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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:


Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (143)

I don't think he's got the ... (Below threshold)

I don't think he's got the new hand shake down yet.

Kiss the ring, Biatch!... (Below threshold)

Kiss the ring, Biatch!

Al: Jesse, meet my old frie... (Below threshold)

Al: Jesse, meet my old friend Hymie, from Hymietown.

Al: Why the hell are you sh... (Below threshold)

Al: Why the hell are you shaking a white man's hand?

Jesse: "Can I have my watch... (Below threshold)

Jesse: "Can I have my watch back now?"

"I'm just so pleased to mee... (Below threshold)

"I'm just so pleased to meet you Mr. October."

"Hold up...How am I gonna g... (Below threshold)

"Hold up...How am I gonna get paid from this rich white man's campaign if you already here? Oh HELL no, back the [email protected]*! up, Jesse!"

Moe meets Larry and Curly i... (Below threshold)
reitred military:

Moe meets Larry and Curly in the new Democratic Film The Three Stooges Run For Office.

You convinced me, Lamont. A... (Below threshold)

You convinced me, Lamont. Al's just too pretty for this job.

You regret this already, do... (Below threshold)

You regret this already, don't you Jesse?

Jesse's got the grip.... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Jesse's got the grip.

"Jesse, you never look at m... (Below threshold)

"Jesse, you never look at me like that"

Al Sharpton (middle)stated,... (Below threshold)

Al Sharpton (middle)stated, " What you mean WE goin support this losin cracker"?

Hey Jesse, It's Friday...It... (Below threshold)

Hey Jesse, It's Friday...It's MY turn to shake down 'Cracker Barrel.'

Lamont-Jackson Vote-buying ... (Below threshold)

Lamont-Jackson Vote-buying Scheme Uncovered

"Count that," Sharpton Overheard Saying

Al: "Jesse, make sure you ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Al: "Jesse, make sure you wash your hand after touchin' this cracker."

Sharpton: "You mean he act... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: "You mean he actually believed you about wanting $10 million for campaign ads? Jesse, you da' MAN!"

Al "What do you mean thanks... (Below threshold)

Al "What do you mean thanks for the IM?

Sharpton: "I ain't comforta... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: "I ain't comfortable with this, Jesse. I mean, what rhymes with 'Lamont'? It would be easy if we was in Vermont, but this is Conn-ect-i-cut, and poor rhymin' here will violate our et-i-quette."

Jackson: "I know, brother Sharpton, I hear what you said. The best I can come up with is 'Better Red with Ned.' It ain't very catchy, I must admit, but it's the best I can do for this cracker twit."

Lamont: "my brotha"... (Below threshold)

Lamont: "my brotha"

Conyers: "I know ya'll thi... (Below threshold)

Conyers: "I know ya'll think this is a funny picture for you all to do caption contest with a Buckwheat theme but guess what?....I'm the Buckwheat MF who's gonna put you're criminal in chief in jail. Who's laughin now? ummm?"

Al: "This is the only white... (Below threshold)

Al: "This is the only white 'Lamont' I ever met!"

"whatcha talkin bout Willis... (Below threshold)
Lori from Texas:

"whatcha talkin bout Willis?"

Al:Hey, waitaminnit.... (Below threshold)

Hey, waitaminnit...Unca Jesse, you said he wuz gonna pull MY finger...

"Get that Buckwheat look of... (Below threshold)

"Get that Buckwheat look off your face Sharpton... I already told you I was dating a white man."

"Welcome to Vanilla City, M... (Below threshold)

"Welcome to Vanilla City, Mr. Jackson"

LAMONT: "I can count on you... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

LAMONT: "I can count on your support, can't I?"

AL: "Uh, Jesse?"

JESSE [Thinks]: [How many millions does this bozo have? And just how many weeks until he goes down in flames? Heh.]

JESSE: "We need to work fast, Ned. There's a lot to do before Nov. 7."

Sharpton: "Why does he keep... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: "Why does he keep calling you 'Reggie'?"

