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The State Fair Poll

My informal, unscientific "State Fair" poll has been at least as accurate as Gallop and Zogby. If you are planning a trip to your state fair, you might want to test it yourself.

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Mmmm... funnel cake.... (Below threshold)

Mmmm... funnel cake.

Karl should lay off that st... (Below threshold)

Karl should lay off that stuff and stick to veggie platters with fat-free dip. Not that there is much of a line at the health food booths at the fair . . .

We need the Evil Genius to stay healthy . . .


Tell the truth now. Does an... (Below threshold)
Firefighter 16:

Tell the truth now. Does anyone know a Republican that is not going to vote on Nov 7, or one that is not going to vote Republican? BDS has ate the brain of the left wing media types and the democrats. Your county fair poll will be more accurate than the NBC garbage.

Speaking of NBC, did you se... (Below threshold)

Speaking of NBC, did you see they are cutting 700 jobs, closing the Jersey HQ, and planning to cut back on comedy and drama shows to save money?

The Boston Globe is facing the first red ink in memory.

No, I don't know any Republican voters who are "disillusioned" and not planning to vote, other than those who sometimes post on the internet. For all I know, those are Democrats sowing the meme of the "discouraged Republican base."

Jim - you might be on to so... (Below threshold)

Jim - you might be on to something!

I saw a lot more Repub. sti... (Below threshold)

I saw a lot more Repub. stickers than I did Dem. stickers.

The arrogance of the Dems is something to behold; they saw my latin wife and tried to slap a sticker on her without noticing the "Vote Republican" sticker she had slapped on her chest.

The soft bigotry of bigotry.






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