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Democratic staffer suspended for Intel leak

The selective and misleading leak from the NIE conclusions may have been solved, as Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Hoekstra has suspended a Democratic staffer and cut off his security clearance, as Katherine Shrader of the Associated Press reports:

House Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra has suspended a Democratic staff member because of concerns he may have leaked a high-level intelligence assessment to The New York Times last month.

In a letter obtained by The Associated Press Thursday night, Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Ill., a committee member, said that an unidentified staffer requested the document from National Intelligence Director John Negroponte three days before the Sept. 23 story about its conclusions.

Read the rest at the link above.

This may not be pretty, as Jane Harman is already demanding the staffer be reinstated. I doubt Hoekstra would have taken this action without a bit more than the coincidental timing, though.


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Comments (56)

I bet Sandra Milhouse Burga... (Below threshold)

I bet Sandra Milhouse Burgalar is quaking in His Bloomers?

I mean, No way would the times be involved in anything like this?

The leak in question is a r... (Below threshold)

The leak in question is a report from 16 governemental agencies CIA, FBI, NSA, etc... that issued a report on our nation's efforts to combat international terrorism.

In spite of the news out of the White House, stating that the war on terror is going well, and that we are fighting them there, so as not to fight them here, the (leaked) report states that the current policies are creating MORE terrorists.

So it got leaked, and leaks probably arent' great, but it's true. Nobody denies the report was not an official report.

So 16 agencies agree. Our policy is not working. And we're mad that somebody that had the nerve to leak this article. The truth that is the consensus opinion of the 16 federal agencies.

Now we have this article that tries to demonstrate the ethical committment of Peter Hoekstra to justice. Read the article thats linked to this post. You'll also note that when Harman released the executive summary of the now jailed Randy Duke Cunningham, R-Calif, that Hoekstra called it "Disturbing and beyond the pale".

On Tuesday, Harman unilaterally released the executive summary of an independent investigator's review into the actions of a jailed former congressman, Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif. The report found that he abused his position on the committee to help ensure lucrative contracts went to associates, in exchange for bribes.

Hoekstra called Harman's decision to release the document "disturbing and beyond the pale." I suppose being sentenced for accepting millions of dollars in bribes, and going to prison was fairly normal, but completing the oversight was "disturbing" and "beyond the pale".

Hoekstra needs, and will get a bit more oversite soon, hopefully for the good of our democracy.


So tell us John, why would ... (Below threshold)

So tell us John, why would Hoekstra believe it to be "disturbing and beyond the pale" that Harman unilaterally released the executive summary?

Could it possibly be because it served no purpose except as a cheap political stunt? Cunningham was found guilty in a court of law and resides currently in the Iron Bar Hotel where he belongs. It's all a matter of public record. Harman's actions served no purpose except her own agenda.

And BTW, can you name a single war the US has faught in that the enemy didn't recruit more "soldiers?"

I'd be shocked if they didn't. But that possibility isn't anywhere in the thought process of most Dems and a few Repubs.

"In spite of the news out o... (Below threshold)

"In spite of the news out of the White House, stating that the war on terror is going well, and that we are fighting them there, so as not to fight them here, the (leaked) report states that the current policies are creating MORE terrorists."

It also stated that to leave would create more terrorists than we are supposedly creating now. It was a CYA document that was still classified, no matter what it said. If it were a document that just said "Democrats are doody heads" over and over, if it were classified, it means don't leak it!! The content of the document cannot ever ever ever justify the leak. A leak is a leak. It is going to be against the law no matter what is on the document. I could spell it out 100 different ways but i fear that for those that don't get it already, they will never get it.

And it's about time a representative from MI is making us proud. Go Pete Hoekstra! I think he represents the other side of my state, so I can't vote for him, but I cannot wait to vote for Michael Bouchard in a few weeks!

Shocking how Lee and the ot... (Below threshold)

Shocking how Lee and the other lefty trolls never comment on stuff like this. If it were an R, they'd be first in line.

Steve,The day is you... (Below threshold)

The day is young. The unemployed (Lee) and the party boys who frequent Splash or Woody's or [insert your town's niggest gay night club], tend to sleep in.

Hoekstra is a god. Finally... (Below threshold)

Hoekstra is a god. Finally a man with cajones that will do the right thing.

Go Pete Go!

Hey John...you think your side is so lily white. Two words for you..Dan Rostenkowski, Robert Torricelli, William Jefferson, Alcee Hastings, Gerry Studds..

Oops, that's more than 2...sorry couldn't help myself..better stop before I get carried away.