"Lamont plummetted in the p... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequnce:

"Lamont plummetted in the polls after his comments to the NAACP, thanking them for 'slavishly' supporting his campaign, while at the same time noting that their 'niggardly' donations would not be enough to propel him to victory on November 7th. His punishment was swift, as Jackson employed his Crushing Handshake of Doom"

Lamont: "I want to thank yo... (Below threshold)

Lamont: "I want to thank you guys for sticking by me. I mean I've put several million of my own money into this and I'm getting just a bit nervous about winning."

Jackson: "Without your money, you sure do look funny. As far as winning, Al's your pal. Bye."

Sharpton: "I don't know nothing about winning an election."

Photo evidence leads some t... (Below threshold)

Photo evidence leads some to speculate that Nutroots hostage Ned Lamont may have Stockholm syndrome.

Al:"Duhhh. . . . uh.... (Below threshold)

"Duhhh. . . . uh. . . . uh. . . ." At least it rhymes.

Al: "I thought I was your ... (Below threshold)

Al: "I thought I was your boy!"

P.S. Rodney Wins!

Jackson: "So it's a date. ... (Below threshold)

Jackson: "So it's a date. Ryan's All-U-Can eat at 7:30."
Sharpton: "All-U-Can eat! Macaroni and Beef - delightful Italian ambrosia! C-c-can I come?"

"TWENTY BUCKS??? Jesse, you... (Below threshold)

"TWENTY BUCKS??? Jesse, you sold me to this Cracker for TWENTY BUCKS??"

Rainbow IS bipartisan! I h... (Below threshold)

Rainbow IS bipartisan! I honestly thought this guy was Quayle.

The Commie, the Bad, and th... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The Commie, the Bad, and the Ugly

"Rich, white and ultraliber... (Below threshold)

"Rich, white and ultraliberal? Congratulations, you're an honorary Negro."

Jesse - this dude is weird ... (Below threshold)

Jesse - this dude is weird looking! How can you shake that pasty-white hand?

Ned Lamont and Jesse Jackso... (Below threshold)

Ned Lamont and Jesse Jackson demonstrate the handshake of Political Death in Connecticut.

Jesse welcomes the latest f... (Below threshold)

Jesse welcomes the latest fruit flavor to His Rainbull push coalition.

Sharpton: "A-sphincter-says... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Sharpton: "A-sphincter-says-what?"

Hey, boss, I left the hand ... (Below threshold)

Hey, boss, I left the hand sanitizer at home.

"Damn, I always thought Fre... (Below threshold)

"Damn, I always thought Fred Sanford's son Lamont was black!" [begin Sanford & Son theme music]

Ned Lamont secretly slips a... (Below threshold)

Ned Lamont secretly slips a twenty to Jessie Jackson,thinking he is a valet for the podium.

"Command me, Don Vincenzo!"... (Below threshold)

"Command me, Don Vincenzo!"

Shopton to Jackson: He prom... (Below threshold)

Shopton to Jackson: He promised to burn the hood tonight.

Ned: "It's a real honor to ... (Below threshold)
Usful Ijit:

Ned: "It's a real honor to meet you, Reverend Jackson."

Jesse: "I have been a Democrat all my life, never cheated on them as I have my wife. But after meeting the likes of you, I will now only vote for Republicans and a Jew."

For the first time in his life, Al Sharpton is stunned into silence.

In this carefully arranged ... (Below threshold)

In this carefully arranged photo-op, Al Sharpton provides visual evidence that he is, in fact, a "centerist."

White, brown, half in half.... (Below threshold)

White, brown, half in half.

Lament to Jackson: How many... (Below threshold)

Lament to Jackson: How many civil war vets did you arrange to vote for me?

SHAKEDOWN!... (Below threshold)


OK on three we break to the... (Below threshold)

OK on three we break to the hard left.

Jess Jackson lowers the gav... (Below threshold)

Jess Jackson lowers the gavel again during the Rev. Jackson Community Spokesperson Endorsement Auction. Highest bidder US Senate Canidate Ned Lamont is seen here passing Jackson the cash to pay for Al Sharpton's support.

Been so long since you have... (Below threshold)

Been so long since you have been in the news, I forgot what you looked like Ned. You still running for senate??

Sharpton:When you ... (Below threshold)


When you said we were meeting Lamont, I thought you were talking about that guy from Sanford and Son...

