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Memo to Conservative Voters: Don't Be Stupid. Vote November 7th

I don't know if I buy the polling that says conservative voters are going to sit out Election Day. But if it's true, it's got to be the most illogical, irrational, knee-jerk reaction I think I've ever heard. And conservatives are supposed to be the opposite of illogical, irrational, and knee-jerk. If conservatism is what you want, why in God's green earth would you choose an action that would bring about a result that would foment the antithesis of what you're trying to achieve?

Can you answer this for me, people?

And don't even try the "we have to punish them for not being the conservative party we've demanded" excuse. Folks, if you sit out November 7th, you won't be punishing the Republican lawmakers who pissed you off. You'll be thrusting a high tax, soft on terror, impeach Bush & Cheney, cut and run agenda on all Americans because you didn't get all of what you wanted.

Sounds pretty selfish to me.

Tony Blankley isn't too pleased either:

Here are some telltale signs of the sort of person who would vote (or not vote) to cause the election of a party that would act to defeat every value and interest he holds dear (merely because the party that will at least try to advance most of those issues has not done as well as he might have hoped):

1) When offered by a car dealer 25 percent off on a car, he insists on paying the full factory-recommended retail sticker price -- because he is damned if he will accept 25 percent when he deserves 30 percent off.

2) When the prettiest cheerleader asks the nerd to take her to the prom, he turns her down -- just because he can.

3) When stopped for doing 70 in a 65 zone, he tells the trooper that's not possible because he had the cruise control set on 90 -- he just resents being falsely charged.

4) When diagnosed with a serious illness, he promptly cancels his medical insurance -- in order to save the cost of premium payments to help pay for the upcoming hospital stay.

A conservative would have to be just that stupid to stay home on Nov. 7. I have heard it put around that the Republicans need a couple of years in the wilderness to regain their conservative bearings.

While turning over the Congress to the Pelosi/Kennedy mob for even two years would be recklessly irresponsible -- particularly during a dangerous war-- there is no assurance the wilderness years would last only 24 months.


Moreover, every Democrat who beats a Republican in three weeks will have two years to feather his or her nest, and use the powers of incumbency to defeat his 2008 Republican challenger.

Even more important, in a closely fought 2008 presidential election, every extra Democratic incumbent senator, congressman and governor makes it just a little more likely that the Democratic presidential candidate may win that district or state. All those freshly tuned new Democratic machines will help get out Democratic Party votes for the top of their 2008 ticket.

This current conservative petulance -- if it actually occurs on Nov. 7 -- will increase the chances of electing Hillary, or worse (if such a thing is possible) in 2008.

There is no rational policy or political basis for conservatives not voting. I'm not sure the country can take the current Democratic mob in power for long.

A realist once observed that the history of mankind is little more than the triumph of the heartless over the mindless.

The Democrats are obviously heartless. Conservatives must guard against falling into the category of the mindless. Ignore your heartfelt peevements, use your brains and vote.

Amen, brother.

Lorie adds: Preach on, Kim! Update: Here are a couple of GOP voters that were going to sit it out until the Democrats reached a bit too far on Foley and a few other issues.


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Comments (26)

Kim-Gawd love you ... (Below threshold)


Gawd love you -you're a fighter.

Thank you.

Hear! hear! Now just wating... (Below threshold)

Hear! hear! Now just wating on "pucker puss" (lee lee) to put in his $.00000000000000000000000000002 worth.

Oh, the usuals won't like T... (Below threshold)

Oh, the usuals won't like THAT, Kim.

Don't worry - I'm not going to sit this one out. And I don't know if Lee and such are Rovian plants or what, but their 'advocacy' for the left is such that my usual "Well, let's look at both sides/candidates and vote on the personal records and accomplishments" outlook to "Damn. I'm so sick of the crap from the Dem side of Congress that I'm having a hard time figuring out who to vote FOR in that crowd, but an easy time figuring out who/what to vote AGAINST.

And no, the antics of Lee and Astigafa and the like don't make it one bit easier.