SCSI: Niggest? Are you a ra... (Below threshold)

SCSI: Niggest? Are you a racist and a homophobe?

Where is "pucker puss" (lee... (Below threshold)

Where is "pucker puss" (lee lee), "mun-go" (linkman), "preying mantis" (bug eater), "barney google" (noseman) when we need them. Well I guess we will have to do with just old "jp1.1 (?)

Sorry old "john" (crapper) ... (Below threshold)

Sorry old "john" (crapper) posted while I was 1 finger typing.

"Shocking how Lee and th... (Below threshold)

"Shocking how Lee and the other lefty trolls never comment on stuff like this. If it were an R, they'd be first in line."

You're actually shocked? what an idiot.

Harman was appaled, I tell ... (Below threshold)

Harman was appaled, I tell you appaled, not that she was employing a traitor, but that someone would actually suspend the rights of a traitor to have access national security secrets. Guess this traitor didn't get enough American killed (definetly some) so Harman wants more chances.

Lee: The only thing about y... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Lee: The only thing about you that would be shocking is if you'd found employment and used your first pay check to get your brain back from the pawn shop.

What a silly tool you are. OBTW, how's that Lamont thing working for you? Lieberman up by 17 in a recent poll. Good luck with that one.

I'd be very careful if I we... (Below threshold)

I'd be very careful if I were Rep. Harman - if she shouts alot about this and stirs it up to the attention of the media - and then Hoekstra drops a significant chunk of evidence out there, she looks pretty damned dumb and the press is already entangled in the story. If she had any brains she'd be real quiet about this in public, and demnad to see the evidence quite forcefully in private...

Old Coot: Lee has joined KO... (Below threshold)

Old Coot: Lee has joined KOS in picking winners by backing losers. They back a candidiate, he loses automatically.

Prohorizdo,Yes, in... (Below threshold)


Yes, in general corruption seems to weigh most heavily on Republicans. We don't need to go all the way back to the 70's. The number of Republicans, including your leadership involved in scandals in just the last two years is astounding. Here's a list of folks to watch in the next year of two.

The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT)
Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN)
Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)
Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA)
Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA)
Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL)
Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL)
Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)
Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA)
Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV)
Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)
Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA)
Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ)
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY)
Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC)
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA)

Dishonorable Mentions

Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT)
Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ)
Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)
Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA)

That's a very impressive li... (Below threshold)

That's a very impressive list, John. I bet it'd be even more impressive if you cited where it came from and what criteria were used to rank them, though -- right now it looks like you just pulled it out of your ass.

Which would not surprise me in the least.


<a href="http://www.beyondd... (Below threshold)


Impressed now?

I believe you owe John's ass an apology.

He's a typical moonbat, try... (Below threshold)

He's a typical moonbat, trying to change the subject from the traitorous acts of Democrats.

We may yet salvage this midterm, and if we do, it will be largely due to people like him. When normal citizens see the moonbat left in action, their natural reaction is "EEWWWW!"

"He's a typical moonbat,... (Below threshold)

"He's a typical moonbat, trying to change the subject from the traitorous acts of Democrats."

You're a typical evangelical nutcake, trying to frame and dominate the discussion about corruption in politics, and limit it to only related topics you decide are relevant.

Impressive list John - thanks for contributing.

This just brings up the que... (Below threshold)

This just brings up the question. Are all democrats traitors, or are all traitors democrats?

Getting Americans killed seem to be a full time job for the democ'rat party.

Anyone want to place a bet on the party affiliation of the idiot that just cost 'us' (it is us because the government doesn't have any money, we provide every dime wasted) millions of dollars with the threat against the NFL games this weekend?

SCSI: Niggest? Are... (Below threshold)
SCSI: Niggest? Are you a racist and a homophobe?

Or, you could look at your keyboard, and notice that "n" is next to "b". And that gives us two things:
a) being an imperfect human being, I made a typo
b) jp2 inists on seeing racism everywhere. :)

As for homophobe, isn't it the progressives that support outting any gay that doesn't agree with their politics, in hopes of destroying their personal and public lives?
Now, also ask your self, what is my gender, and why would I know the names of the big gay clubs in 2 seperate cities.

The answers may prove enlightening or entertaining, if not both.

Ahh, a typo. I thought I wa... (Below threshold)

Ahh, a typo. I thought I was missing out on some new slur. As for your knowledge of gay clubs, I can't really comment on that.

Outing people: I do believe it is a double standard that Craig votes very anti-gay yet has gay affairs. As for outing him, it's not something I would not personally do. It should have to be answered for, but not in that way.

