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Some Non-Political Weekend Halloween Fun

For those planning on doing some Halloween decorating over the weekend for the kiddies, be sure to check out my cousin Beverly's really cool site, Sleepless Souls. Her home in Charlotte was featured on HGTV's Extreme Halloween special, but since then she has moved to South Carolina and has a whole new house to decorate which should mean some new projects being posted soon.

Beverly has come up with some really neat ideas that are fairly inexpensive and she provides such detailed instructions that most anyone can execute them. A friend of mine is trying the Funeral Procession display (pictured below) this year.

Update: Susan in NC shares a really cool and inexpensive Halloween costume idea from her extremely smart daughter.

Go as a bag of Jelly Bellies!!

Get large clear garbage bag, with drawstring.
Small multicolor balloons.
Get a Jelly Belly logo blown up at Kinkos.
Headband with plastic bag attached to look like the top of a bag closed with a red bow.
Yellow tights. Red leotard.

Cut leg holes in the bottom of the bag and step in, fill with blown up balloons. Pull drawn string to close and secure under your arm. Or if you are a little person, close it around your neck and cut arm holes. Double sided tape attaches the logo to the front. Put the headband on your head and you are ready to go! (You may want to load the balloons when you get to party as they are hard and loud to sit on!!)

Funeral Procession:

One of my favorites is the realistic looking crypt that features a skeleton hand lifting the lid. (The lid is motorized to rise up and down.) I would love to hear from any Wizbang readers who attempt the projects posted at Sleepless Souls. Have fun!


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Those pall bearers remind m... (Below threshold)

Those pall bearers remind me of Lee, Mantis, Hugh, and Brian.

Hey, I said "non-political.... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Hey, I said "non-political." :-)

To find all the pictures an... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

To find all the pictures and instructions at the site, you go to the "creep on over" pull down menus listed by year and click on the project you want to view.

No offense meant, but I thi... (Below threshold)

No offense meant, but I think your cousin has waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much time on her hands.

Great stuff - I remember he... (Below threshold)

Great stuff - I remember her pix from previous years. What fun for the kids (old and young) in her neighborhood!

Want to have some fun? Get... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Want to have some fun? Get a large bowl and fill it 2/3 full of candy. Next, set a small bowl of water down in the middle of it. Have some small pieces of dry ice in a cooler, with every thing near the frond door. When the kids ring the door bell, drop a piece of the dry ice into the water (don't use our bare hands) and wait a second to open the door. The dry ice and water will make a thick layer of smoke covering the candy. Hold the bowl out towards the kids then reach in and get some candy to show then, and then drop it back in. You will end up having to give it to them, because I have never yet had a kid work up enough nerve to stick his/her hand in the bowl.

P.S. It realy works well i... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

P.S. It realy works well if you have a really scary costume on.

Sorry, Lori, couldn't help ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Lori, couldn't help it.

Down here in God's country, Raleigh, N.C., we're a little hot-headed, you know? With our pick 'em up trucks and gun racks.

I think Halloween stuff like this is great. I am trying to shame the neices in getting with it. I think they're heading into the "cool" age bracket.

Right. And when our little ... (Below threshold)

Right. And when our little darling stands too close to a lit pumpkin, what do you think happens next? I preemptively nominate all prospective little jellybellies for Darwin Awards.






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