I don't believe these stori... (Below threshold)

I don't believe these stories about the republicans sitting out. I think it's the wishful thinking of the MSM. Or maybe they think by constantly reporting it, they'll make it come true.

From personal experience, i... (Below threshold)

From personal experience, it seems a lot of RINO's are the ones who are saying that they're sitting this out to teach the GOP a lesson.

I am all for not handing po... (Below threshold)

I am all for not handing power to the Democrats, but the Republicans have largely not earned a vote for it. But pleas not to sit out are not going to fix the problem of Republicans Gone Wild. A solution needs to be offered with the pleas. How about an attempt to force another Contract with America? Give us a solution, not just a continuation of this same old problem. This stick is Democrats in power, what is the carrot?

It violates my principles, ... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

It violates my principles, but this election, I will vote a straight ticket for the Republicans. And I will vote early to avoid the risk of getting caught up in something that keeps me from the polls on Nov 7.

I just can't stomach the thought of Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Conyers and the whole ignorant bunch gloating and throwing a ton of sand into the works.

Totally agree. Republicans ... (Below threshold)

Totally agree. Republicans should send any message of discontent in the primaries, not general election. Here in Ohio some of us voted for one of a couple of conservatives running against DeWine in our primary. Unfortunately, didnt give much of a message as DeWine still got 70% of republican votes. I will vote for Sen DeWine on Nov 7.

I have the same problems wi... (Below threshold)

I have the same problems with the Republicans as most other conservatives have, but I have something else, too. I have a long memory for election fraud, media propaganda, elected officials criticizing our leaders on foreign soil, defaming of our troops, undermining of our war efforts, seditious exposure of anti-terrorist measures, a motley collection power mad,babbling fools representing us to the world by calling our President and his cabinet liars and plotters....Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in severe punishment for extreme misbehavior.

Look, Nancy Pelosi Speaker!... (Below threshold)

Look, Nancy Pelosi Speaker!!!! WTF!!! c'mon...Any problems republican voters have with republican officials, can be worked out AFTER the elections.
They will be breathing a sigh of relief, and KNOW they OWE their constituents. Schedule visits with them AFTER they win and let them know you plan to stay in touch often. BUT VOTE THEM TO VICTORY!!!!!
ESPECIALLY RED states!!!! NO excuse!!!!!!! you have the numbers to WIN so DO IT!!!!!!!

Don't worry about 08, if th... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about 08, if the democrats win this year they will destroy so much of the economy that a lynch mob will be outside the gates. Hungry, unemployed people will turn violent.

Add the thousands of family members of those the democrats will get killed with their defeat and retreat (and if like the previous administration, how many up latest and greatest up to date weapons systems will they transfer to the terrorists?)and it should be a fun two years to watch.

Stock Market closed at the highest lever in history today. How much of that can just the idea of the democrats running the country take away in two years?

"Stock market closed at the... (Below threshold)

"Stock market closed at the highest level ever in history today... How much of that can just the idea of the democrats running the country takeaway in 2 years?"

About 2,000 points in just the first trading week for starters. after that were fcked!

"Stock Market closed at ... (Below threshold)

"Stock Market closed at the highest lever in history today. How much of that can just the idea of the democrats running the country take away in two years?"

It is precisely "...the idea of the democrats running the country...", as reflected in the polls, that has driven the stock market to new highs.

The market is factoring in the indicated outcome of the election.

Kim, You and others, like T... (Below threshold)
Ken Hupp:

Kim, You and others, like Tony Blankely have effectively made the arguments for why sitting out this election would be insane. There is a time to extract your pound of flesh and make the necessary changes, but this is not it.

Rove, Mehlman and company have been planning for this election and this environment for nearly six years. They've got an awesome ground game for the last 72 hours and the least we can do is give that ground game a chance to win this election. If you doubt its awesome power, than ask yourself why the Democrats and the media are working 24-7 to get us to throw in the towel weeks ahead of the election? Why are they reaching so hard to keep the Mark Foley story alive? Why do they rush out polling data immediately after Bush, Rove or Mehlman say they are confident about the election, or some good news forces its way through the media blockade? They know if its close that we'll win at the wire. The GOP has won the last two elections in large part to superior organization and GOTV. This is a long distance race. Bush, Rove, Mehlman and our candidates are asking us to get them to the bell lap, with the race up for grabs. If we do our part, we'll finish first.