Unholy Trinity... (Below threshold)

Unholy Trinity

DEMOCRAT "DREAM WEDDING"... (Below threshold)

The Reverend Al Sharpton performed services today for interacial, same sex couple Jesse Jackson and Ned Lamont. Democrats legalized this loving covenant between man and man when they took control of the legistlature in November 2006.

Don't miss next week's DREAM WEDDING featuring Ted Kennedy and his dog Splash.

So, Al, Markos says this gu... (Below threshold)

So, Al, Markos says this guy is okay?

Ned: Thanks so much for co... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

Ned: Thanks so much for coming. It seems like you two are the only supporters I have left

Al (thinking): [Uh, Jesse, what do we say?]

Jesse: Oh, Ned, you know that's not true....

Ned: I just want to thank y... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

Ned: I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out to support me here today!
Jesse: Never mind that sh**! Where is my f***in' check?

Hi, Joe White, American Dai... (Below threshold)

Hi, Joe White, American Dairy Association, nice to meet you.

Jessie!! It's Ok... (Below threshold)
Black Elk:

Jessie!! It's Ok to say otay!!!

The misery of being a loser... (Below threshold)

The misery of being a loser really does love company.

Damn Jesse, I changed out o... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Damn Jesse, I changed out of my velour warm-up suit into this uncomforable jacket/tie ensemble and you show up dressed Johnny Cash lite?

I pity the fool who dresses... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I pity the fool who dresses in the white man's threads! And you better get that bad look off your face before I knock it off.

Je$$is to Lamont: You spend... (Below threshold)

Je$$is to Lamont: You spend my share of the money and you're thanksgiving turkey, Headless, stuffed and baked.

Don't just stand there slac... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Don't just stand there slack-jawed and stupid, Sharpton, go fetch me a large sack with a painted-on dollar sign so Flanders here can properly pay his respects.

Hell, I knew I should have ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Hell, I knew I should have worn drawers today; that felt more aqueous than gaseous and I'm pretty sure Jesse can already smell it

Dumb and Dumber and Dumbere... (Below threshold)

Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer

I hope the stdies saying bl... (Below threshold)

I hope the stdies saying black people can't swim are false, Jesse, cause we are all going down with this ship!

"I now pronounce you man an... (Below threshold)

"I now pronounce you man and, uhh, man."

Jackson to Sharpton:<... (Below threshold)

Jackson to Sharpton:

What the f*** did he just say ? Cracker does know that it's 'alliterate' not 'illiterate', right ?

Sharpton: You hold him down... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: You hold him down and I'll get his wallet.

I wish I knew how to quit y... (Below threshold)

I wish I knew how to quit you Jesse.

And with that $1 million do... (Below threshold)

And with that $1 million donation to my Rainbow Push organization, Ned, Al and I will give you enough votes from felons to push you over the top against Lieberman.

"Hey, maybe some racist neo... (Below threshold)

"Hey, maybe some racist neocon assholes will use this photo in some kinda contest -- you know, the sort of people who take umbridge at being called racist, but never miss an opportunity to denegrate black people in public office, or in the public eye in general. And I mean never."

lol!... (Below threshold)


"Unbelievable. Two black me... (Below threshold)

"Unbelievable. Two black men in Greenwich on the same night. Let me shake your hand."

Actually, I think the guy w... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think the guy who wrote the headline over the photo wins hands down.

Sharpton: "What's David Bow... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sharpton: "What's David Bowie doing here?"

Ned: Jesse: "F**kin... (Below threshold)

Jesse: "F**kin' lightweight...there better be some cash in this."
Al: "You know the guy is a doofus, right? This pussy sweats Nivea!"

Lamenting their predicament... (Below threshold)

Lamenting their predicament!

ned: :slobber: :slobber:</p... (Below threshold)

ned: :slobber: :slobber:

Shaprton: "Don't be touchin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Shaprton: "Don't be touching that white boy! You don't know where he's been..."

Shaprton: "You guys smell s... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Shaprton: "You guys smell sulphur?"

I said it before and I'll s... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I said it before and I'll say it, "Snakes....on a platform!"

Sharpton: "Hey RJsquared, B... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: "Hey RJsquared, Beaver Cleaver here says that he can smash more mommies in week than you can. Believe dat shit?"

