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These Are The Stakes

At Hot Air, Allah calls the new GOP ad a modern day "version of LBJ's 'Daisy' ad." It is a powerful ad, but I agree with one Hot Air commenter that it would be even more effective if interspersed with clips of Democrats downplaying the threat of terrorism. Also effective would be showing how many Dems voted against anti-terrorist tools like the Patriot Act. I have a feeling we will be seeing those in upcoming ads.

Cross-posted at Wizbang Politics, where Alexander McClure has some updates on several close races and a must read message for anyone considering sitting this one out.


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Comments (20)

Hmmmm,It's interes... (Below threshold)


It's interesting. The ad's not on YouTube (or any other video sharing site). Seems to have been distributed only to a select few bloggers?

Michelle Malkin
Junkyard Blog

What am I missing here?

I don't know the answer to ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I don't know the answer to that. I sometimes get emails from people at the RNC letting me know when new ads are up, and such an email could be sitting in my inbox right now. I expect that even if it was only released to a limited number of outlets that it will soon be available at the RNC site. Did you check there? That is where these are usually posted.

I will check there now.

It is posted at the RNC sit... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

It is posted at the RNC site (GOP.com) very prominently at the top of the page. I should have checked there before posting that last comment. If you haven't already, bookmark that site. There is a lot of good info located there and the ads generally get posted there before they appear anywhere else.

"Vote Republican. Your lif... (Below threshold)

"Vote Republican. Your life might just DEPEND on it."

Agreed. And that of my wife, daughter, and family. That's why I'll vote Republican this year.

The Patroit Act? The Patroi... (Below threshold)
Sal Manella:

The Patroit Act? The Patroit Act is Shredding the Bill of Rights! Anybody care? Living in a society where the Bill of Rights is slowly slipping away with every terror act, eventually will be no worse than living with terrorism.
Yesterday we were fully protected by the Bill of Rights. Today, we have lost considerable protections. What will we be left with tomorrow? The lack of outrage is just shameful.

Sal Manella (aptly named): ... (Below threshold)

Sal Manella (aptly named): "The Patroit Act? The Patroit Act is Shredding the Bill of Rights! Anybody care?...Yesterday we were fully protected by the Bill of Rights. Today, we have lost considerable protections. "

Really? You have? Which ones? This has affected you SPECIFICALLY how??

Just questions...but questions are like Kryptonite to Leftists.

Sal Manella: "Bill of Right... (Below threshold)

Sal Manella: "Bill of Rights is slowly slipping away"

The Bill of Rights is slipping away because the left hated the idea of enumerated powers. You move power away from the people and then bitch when it isn't used the way you like.

How about that 2nd amendment. Where you stand on that, moron.

Name me ONE right you have ... (Below threshold)

Name me ONE right you have lost Sal...just one.

p.s.I just donated... (Below threshold)


I just donated $100 each to Tanent (Missouri) and Kean (New Jersey)

Help them help us!!

I think the Democrats shoul... (Below threshold)

I think the Democrats should try to buy this commercial from the Republicans, and use it on their own. After a half-hearted attempt years ago, Bush has proven time and again that he simply isn't "concerned" about Been Forgotten. Republicans should really look at recent poll numbers regarding which party Americans have more faith in in fighting terrorism. It ain't the Republicans.

While I've heard lot's of w... (Below threshold)

While I've heard lot's of warnings about rights that will be violated, I haven't heard of any actual cases of such. In a time of war, we have to equip those that are charged with protecting us the tools necessary. We trust the police to walk around all day with loaded weapons don't we? I think we can all agree they need their tools to do their job. And, of course, there are people who are watching to ensure a bad police officer doesn't abuse his or her authority. Some people may not trust the government, fine. Keep an eye on them if you must, but let them have the tools so they can do their job.

Herman...put down the bong ... (Below threshold)

Herman...put down the bong and get some sleep man...we're worried about you.

The healthiest economy in decades and NO attacks on American soil since 9/11. If the good ole MSM would report anything CLOSE to even-handedly on any of this then it would be a Republican landslide.

But they don't. So the manufactured "opinion" of America is what you buy into. Sad.

Tonight the CBS Radio news led with:

"Dow hits 12,000, but some economists see tough times ahead".

Fair & Balanced??

Still waitin' Sal...just on... (Below threshold)

Still waitin' Sal...just one.

Sal is just a whining lib s... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Sal is just a whining lib suffering from severe BDS.


Get used to it. We'll here much more in November.

Waaaaaaaaah. We hate bushitlerchimpy.


Bunch of liberal pussies.

Sal is worried about his "r... (Below threshold)

Sal is worried about his "right" to communicate with known terrorists in foreign countries, apparently.

Nice video! I needed to be... (Below threshold)
Faith Tempted/o Denial:

Nice video! I needed to be reminded that five years after 9/11, those responsible for it are still "free as a bird". A bullhorn and a broken promise. And thanks to this Administration choosing to "stay the course" in a war we shouldn't be and NOT "staying the course" in a war where we should've, 92% of the World's opium supply is coming from Afghanistan (at pre-9/11 levels) and the Al Qaeda's terrorism financing is back in full swing. SAFE? What am I stupid? HELL NO I AIN'T SAFE! And I ain't stupid neither. This video is not very intelligent.

Still voting Democrat! It's impossible for anybody to do worse than what we have now thank you!

And to think...I voted for these idiots.

So thats why Bin Laden is s... (Below threshold)

So thats why Bin Laden is still out there. The GOP needs him for their ads. And you wonder why Republican congressional approval is at 16%.

"Dow hits 12,000, but some ... (Below threshold)

"Dow hits 12,000, but some economists see tough times ahead"."


The Dow is basically back to where it was 6 years ago. If you invested in the DJIA, adjusted for inflation, you lost money.

The Dow reflects only the profits of a few large corporations. No one is saying those companies haven't done well under this Administration. But that does not make a healthy economy.

Now back to that OT...It's a really awesome video, what with all the scary looking furriners and such...Effective. for a 7 year old, maybe.

Lorie,Thanks, but ... (Below threshold)


Thanks, but I'm not sure you got my point.

Of course I expected the ad to appear on the RNC site. Howevever, the blog sites were hosting COPIES of the ad, not merely pointing readers to the RNC page.

How did these certain boggers all simultaneously get copies of the ad suitable for posting right on their blogs, timed almost exactly to when the RNC updated its site?

Rightnumberone: Maybe becau... (Below threshold)

Rightnumberone: Maybe because the RNC has provided embedding code with the video at their site. They also sent out emails to their mailing list with a link to the video.






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