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Good News

I got good news in the mail yesterday in the form of Arthur Chrenkoff's new novel, Night Trains. It can be pre-ordered at Amazon. I am a huge Chrenkoff fan and was very sad to see him stop blogging. I just started the book, but got a good enough start on it to get totally caught up in it. I will post a review when I have finished it. Here is a description of the novel posted at Amazon.

Martin is an ordinary Australian twenty-something, whose comfortable, well-ordered life gets turned on its head when he starts seeing and hearing things each night at the nearby semi-deserted railway yards: mysterious lights, people who disappear when followed, steam trains that aren't supposed to be there. Taken to the edge of sanity, Martin eventually learns that he is to ride the "night trains" every night back to wartime Europe to rescue Jews and help the resistance. But before the war ends, Martin will have to confront his SS nemesis, save the woman he loves, and face a terrible secret from the past that can destroy him before he can accomplish his mission. This is an extraordinarily original work, mixing a modern-day setting with alternate reality and time travel; it's both a supernatural war thriller and a fascinating psychological profile of what happens when your life gets turned upside down by events outside your control. Imagine Steven King meets Robert Ludlum on a night train crossing in Nazi-occupied Europe. A superbly original first novel!
The book is very reasonably priced at less than ten bucks -- so buy a few and share.

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I used to read Chrenkoff ev... (Below threshold)

I used to read Chrenkoff every day, and was also sad when he hung it up (went and got a real job!). Can't wait to get the book.






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