Who said anything about "si... (Below threshold)
Faith Tempted/No Denial:

Who said anything about "sitting it out"? I'm not sitting it out...I'm proudly voting Democrat!

I don't understand it. If A... (Below threshold)

I don't understand it. If ALL of the Republicans don't give EVERYONE EVERYTHING they want, then they are useless and don't deserve to win???

How about making a selection based on what candidate will give you the most of what you want, whether it's only on one issue, or only on some issues, but on more issues than the other candidate?

I think especially with the Lynne Stewart ruling it is important to look at the implications of not having control of judicial nominees. Look at who wants to get rid of the patriot act, and look at who wants to get rid of the Foreign Surveilance act. just looking at those things tells me exactly who i need to vote for. Some candidates might be shaky on those issues, but who represents you the most on an issue by issue basis??

I would ask that people vote on issues, not the foley propaganda that has permeated the news coverage lately.

Does anyone know a Republic... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know a Republican that is not going to vote on Nov 7, and vote for a Republican? I can't find one so figure the antique MSM is lying through it's teeth to suck advertisement money from the democ'rats. When exit polls fail you know that 'liars' are running the polls.

Look at who wants to get ri... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

Look at who wants to get rid of the patriot act, and look at who wants to get rid of the Foreign Surveilance act.

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's President Bush who wants to get rid of FISA (or at least alter it to make it essentially useless). The Dems want him to abide by it.

I'm not a conservative; I'm... (Below threshold)

I'm not a conservative; I'm basically a libertarian on social and economic policy, and old-school hardliner on foreign policy. I was a life-long Democrat. But I voted for President Bush both times, worked hard for Speaker Gingrich's revolution in 1994, and would gladly vote for GOP candidates again if they would do as Gingrich has suggested for years now and put forth an agenda for positive change.

Here's my here's the way I look at it:
1. You vote for a political party based on what it stands for. The Democrats are a disaster because they don't have an agenda for the American people. They've struggled for years without success. A few months ago they produced a document that is only two pages long, and about half of it are attacks against the Bush administration.
2. The Democratic party has no moral, ethical, or legal standards. Once they are in power, there is no way to tell what they'll do because they have no principles. They've struggled for years to produce a set of principles for their party, and they failed. In the end, they always produce a set of well-tested policies.
3. The Republicans have been in power for a long time. They have built a good economy, but they have totally failed in most other areas. It takes more than a strong economy to build a country.
4. The country is being destroyed by powerful forces that neither party is willing or able to address. For example:
a. Illegal immigration and loss of control of our borders is a serious problem that threatens the fabric of our society. Democrats want to use for their short-term political gain; Republicans don't have the courage to face it.
b. Education is a disaster: kids are unprepared to compete in the global marketplace and are unaware of their own history. Democrats sold their soul to the teachers union; Republicans have made a few cosmetic changes.
c. Islamic fundamentalists threaten America itself and threaten free peoples everywhere. Democrats are in denial; Republicans have tried, but they are failing. [By the way, a country is not a rock. A country is what it stands for when standing for something is hard. If we won't defend the lives of people in Rwanda and the Sudan, if we won't defend the rights of Muslim women, then we as a country really don't stand for anything more than a strong economy.]

The United States is being torn apart from within and without by powerful forces that neither political party can address. The Republicans have proven that they are useless. The Democrats have proven that they are useless, oblivious, and amoral. We need real leadership, and we're not getting it from either party.

Neither party deserves my vote, and neither party will get it in 2006.
My candidate will be a write-in for None of the Above.
In my district, the GOP House Rep will win easily, but the political pros will look at the percentage, and if it isn't high, it will send a message. Money I sent to GOP candidates this year: $0 - none - nada - zip.

