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Rep. Duncan Hunter Wants CNN Reporters Embedded with US Troops in Iraq Removed

Lorie, disgusted with CNN's decision to show the video of a US soldier murdered by a terrorist sniper in Iraq, wrote in her post Unvarished Truth if CNN were so concerned with providing its viewers with the unvarnished truth, then why not show video of a partial birth abortion?

She wasn't the only person disgusted with CNN's decision to show the sniper video. Rep. Duncan Hunter, Republican from California, wants all CNN reporters embedded with US troops in Iraq removed:

CNN has become "the publicist for an enemy propaganda film" by broadcasting a video showing an insurgent sniper in Iraq apparently killing an American soldier, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said here Friday

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) called for the Pentagon to oust any CNN reporter embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq.

"I think Americans like to think we're all in this together," Hunter said. "The average American Marine or soldier has concluded after seeing that film that CNN is not on their side."

CNN said it broadcast the brief video to show the threat that insurgent snipers posed to U.S. troops.

"Whether or not you agree with us in this case, our goal, as always, is to present the unvarnished truth as best we can," CNN producer David Doss wrote in a blog on the network's website.

Tony Snow, President Bush's press secretary, said the insurgents were hoping to "break the will of the American people" by giving the video to CNN.

The footage was shown first on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" program, of which Doss is executive producer, and then on several news shows. It remained on CNN's website Friday.

Doss said CNN Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware received the video after communicating -- through intermediaries -- with Ibrahim Shammari, a spokesman for the Islamic Army.

I support Congressman Hunter's call for the removal of CNN reporters from the field. When CNN showed that video made by the enemy for the sole purpose of breaking America's morale about the Iraq war and undermining our troops, it moved from reporting news to deliberately spreading enemy propaganda.

Congressman Bilbray is spot on with his characterization of the video:

Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Carlsbad), who with Hunter and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, called the film "nothing short of a terrorist snuff film."

American reporters, especially those at CNN, must clarify who they really are: patriots or subversives? At this point, CNN looks like a bunch of seditious scoundrels to me.


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Comments (52)

Lets not forget about the v... (Below threshold)

Lets not forget about the video that CNN aired of our troops "killing innocent civilians" of which the troop that was taped and was in question was finally exonerated because the body was rigged with explosives...

CNN seems to take one side of the issue no matter who is doing the shooting. Their only outrage is when an american kills a terrorist, but when they kill us it is "the unvarnished truth".

CNN is a 99 44/100 % democ'... (Below threshold)

CNN is a 99 44/100 % democ'rat party network so what do you expect from them. Anti-american media traitors working for an Anti-American political party of traitors.

Tie the horse's a**e* to the donkeys.

Please explain if you all w... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

Please explain if you all will what the difference is between CNN airing Al Qaeda propaganda videos of attacks on our troops and the Republican National Committee airing political ads containing Al Qaeda videos of attacks on our troops?

Larkin, if you don't know t... (Below threshold)

Larkin, if you don't know the diff, you're pretty dense.

The MSM are only further damaging their own reputation, as they have repeatedly during the Bush administration.

The legacy of their childish management and poor judgment will hasten the day they are no longer accepted as a legitimate news forum.

Blogs and other non-traditional media almost always do better.

"I think Americans like ... (Below threshold)

"I think Americans like to think we're all in this together," Hunter said."

We are in this together, and getting the truth out there, amidst the lies told by the Republican adminstration, is part of that very positive and patriotic effort. One need only consult Colin Powell for proof of the Republican effort at misinformation aimed at the American public.

Shutting down the free flow of information is not productive. Be suspicious of any government that does not want you to know all the facts.

Congrats, #2 Lee.H... (Below threshold)

Congrats, #2 Lee.

Herman is now #1.

Larkin, you make it too eas... (Below threshold)

Larkin, you make it too easy.

The Republicans are openly partisan, trying to win an election.

CNN is nominally objective and neutral.

By comparing the two, are you saying the GOP is objective and neutral, or CNN is partisan?


We are in this together... (Below threshold)

We are in this together, and getting the truth out there, amidst the lies told by the Republican adminstration, is part of that very positive and patriotic effort. One need only consult Colin Powell for proof of the Republican effort at misinformation aimed at the American public. Posted by: Lee at October 21, 2006 07:18 PM

Well, I agree, to a point. We should be "in this together," but CNN has obviously decided to be in another place far removed from "togetherness."

As for truth, this terrorist video is far from the truth.

On Oct. 9th in Denver, I he... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

On Oct. 9th in Denver, I helped set up a traveling memorial called EYES WIDE OPEN...there were a pair of boots with names attched for every brave troop killed in Iraq. They were laid out in percise rows by State.

After it was up I walked along each row. I noticed names, ages, saw the pictures and letters that had been attached in previous cities.

The sickness that our "War President" has visited upon the family and friends of the dead is so much more extensive than simple numbers like 81 killed and over 500 wounded in this month.

Where is the outrage over the fact that these troops arriving back in flag drapped honor to Dover are forbidden to be shown? It is not to protect the family. It is to shield a nation.