The moneys there. ... (Below threshold)

The moneys there.

Al: "You brought me here fo... (Below threshold)

Al: "You brought me here for a photo-op with the guy running against the jew? Did you even think about how that would look, Jesse? Man, the lights are on, but nobody's home anymore."

Al is thinking..."should I ... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Al is thinking..."should I tell Jesse the white dude came out of a stall in the bathroom and didn't wash his hands?"

You ain't got no problem, N... (Below threshold)

You ain't got no problem, Ned. I'm on this. Go back in there, chill them fools out and wait for the Clinton who should be coming directly.

You sendin' Hillary?

You feel better now?

Sheet negro ... that's all you had to say!

1) Jackson: "Who the hell s... (Below threshold)

1) Jackson: "Who the hell said you could touch me with BOTH hands, honkey!"

2) Sharpton: "You mean after all our bitching about rich white men and how they are the devils of society, THIS is the candidate we come up with?!"

What you talkin bout Willis... (Below threshold)

What you talkin bout Willis?

Rev. Al Sharpton looks in t... (Below threshold)

Rev. Al Sharpton looks in total disbelief as he realizes that Rev Jesse Jackson has just made a deal to sell him into slavery.

Al: "Hey Jesse, what's say... (Below threshold)

Al: "Hey Jesse, what's say we make an Oreo cookie out of this cracker! Yo' sticks yo' hands in his right pockets and I get's the left!"

Jesssssssssssah Jasssssssss... (Below threshold)

Jesssssssssssah Jassssssssson is heeeeeerah!

To congratulate Ned on a nice loss.

"Jessie, Al, thanks for com... (Below threshold)

"Jessie, Al, thanks for coming boys -this is a big one, seems like we got a Hasidic on our hands.

The agency says the two of you have had great success in dealing with such matters.


Ned Lamont slips a ten-spot... (Below threshold)

Ned Lamont slips a ten-spot into Jessie's hand so he can cut in front of the line ,apparently enraging Brother Al.

Plleeeaaaasssseee take this... (Below threshold)

Plleeeaaaasssseee take this midget......

OK...I'll race you in the 1... (Below threshold)

OK...I'll race you in the 100yd freestyle

"But Jesse... He's White"<... (Below threshold)

"But Jesse... He's White"

Jesse: "It's OK Al, I axed ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Jesse: "It's OK Al, I axed him to come."

Mr. Jackson! It's an honor ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Jackson! It's an honor to meet you. Will you be staying for my Liza impersonation?

Sharpton: Why am I such ... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a dimwit? You cant fire Me I quit! Why dont I fit in?

The Democrats idea of diver... (Below threshold)

The Democrats idea of diversity: 3 rich liberals

"Okay break it up! Ain't n... (Below threshold)

"Okay break it up! Ain't no money in those palms."

Reverend Al Sharpton offici... (Below threshold)
Dave G.:

Reverend Al Sharpton officiates The First Official Gay Marriage in the State of Connectictut

Sharpton: Did He slip You t... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: Did He slip You the rock brother?

Jackson: "You had me at 'He... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Jackson: "You had me at 'Hello'"

"Everybody loves you. Pisse... (Below threshold)

"Everybody loves you. Pisses me off."

Jackson: Whats that smell?<... (Below threshold)

Jackson: Whats that smell?

Sharpton: Honkey gas!

The honorable reverend Shop... (Below threshold)

The honorable reverend Shopton now pronounces Youse philanderer and white!

GOOD LUCK NED, you call us ... (Below threshold)

GOOD LUCK NED, you call us NEXT time!!

C'mon Jesse, Chris Rocks MOM needs us fast.

Al: "Jesse, you're shaking ... (Below threshold)

Al: "Jesse, you're shaking his hands? Why aren't you shaking him down like you do all the other whiteys?"

Jesse: "I'm waiting until he wins the general election."

Al: "Jesse, you're shaking ... (Below threshold)

Al: "Jesse, you're shaking his hands in public? Now, Lieberman is certain to win the general election."

Al: "Jesse, how come you ne... (Below threshold)

Al: "Jesse, how come you never gaze into my eyes the way that you gaze into his?"