The Democrats could weaken the economy if they got political power, but gaining control of the House won't be enough. In any case, the economy isn't what is killing this country. A Democratic win in 2006 in the House will put them on center stage, and they will show to the American people how utterly wretched they are. At the same time it will shake up the Republican party by telling them they the people demand a real agenda. The country has serious problems, and we want them solved. We aren't interested in politicians who just want to get reelected. That message is not being heard. Fine. It's time to write message on a 2x4 and apply it across the face.

I don't think that the Democrats will ever amount to anything. The Republicans might come back from a loss in 2006 with a strong agenda in 2008, giving Americans something to vote for. If not, the future isn't going to be very pretty. The Republicans will give us slow death; the Democrats will sink us very quickly. The end result is the same.

Quote:You'll be t... (Below threshold)

You'll be thrusting a high tax, soft on terror, impeach Bush & Cheney, cut and run agenda on all Americans because you didn't get all of what you wanted."

Rep. John Sweeney (R), 6/8/06: "Zarqawi represents the insidious forces that we are fighting in the War on Terror. This is a critical example of why we must stay the course and finish this mission

Rep. John Sweeney (R), 10/18/06 : "I think that the strategy of 'staying the course' is not a strategy at all. It doesn't work. There are going to have to be adjustments in any war if that is the case."

Flip flop?

For 'staying the course' before he was against it?

I know Sweeny is the sort of Republican I'd be proud to vote for...

Lee: It is precisely "...th... (Below threshold)

Lee: It is precisely "...the idea of the democrats running the country...", as reflected in the polls, that has driven the stock market to new highs. The market is factoring in the indicated outcome of the election.

LOL. Um, yeah. Because investment in social welfare holds such lucrative returns for the investors. Investors in this country are just falling all over themselves to squander their hard earned dollars.


Note stay the course in the first quote references THE MISSION. In the second, it references STRATEGY. Two different things. Strategy is the execution of the mission. You can change strategy, as long as you complete the mission.

Are you guys really this desperate?

Right, right, LDJ two co... (Below threshold)

Right, right, LDJ two completely different things - my mistake. But I think you might off on one thing - it's the Republicans that are desperate, mate.

Uh-oh, another one

"Strategy is the exec... (Below threshold)

"Strategy is the execution of the mission. You can change strategy, as long as you complete the mission."
So in the first quote he was saying the right STRATEGY for completing the MISSION was to 'stay the course' and in the second quote he said that the STRATEGY of 'staying the course' was not the right STRATEGY to complete the MISSION. I think that's a fair summary, right? So when you implied that the two statements weren't conradictory you were dead wrong, right?

The fact is that a lot of republicans were spouting the 'stay the course' line this summer, becuase the word from the top politcos on the white house said that was 'the message'. But now that the polls are against them, and they are aware of how much the Iraq debacle is hurting them, those same republicans are fleeing from their former statements. But I for one intend to hold them accountable, not least becuase not that long ago they were the ones suggesting that there were only two choices stay the course or cut and run. I think they should be held to that standard now.

If you're stupid enough to ... (Below threshold)

If you're stupid enough to turn down the cheerleader, then you don't have the right to call yourself a Republican.

Shorter Kim: Reward incomp... (Below threshold)

Shorter Kim: Reward incompetence!!

First off, I believe a net ... (Below threshold)
John S:

First off, I believe a net gain for Democrats of 6 Senate seats is impossible. So we'll probably get a Democrat freak show in the House for two years. Americans need to see Democrats with some power. I work with Generation Y'ers, my entire department was born after Carter was tossed from office. Mention Democrat to me and I remember missed meals from the time we reached 23% inflation. But they only know Democrats from MSM Clinton myths. They really need to see real Democrats *before* 2008 when real damage could be done.

So the Democrats can hold their phony impeachment hearings, but the Republican Senate and White House will keep them in a box. But God help the Dems if Al Qaeda gets lucky and kills a million Blue staters with a nuclear device while the House is busy compromising our anti-terrorist measures with their "hearings." It could put the Dems out of power for another generation.






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