There should be more vivid images. As a disabled vet I have been sickened for 35 years by those who refuse to be confronted with the reality of war.

Maybe..just maybe if children were exposed on TV to dead and mangled bodies in uniform they might grow up determined to seek other solutions.

CNN will continue to do wha... (Below threshold)

CNN will continue to do what they can as the US arm of Al Jazeera to humanize terrorists, and demonize our military.

The only way I see to fight back is to addreess their advertisers. A company like P&G, at P&G.com, can not afford to lost a substantial market share that disagrees with CNN actions.

I have already written them a letter(they make it very hard to know who to contact) and am working on drawing up a list of all of their products.

We cant expect CNN to have a heart, so maybe we can address them through their advertisers?

re: nogo postalWha... (Below threshold)

re: nogo postal

What's your point ? War is ugly ?

I don't think anyone has argued that it's not. However, to borrow a phrase 'War is an ugly thing, but not the uglies of things'.....

Moronic actions of the CNN ... (Below threshold)

Moronic actions of the CNN reporters involved in the shooting of this video just go to show exactly how biaist they truly are. There was absolutely no value in showing such a video except to the insurgents, supporters and sypathizers of al Qaida. If their only explanation is that they wanted to show the unvarnished truth about what our soldiers have to contend with then why haven't they shown the hardships that our men and women in Iraq have to deal with on a daily basis while the rest of us here in the US sit on our fat butts and criticize their efforts. There is no more value to showing this type of video than there would be to show the execution of a murderer sitting on death row. However it is extremely painful to the families of those serving to protect our freedom to do such dumb things. We need to wake up and come together and understand that this war will be fought. It's just a matter of will it be fought there in a distant land where at worst we will also bring freedom and liberty to those that have been denied for so long or it will be fought here on our own soil where most people have taken those same freedoms and liberties for granted for so many years. If it comes to our soil it will end up effecting several generations to come which has never occured in this country since the civil war, simply because we have become so soft. The actions of CNN were vial and unbelievably uncaring and yes unpatriotic of those involved in making such a decision to air this video.

"Maybe..just maybe if child... (Below threshold)

"Maybe..just maybe if children were exposed on TV to dead and mangled bodies in uniform they might grow up determined to seek other solutions."

Thanks, Mary Moon.

What "solution" was available to stop Hitler and Mussolini? Totalitarian slavery? Ok, then.

The ugliness of war shouldn't delude one into believing it is never the right choice.

CNN is only being truthful ... (Below threshold)

CNN is only being truthful as to what is really happening. Don't knock them for telling the truth? Or, would you rather CNN lie to the American public. The public is fed up with lies, coverups, and corruptions. We want change and we'll prove it on November 7th.

"Seditious scoundrels"?????... (Below threshold)

"Seditious scoundrels"????? One could reasonably argue that airing the film is distasteful, obscene or lots of other repugnant things. But seditious? I suggest that the writer go look up the meaning before tossing around that kind of nonsense.

Of course the underlying assumtion of the right wing of this country is that its citizens are too stupid to discern the truth. That's the arrogance of the right. That's the arrogance of Bush and his bunch of yes men. It's called hubris and it's one of the reasons folks are fed up with the right wing.

CNN isn't the only MSM tv o... (Below threshold)

CNN isn't the only MSM tv outfit that is broadcasting the propaganda of the terrorists. PMSNBC ABC C-BS and the BBC are also doing the same thing. This outfits should be kicked out of the embed program.

The press should have been controlled like it was in WW2. Then again, most of the press during that war supported the war effort (unlike the anti-American press today) and some of the most brilliant reporting came out of the Second World War.

People like Ernie Pyle and Joe Rosenthal (the man who took the second photo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima) did all they could bring the stories of the ordinary soldier to the American people.

nogo postal, Wake up... (Below threshold)

nogo postal,
Wake up and get a clue. 1st - - In fact the prosecution of the actions in Iraq have been the cleanest and least destructive to our military than any actions undertaken by our military in the last 50 yrs. We had more KIA in one day than they've have in a month while we were in VN. So get some facts.

2d - - I'm understanding from your comments that you want to teach our children a to hate war by exposing them to the violence of war on a regular basis. That is about the most ludicris and moronic statement I've heard in a while. If you use your head and think just a little bit, you'll figure out that many of the men that have so vehimently sworn to kill any American, civilian or military are men that have come from precisely from that kind of an environment. A environment of daily violence as a young person will certainly raise an adult that understands only violence and seeks it for the resolution of all their probles.

But then I would have to guess from your immature and less than intelligent responses above that you are probably a rather young inexperienced, unworldly, and probably not to well educated person. So I guess we must accept your words as your right to free speech. I just hope and pray you aren't old enough to vote. God knows what those of your ilk would do to our country.

NOTICE!From this d... (Below threshold)


From this day forward I no longer read anything posted by Lee. He has proven himself to be a retarded idiot and I will not waste my time or give him any acknowledgment. He is a mere insect to me.