Sorry Brian, I don't think ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Brian, I don't think Jay owes anyones ass an appology, given that the list comes from CREW, a self proclaimed "a non-profit, progressive legal watchdog group"
Who is Crew, you may ask? Their leaders include:
A Media Matter alumnus. No sign of bias there...
A former employee of Rep Conyers, Sen. Schumer and Sen. Biden. No indication of what her politics might be... but plagarism didn't seem to offend her much.
A frankenfood opponent, who also opposes ethanol as an alternative to gasoline
We also have former employees of Hillary Clinton, AFJ, ACORN, Vital Voices, ACLU.
For a "non-partisan group, the sure do seem to lean left (if you take lean to mean nearly horizontal).
Take a look at their legal actions:

Doesn't seem too non-partisan to me...

How about their funding?
The Tides Foundations
Mayberg Family Chairitable
Wallace GLobal Fund
The ARCA Foundation

Again, hardly a list of moderate or balanced sponsors.

Jp2, where is the evidence ... (Below threshold)

Jp2, where is the evidence that Craig is gay or has gay-affairs (is that like a big fancy dress party)? And even if he is, how is that your, mine or anyones' business?
What are his anti-gay votes? Do all gays need to support same sex marriages, or a courts creation thereof? Where is the line?

Could this be the same pers... (Below threshold)

Could this be the same person that leaked the NSA and Swift programs? Fine piece of work. Can anyone say firing squad? I'm guessing this POS will be singing like a bird. Not good for the "Party of Treason"--especially so close to the elections....

So just so I have this stra... (Below threshold)

So just so I have this straight...

The president tells you the war is going well. We're fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here. Democracy is spreading. Iraq will be stabilized. We're winning against the insurgency.

Then a report gets leaked. It's from the 16 federal agencies involved in the war on terror, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.

It contradicts the presidents statements. We are making MORE terrorists, not LESS as we've been told over and over. This report would have been buried by the administration. You would have never received this information.

But now it's out. And that's treason? And you want to shoot somebody.

That's really what you want?

You got the truth. And you want to shoot somebody for that?


John, Honey...just s... (Below threshold)

Honey...just stop before you mess yourself...

I wanted to do a better list of my pick of corrupt members of congress but listing all the Democrats was way too much for one post. BTW - Frist retires this year.
We all know where your list came from. It will be fun to watch CREW scramble when the supeonas go out on the Foley IM's. Soros will have to put a little more money in the hopper for legal fees.
Just a quick note from one who is familiar with HPSCI, it's time to clean house. Hoekstra won't stand for this kind of stuff. And he doesn't care what people say about him. He's the man.

Hey John, a war is going we... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Hey John, a war is going well when it is not being fought here. Sad as it may be, but those killed in colateral damage, insurgent attacks and secular violence are Iraqis, not, for the most part, American civilians. If you idiots win in congress, pull the troops out of Iraq or just cut funding like the cowards did in Viet Nam, unlike the Communists of North Viet Nam. this enemy wants to eliminate America, as it is. That means those we now fight there will come here to fight us. I know that you will deny the reality of this, but if it comes true, and you do win. Your kind will be the first to feel the sword.

John,I can't believe... (Below threshold)

I can't believe that you are this dumb. You're just putting on an act, aren't you. This post is just a big joke, isn't it.
If you really believe what you just posted then there's no reason to even respond, because it would be a waste of time. No one...NO ONE is that stupid.
So, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt...hahahah...okay very funny...I get it. Great joke..

Pee, er, Lee, can you just ... (Below threshold)

Pee, er, Lee, can you just comment on the substance of the article which is the basis for the thread?

No, you can't. It would require honesty, decency, and grace. None of which you possess, clearly.

Have a nice day.

a war is going well when... (Below threshold)

a war is going well when it is not being fought here.

What a ludicrous statement. I guess Vietnam went swimmingly, then.

those killed in colateral damage, insurgent attacks and secular violence are Iraqis, not, for the most part, American civilians

How about American troops? Don't they meet your criteria of people we should care about?

That means those we now fight there will come here to fight us.

Probably. Just think about the hoardes of Iraqis that were already on their way here before we entered Iraq. I bet as soon as we pull out, all of them will pack their bags and head to Las Vegas.

But it won't just be Iraqis. As long as bin Laden, safe in his cave in Pakistan, keeps watching the Iraq war on TV, he's too distracted to send more Saudis over to attack the US. Why, when we do finally pull out of Iraq, he'll be so relieved to have the free time available to plan another attack! But as long as Americans keep getting killed "over there", he'll never think of this. Shhhh, don't tell him.

