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No good deed goes unpunished

Earlier this week, I wrote about Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs, shot and killed in the line of duty. The accused cop-killer, Michael K. "Stix" Addison, is currently under arrest in Massachusetts and awaiting extradition.

It turns out that Mr. Addison has a rather interesting history with the Manchester police.

In March of 2003, Mr. Addison was shot while in his Manchester apartment. Police responded and gave him first aid. The first officer on the scene was none other than Michael Briggs -- the man Addison is now accused of killing.

And in another New Hampshire news update, Tuesday was the funeral for Corporal Nicholas Arvanitis of Salem, NH, killed in Iraq while serving with the 82nd Airborne. The anti-gay publicity whores of the Westboro Baptist Church had announced they would show up and picket, saying that every soldier killed in Iraq was God's punishment on the United States for not locking up and killing all gays.

Well, on Tuesday the services were held. The Patriot Guard Riders, bikers who attend those funerals to keep the jerks away and honor the fallen, were there.

And there was not a single Westboro asshole to be seen.

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So a police officer, who pr... (Below threshold)

So a police officer, who presumably had a gun, has been shot to death. This coming after ten Amish girls were gunned down.


You see, as we all know, a criminal nutcase has prior knowledge that he is about to commit a crime, and consequently draws his weapon first and tells his victim to reach for the sky. And the slain officer's gun wasn't doing much good still in the holster, right conservatives????

But perhaps nonetheless you believe that the five young Amish girls murdered and the five sent to the hospital in critical condition and their teacher, all of whom were without any weapons, should have been packing heat. Do you feel that everyone should get up each day and not leave home without a gun??? Do you, conservatives???? WELL????

Conservatives, you along with the perpetrators of gun violence, are to blame for all the people mercilessly shot by guns in this country, to your everlasting shame.

Why is the following simple... (Below threshold)

Why is the following simple fact so difficult for conservatives to grasp?

If no one had a gun, no one would be murdered by a gun.

Bravo Herman! You tell it ... (Below threshold)

Bravo Herman! You tell it to them stoopid repluglicans. Guns kill people. We need to outlaw guns!

And knives. Knives kill people. We need to outlaw knives.

And cars. Cars kill people. We neecd to outlaw cars.

And chainsaws (and all types of saws). Chainsaws kill people. we need to outlaw chainsaws.

And fatty hamburgers. Fatty hamburgers kill people. We need to outlaw fatty hamburgers.

And people's hands. People's hands strangle and kill people. We need to outlaw people's hands.

And, and, and....

The M. Briggs case reminds ... (Below threshold)

The M. Briggs case reminds me of an saying in the ER "The life you save may take your own."

Point proven.

Gee, Herman, seeing that ca... (Below threshold)

Gee, Herman, seeing that cars cause even more deaths than guns is every licensed driver sufferring from everlasting shame because they drive?

I mean, after all, it's the same logical train of thought about something that is even MORE violent and death causing than guns and isn't even in the Constitution as a right.

Next time you get behind the wheel just think of all those bloody bodies you caused.

Herman,Apparently,... (Below threshold)


Apparently, a free society is not something you want. I sugggest moving to someplace where guns are outlawed.. such as the U.K. Yep, guns outlawed so it's bound to have fewer gun crimes.

Oops. After enacting a gun ban, gun crimes actually ROSE! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/1440764.stm
Who'd have thunk that people who engage in unlawful activities are would simply disregard a law banning guns. In fact, who'd have thunk that disarming law abiding citizen would make it easier for criminals to prey on those citizens!

Save us from the Looney Liberal Logic.

And let's just forget about... (Below threshold)

And let's just forget about that pesky Constitution, with that darned inconvenient 2nd Amendment, right, Herman?

We have scads of gun laws already. I haven't confirmed it, but I believe Mr. Addison should not legally had possession of a firearm. Gee, don't those laws work wonders?

If Herman wants to play political stereotyping games, let's. Why do liberals and other idiots (but I repeat myself) think that simply passing a law makes a problem go away? It might have something with their utter anathema towards actually ENFORCING the laws -- witness the Bartley-Fox law in Massachusetts, which requires additional penalties for crimes committed with a gun. I don't think it's EVER been prosecuted.


