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Searching for Some Angels

Hugh Hewitt posted the following about a deserving family that could use the help of a few angels:

Spc. Reid Stanley is a milblogger at A Storm in Afghanistan. He was deployed in Afghanistan last November when his wife, Ellicia was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has since spread to her lungs and
brain. They are now in Germany preparing for compassionate reassignment back to the states where hospice care will be available for Ellicia. It is expensive.

There's an eBay auction underway for three of Buzz Patterson's books --autogaphed-- the proceeds of which will go to Spc. Reid and his family. Details here.

But you can make donations directly to help the family here.

A SoldiersAngel came up to me after the event in Cleveland last night and clued me in on this brave family and its struggle.

That's what SoldiersAngels do. Join them.

Please check out the updates at Hugh's site and help if you can.

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Lorie,Thanks so mu... (Below threshold)


Thanks so much for posting. We are currently at more than $17k in direct donations, and $401 on the auction bid. If you can update, we would surely appreciate it! SC Eagle and Ellicia need all the help we can give.

Info is being updated on a regular basis at Thirdwavedave.blogspot.com

Thank you!






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