" elections.

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All you have to do is play ... (Below threshold)

All you have to do is play 'name that judge' to see why the justice system in the United States is viewed by a majority to be as low as any profession can go. I no longer respect any judge, enough of them have proven to be biased political hacks instead of judges to stain all of them. You may have to respect the bench but you don't have to respect the man sitting on it. Maybe since the President will have two years left after the election he will spend it at the Justice Department indicting judges, lawyers and dimwitted criminal politicians. There are several democrats that can be charged with treason and any jury outside of D.C. and the ninth circus in Ca will find them guilty.

Lorie,I am a Flori... (Below threshold)


I am a Floridian and a conservative. I wish there were a better, more logical answer to the problem caused by Foley's resignation and the substitution of Negron's name on the ballot. However, as Captain Ed Morrissey pointed out, the decision handed down by the judge is probably the legally correct one.

It is something the Florida legislature needs to address, not something that should be handled by judicial fiat. Conservatives need to applaud and respect judicial restraint, even when it hands us a result we don't like.

I'm still pretty damn ticke... (Below threshold)

I'm still pretty damn ticked about the military absentee ballots that were 'disqualified' in the 2000 election, while they were trying hard to read the entrails, er, hanging chads, er, impressions and dimples on supposed 'legal' ballots.

Every vote should be counted, MUST be counted, HAS TO BE counted... only as long as it's likely to be for a Democrat. Could be wrong, but that's sure how it looks.

You forgot some other dirty... (Below threshold)

You forgot some other dirty Dem voter tricks.

The Washington gov's race. The Dems kept recounting until they won. A judge noted that even though the margin of victory was in the hundreds and there were well over a thousand undoubtedly fraudulent ballots, the Dem won. Yay!!!!

And of course, who can forget when they decided that their candidate in NJ probably wouldn't win, they got a sympathetic judge to allow them to change candidates after the time that the law allowed.

I think we must be doing be... (Below threshold)

I think we must be doing better than the MSM and dems keep telling us. Why? BECAUSE the stories of voter machines and fraud etc. are popping up in the MSM. They have to have that out.






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