A war is going great when i... (Below threshold)

A war is going great when it's not here?

No, dumbass. A war is going great when it takes a few thousand dollars directly out of your pocket, and channels it elsewhere. You didnt' make that much money off it, but the hundreds of billons of dollars we spent so far went to some very rich folks.

War is great for business. Too bad the scraps that fell of the table were not worth your effort to lap them up.

I can't believe the comment about how most of the colateral damage was Iraqis. Just brown people, no big deal. We don't really care how many of them we kill just to keep our own safety. How selfish. How un-christian. What's wrong with you people?


Mitchell whined: <blo... (Below threshold)

Mitchell whined:

"Pee, er, Lee, can you just comment on the substance of the article which is the basis for the thread?

No, you can't. It would require honesty, decency, and grace. None of which you possess, clearly.

Have a nice day.
Posted by Mitchell at October 20, 2006 2:34 PM "

You didn't comment on this topic at all, now did you?

What an f*cking idiot.

Lee,Mitchel did ha... (Below threshold)


Mitchel did have a lot of honesty, decency and grace though... ; )

Points for that.


back on topic...He... (Below threshold)

back on topic...

Here we have enough evidence to strongly suspect someone of leaking secret data. They are not sent to a GULAG, tortured or even detained. In fact the ONLY action taken is to deny them access to such material. Prudent, and not life or even career threatening (actually may put this person in line to head of the DNC).

So what does the TOP Democrat on the Intelligence Committee demand????

that Hoekstra "immediately reinstate the staffer's access to classified information."

I love it when Dimocrats care so much for my safety and security. uh huh.

Where's the Foley leaker (k... (Below threshold)

Where's the Foley leaker (known to be a Republican)? Where's Armitage? (Still in his office.)

Bush has sent the message loud and clear that leakers are OK if they're from your own party. Where were you complaining about that hypocrisy?

Brian - Armitage is an anti... (Below threshold)

Brian - Armitage is an anti-George W. Bush NON office holder and has been for quite some time. In addition, George W. Bush is very ANTI-leaks, to the point that the Washington press corps complains about how very tight-lipped the White House staff has been.

NOTE TO ALL: This thread is about LEAKS - nothing else. Do you have any CONCEPT of staying on topic or do you just prefer to blather uncontrollably and to no purpose?

Finally, LEAKING CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW AND THOSE WHO DO THE LEAKING ARE SUBJECT TO SEVERE FEDERAL CONSEQUENCES. It isn't a matter of anyone's opinion as to whether leaking is right or wrong - it's ILLEGAL. Is that a concept people can wrap their teensy tiny little brains around?

Gayle ~ Brian is only here... (Below threshold)

Gayle ~ Brian is only here to disrupt and to change the subject away from Democratic problems. For him to stay on the topic or to be honest would be a conflict of interest for him.

Uh, Jim, my last post was a... (Below threshold)

Uh, Jim, my last post was about leaks. Yours wasn't.

Armitage is an anti-Geor... (Below threshold)

Armitage is an anti-George W. Bush NON office holder and has been for quite some time.

Got it wrong about the office, but my point is that he's not in prison, and not under investigation, even after he admitted to leaking.

In addition, George W. Bush is very ANTI-leaks, to the point that...

To the point that he only condemns Democratic leakers and the media, but makes nary a mention of Republican leakers, even those who admitted it.

Also, as I recall, he was against leakers, until things started looking bad for Rove, and then he backed off his position against leaking. Now you have to be guilty of a leaking-related crime before Bush cares. At least, for Republicans.

Brian, are you and Lee dati... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Brian, are you and Lee dating? I know it is off topic, but somebody fu*ked both of your brains out. Brian the difference between you and a brain is where you put the I. Yours is in the wrong place. History lesson Brian. General Gap, commander of all the North Viet Namese Forces in is memoirs stated that after Tet, which was an unmitigated disaster for the RVN and Viet Cong, that he considered suing for pease. That is until he read what the American media was saying about the battle. The Viet Nam plan Nixon put in place was working, that is our troops were out and the South Viet Namese were doing the fighting, with our support until the cowardly Democratic Congress pulled the plug on funding. Seems they did not want a Republican plan to succeed. You and your ilk represent all that is wrong with America. I am beginning to think we need civil war to eleminate vermin like you.

Zelsdorf,Hopefully... (Below threshold)


Hopefully, somebody will strap you in a straitjacket and medicate you. Hopefully soon.

You make the Lord very nervous.