Herman: It is really import... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Herman: It is really important that you get back on your meds.

You know they say... (Below threshold)
Black Elk:

You know they say it will make you go blind
or grow hair on the palm of your hand but it
looks like it just made ol Hermie nutzo.

Herman now holds the honor ... (Below threshold)

Herman now holds the honor of the most stupid liberal on this Blog. Lee, you now have someone here who makes you look good.

I am glad these Westboro goons were put in their place. They're not only despicable people, but they're cowards, too.

You should actually read th... (Below threshold)

You should actually read the Constitution, it it's original text, not the watered down version. The reason the founding fathers put in that little 'Right to bear arms' is to keep the government from getting too powerful. The founding fathers actually thought to keep people free, they would have to keep the government scared.

"Amendment II - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Take away our guns, and you take away our freedom.

Quess I will have to put a ... (Below threshold)

Quess I will have to put a #2 by old "pucker puss" (lee lee)'s name now. Whups! forgot to do it-here you go "pucker"=2 (two).

The second part of the stor... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The second part of the story was even more interesting, as Herman did not make mention of it. That was the part about how brave those funeral protesters are except when confronted by those who might not take kindly to their actions and are inclined to demonsrate their disagreement in a physical manner.

My sweet, innocent, peacefu... (Below threshold)

My sweet, innocent, peaceful, pregnant wife said we should take Herman hunting. . . Dick Chaney style.

The Westboro Freak Show thr... (Below threshold)

The Westboro Freak Show threatened to show up in Rochester a few weeks ago. Patriot Guard attended that funeral and the freaks never showed up. One of them did spend close to an hour ranting and spewing at a local radio talkshow host the day before. After hearing that, "freak" seems to be too kind a term to apply to that group.

As a former AAG myself, I h... (Below threshold)

As a former AAG myself, I have some serious concerns about the Griggs murder and NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Feel free to take a look at those concerns right here, where I note her selective enforcement of the Law:



Another good reason to own ... (Below threshold)

Another good reason to own many guns: when Speaker Pelosi, Chairmen Hastings, Conyers, Frank et al. decide we need more muslim immigration, and support to U.S. mosques, and believe that gay marriage will substitute for the need for real families creating real children, and we get swamped like Europe . . .

Some islamic terrorist jerk, like the westboro goons, might think twice before heading to my house to convert my wife and daughter.

Sorry if you feel this is "insensitive." You need to wake up and look around you, and quit reading the writings of the Multiculti.

Why does the left seem to t... (Below threshold)

Why does the left seem to think that criminals, who are NOT stopped by laws against murder, WOULD be stopped by gun laws?

Anybody who supports gun control hates women. Women don't have much of a fighting chance against a male perpetrator without one.

Hey. Getting rid of all gu... (Below threshold)

Hey. Getting rid of all guns *would* stop all gun crime. It's the *only* thing that would stop all gun crime.

It's a fabulous, fantastical idea.

It's so fantastical, in fact, that it would take a magic gun nullifying do-hicky gizmo or a fairy godmother or transcended and near onmiscient alien race come to save us from our barbaric humanism.

Science fiction makes me happy. :-)

Hey SAYNOVA do you also bel... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hey SAYNOVA do you also belive that the TITALIC was unsinkible,that they will never replace the horse,that if man were ment to fly god would have given him wings and that you belive everything from that silly FLAT EARTH SOCIETY? and do you think that if we got rid of all guns we would all becuase peaceful and loving all the time? GET A LIFE AND QUIT LAYING AROUND IN THOSE STRAW BERRYFEILDS AND TAKE OFF THOSE ROSE COLORED GALSSES

Do you feel that e... (Below threshold)
Do you feel that everyone should get up each day and not leave home without a gun??? Do you, conservatives???? WELL????

In a word, yes.

spurwing plover, in the spi... (Below threshold)

spurwing plover, in the spirit of peace and compassion I'd just like to say, don't blog while drunk. It's unsafe.

I agree with kbiel, if it's an either/or question. If not, I'd prefer leaving it up to people if they want to be armed or not.

Somewhat related, I'm thrilled that the US has said we will not even agree to *talk* about keeping weapons out of space.






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