Al: "Jesse, considering the... (Below threshold)

Al: "Jesse, considering the way that he's looking at you and holding your hand, perhaps you should tell him that you're straight."

Al: "Jesse, why did he call... (Below threshold)

Al: "Jesse, why did he call you Daddy? Did you have an affair with a white woman when you were younger?"

Here are the keys to the Pe... (Below threshold)

Here are the keys to the Pepsi distributor in Massachusetts Minor, thanks for coming to our Black Panther party.

Ned slips Jesse a condom an... (Below threshold)
Window Dressing:

Ned slips Jesse a condom and tells him to enjoy himself at Al's expense.

Ummmm...you're not wearing ... (Below threshold)

Ummmm...you're not wearing cond...er I mean
surgical gloves?

1) Even Jesse and Al can't ... (Below threshold)

1) Even Jesse and Al can't believe they've sunk this low.

2) And with a final handshake a rich, northeastern, liberal white male representative from a 95% white district convinces the black leadership that he really understands their plight.

3) Lamont thought bubble, "Please don't kill me."

White man cant stump!... (Below threshold)

White man cant stump!

Jackson: Wheres My check?</... (Below threshold)

Jackson: Wheres My check?

17 points behind "Lamont yo... (Below threshold)

17 points behind "Lamont you big dummy"

Ned... Take 2 of these and ... (Below threshold)

Ned... Take 2 of these and call Me in the mourning.

An extra push??Try e... (Below threshold)

An extra push??Try exlaxx..

Larry, Moe and Whitey.... (Below threshold)

Larry, Moe and Whitey.

Jesse, I'm serious -- th... (Below threshold)

Jesse, I'm serious -- the man is a sex offender -- with a record. Spent six months in Chino for exposing himself to an eight-year-old. When he moved down to Venice he had to go door-to-door to tell everyone he's a pederast.

What's a pederast, Al?

Yo gonna endorse this crack... (Below threshold)

Yo gonna endorse this cracker for President??? Over me ??? Come-on Jesse...give a brother some love...

An extra push<... (Below threshold)

An extra push

A story of infidelity, drug abuse and corruption!!

Coming to a theater near You!

Shoptun: But Jesse? I swear... (Below threshold)

Shoptun: But Jesse? I swears I dint do no crack tonight! Why dont I ever gets ta ride in the back of the limo?

Lamont: "Tell me... tell me... (Below threshold)

Lamont: "Tell me... tell me its true Jesse, tell me that as a Libiot*, I'll be able to make false claims, distorted truths, blatant falacies, and plain boldfaced lies against the conservatives without fear of repercussions."
Sharpton: "Well Tell 'im Jesse."
Jackson: "Well Ted..."
Lamont: "That's Ned."
Jackson: "Whatever... Yup ya get a free pass."
Sharpton: "... and ya get to play the race card whenever you want too."

(*Libiot - Liberal Idiot)

Lee, Barney a... (Below threshold)

Lee, Barney and Brian form an alliance to continually befuddle Wizbang bloggers with their partisan rants and intellectually nuanced dishonesty.

Al: Hey Jesse looky at wha... (Below threshold)

Al: Hey Jesse looky at what I found out in the trash bin behind the hotel.

Jesse; Dayum, somebody throwing away a perfectly good white boy!

Rub Dub Dub three men who F... (Below threshold)
Don Chambers:

Rub Dub Dub three men who Flub, Knaves all Three.

AP Sub-title:Lemont'... (Below threshold)

AP Sub-title:
Lemont's deal to purchase Al Sharpton from Jesse Jackson is finalized with a handshake.

Sharpton: "Tell me again wh... (Below threshold)

Sharpton: "Tell me again why we threw away a perfectly good white boy."
Jackson: "What are you talking about, Neddie here is a keeper."
Sharpton: "I was speaking of Lieberman."

Lamont: "Yessir massah, yes... (Below threshold)

Lamont: "Yessir massah, yessir, anything you say sir."
Sharpton: "Jesse, you're really going to hang out with this rich honky?"
Jackson: "Relax Al, we all have to get media exposure every so often to maintain the street cred."

Al: I smell sex and sulphur... (Below threshold)

Al: I smell sex and sulphur?

Diebold or bust!... (Below threshold)

Diebold or bust!

Update: <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.






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