He's got his history right,... (Below threshold)

He's got his history right, though, no matter how badly he delivers it.

Someone leaks excerpts abou... (Below threshold)

Someone leaks excerpts about the NIH. Media takes it and starts to run the marathon. Bush declassifies the summary and it shows that the leaked excerpts were out of context and did not reflect the conclusions. Story dies.

Likely leaker found, is a Democrat. Access removed to classified materials, lead Democrat has a conniption fit. As it turns out, the accused was not frog-marched out and summarily shot on the steps of the capital, like all those commenting on Kos or DU think will happen to those who "speak truth to power."

I thought this was a dictatorship, with Bushitler running the show and no dissent allowed? I'm waiting for the election to be cancelled and martial law imposed. I'm also waiting for the draft to be restarted. This person didn't even lose their job? Talk about anti-climactic.

Maybe Harmon is upset about... (Below threshold)

Maybe Harmon is upset about the leaker's suspension because that was her pipeline to get data out to the NYT?

Brian,Armitage is ... (Below threshold)


Armitage is not in prison since what he did was not illegal. And the silly thing was that Fitz knew about Armitage just days into the investigation but kept chasing windmills and wasting yours and my money.

Armitage is a red herring s... (Below threshold)

Armitage is a red herring since, legal or not, his involvement with the Plame case puts it under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Special Prosecutor, Fitzpatrick, who has thus far not brought ANY charges regarding any leak of classified information.

Say, that reminds me: what do y'all want for Fitzmas?


Oops - of course, the SP is... (Below threshold)

Oops - of course, the SP is Patrick Fitzgerald, not "Fitzpatrick." Sorry.

Guess that ruins my chances of a new bike for Fitzmas, eh?

Here's the silver-bullet, s... (Below threshold)

Here's the silver-bullet, smoking-gun evidence that LaHood had for accusing this staffer:

"'I have no credible information to say any classified information was leaked from the committee's minority staff, but the implications of such would be dramatic,' LaHood said in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press. 'This may, in fact, be only coincidence, and simply 'look bad.' But coincidence, in this town, is rare.'" On Fox News, he elaborated, "There are some of us on the other side who can equally play politics, and I'm not afraid to do it."

So, there you have it. The Harman staffer is guilty as charged. Case closed. Take that libs.

There's a name for people w... (Below threshold)

There's a name for people who believe in coincidences.

They're called, "Suckers."

I doubt Hoekstra would h... (Below threshold)

I doubt Hoekstra would have taken this action without a bit more than the coincidental timing, though.
-- Jim Addison

There's a name for people who believe in coincidences. They're called, "Suckers."
-- Jim Addison

In the first quote, Jim seems to believe that Hoekstra would have required more than coincidence to take this action, but his second quote implies that if Hoekstra refused to suspend the staffer based on LaHood's strong assertion of the "Coincidence? I think not!" principle, that he would be a sucker.

Hoekstra is ah..a fruitcake... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Hoekstra is ah..a fruitcake..
Last summer he was proclaiming WMD's had been found because 500 shells had been unearthed near the Iranian border..Yep Bush was right..we had to invade..except the shells were 20 years old useless and left from the Iran/Iraq war..

speaking of fruitcakes anyone else bothered by Gen. Pace saying this about Rummy this past week? "He leads in a way that the good Lord tells him is best for our country," said marine General Peter Pace, chair of the joint chiefs of staff.

Nogo,The Pace qout... (Below threshold)


The Pace qoute was one of the creepiest things I've heard in a long time.

I guess if you talk to god, that's fine. When god starts talking to you, get help.


" The pace qoute was one... (Below threshold)

" The pace qoute was one of the creepiest things I've heard in a long time."

Why? Do You think Hes going to volunteer You for church duty or something?

Actually I find Ahmajinedads statement about burning Isreal off the face of the earth much creepier.

Why is it creepy?B... (Below threshold)

Why is it creepy?

Because the good lord talks to Rumsfeld, and gives him advice on how to conduct war, I suppose.

Because in Pace's version of the world, god is less like the all wise, all forgiving creator, and more like that evil red eye in Lord of the Rings.

Because not only does the good lord talk to Rumsfeld, Pace seems to claim that he's being copied in on the correspondence.

Because I don't trust anybody that promotes the "God of War" viewpoint, whether it's god telling you to blow yourself up to get virgins, or god telling you to burn another country off the face of the earth, or god telling you that he's Rumsfeld's tactical military advisor.

That's just weird. If you tell these sorts of things to a doctor, he will give you a prescription.







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