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Ham Nation

I am fortunate to have made some great friends through blogging, not the least being Mary Katharine Ham. Usually when you see MK's name it is accompanied by "rising blog star" or something similar. Her first Vblog for Townhall, Ham Nation, shows that she lives up to that title -- and then some. It is hilarious and it includes the Elvis song "Suspicious Minds" in the background. As my daughter (who was coached by my mom) says, "Elvis is the king." What could be better than that? Be sure to check it out. If Elvis isn't your thing, there are plenty of stick figures on bar napkins.

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I wonder if she cleared the... (Below threshold)

I wonder if she cleared the rights to the music played in the background, or just stole it without paying any royalties to the composer and performers? ---note the question mark

napkin illustration to follow at a later date.

Ahhhhh, None of Your busine... (Below threshold)

Ahhhhh, None of Your business s--t f--k!

Lee,We would prefe... (Below threshold)


We would prefer not to see anything you put on a napkin while watching MKH.

Lee:I work for a R... (Below threshold)


I work for a RADIO company. We know exactly how to take care of stuff like that, and wouldn't proceed with it if we didn't. So, wonder no more, and enjoy the music.

Forgive him. He's just dum... (Below threshold)

Forgive him. He's just dumb. He thinks ASCAP is something to wear on his head.

BUT ~ the excellent graphic idea of the napkins would be more effective if rendered so the illustrations are clearly visible, either with a close-up or an inset.

And you could have saved a few napkins on the Reid scandal thing by simply illustrating a mobster (complete with "?") with a pin-stripe suit, and Reid as a tiny little man in his pocket. Save the trees - AlGore needs someone to hug.

Screenshot taken after this... (Below threshold)

Screenshot taken after this date.






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