So Lee if you are reading this STFU!

justice58: "Or, would yo... (Below threshold)

justice58: "Or, would you rather CNN lie to the American public."

hmmmm? Flashback to 2003. Eason Jordan, Prez of CNN admits to: "knowing for the past decade of the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein as chief news executive of CNN...but not reporting them for fear of endangering those involved and to make sure CNN got to stay in Baghdad"

So CNN was a shill for Saddam for over TEN YEARS!! And you're worried NOW about them having them lie to us???

p.s. Eason Jordan admited to this ONLY because he knew we would uncover documents showing it anyway. Otherwise he would have kept right on shilling for Saddam!!

Sweet Jesus.

Asking to remove embedded C... (Below threshold)

Asking to remove embedded CNN reporters is just another empty stunt.According to Michael Yon,there are only about 2 American reporters presently embedded with troops today. (The Weekly Standard 10/30/06)

Nogo postal: Re: ... (Below threshold)

Nogo postal:
Re: the "EYES WIDE OPEN" display. Have you received permission from the families of the dead soldiers to use their names etc for your anti-war rant? My son is in Iraq, 2nd tour, and thank God he is safe, but if anything happened to him and you then used his name for your display, I would literally trash it. You see, he chose to go, he knows the risks, and I am very proud of him. You and your ilk would be very sorry if you attempted to abuse his dedication. I guarantee it!!!

Good article folks-- I'm ju... (Below threshold)

Good article folks-- I'm just browsing the internet finding blogs on this subject and voicing my opinion that CNN is the scum of the earth and deserves to lose their broadcast liscence over this. Thank you for bringing this despicable topic to the attention of the public to let them know how derranged and vile CNN really is! CNN thinks the fact that some emailers with equally foul ethics agreeing with them gives them liscence to post their garbage on the internet. CNN will justify selling out American soldiers and their families with a gusto that turns the stomach every time!

You can read my rant on the subject at:

Jay Tea,What I am ... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

Jay Tea,

What I am saying is that CNN is a for-profit business and they use Al Qaeda videos to increase their ratings.

The RNC is also a for-profit business and they use Al Qaeda videos in order to get votes.

Neither is "wrong" necessarily because there's this thing we have in America called freedom of speech.

CNN isn't obligated to tow the government line, and the RNC also has the right to tow Al Qaeda's line if it wants to. I think the RNC is stupid to promote Al Qaeda's message, but I defend their right to do it.

As for the rest of you who are so enraged by CNN I have a suggestion: change the channel. It's clear that some of you just can't handle the reality of the war in Iraq.

The evident lack of concern... (Below threshold)

The evident lack of concern by the moonbats here for the visual depiction of an American soldier being assassinated merely confirms our suspicions that these leftists are not really on America's side in this conflict. They say they "support the troops but not the war," but the obvious reality is they support neither.

The quote Mike excerpted above is from John Stuart Mill:

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

True dat.

ah..Doug.just got home and ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah..Doug.just got home and read your response..I assumed my post would be understood as it was intended. Real war isn't some movie or video game.
Americans like to sanitize events they find offensive. Well small Iraqi children dead from our offensive power is offensive. A 19 year old female troop lying in her own blood after an IED blew apart her Humvee is offensive. I am not saying it should be like Clockwork Orange...or that kids must see it. But if their parents would maybe they would think twice...and if children saw it... it might open a dialouge with their parents.

As for experience, it is true that I have not been in the Persian Gulf since 1970 when I was a crypto operator (CTO) on a Navel ship like the Liberty and the Pueblo..I am sure things have changed..
since then..and I never was in direct combat in Viet Nam although my disabilty stems from my assignment at NAVCOM in Saigon..

I will bow to your knowledge as I am sure your military experience is much more recent than mine.
..and I probably received my degrees from colleges much less prestigious than yours..
..however..as a grade school teacher for 25 years I do know more about the abilities of children than you do...and every day my classroom has been one of dignity and compassion that the students not only feel for themselves but their classmates..

As for Duncan Hunter..just ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

As for Duncan Hunter..just google Duncan Hunter scandal ...he and the Dukester were sleeping in the same Defense Contractors bed..night all

As for eyes wide open..it h... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

As for eyes wide open..it has been in over 80 cities..the notes and letters were attached by family members..if the nearest family member objects..the boots remain but with the tag "Name removed at family reguest." You can probably make this request through
However, please watch the video..this exhibition is about honoring the fallen...most of the volunteers who helped set it up in Denver were vets from all wars since Korea..it was set up and removed with the dignity it deserved.

What I don't get from all t... (Below threshold)

What I don't get from all this hand-wringing is that your focus is entirely on the damage our troops cause, the suffering visited on those poor terrorists, the awful things that happen to our troops, and the awful things that are trotted out by CNN and the other old media as examples of why we should cut and run from Iraq.

When was the last time you saw an angry story from CNN that emphasized the intentional and routine murder of civilians by terrorists, the use of child suicide bombers, human shields in the middle of battle by inurgents, the results of intentional targeting of civilians with rocket attacks, the manipulation of our media, or any other story that might even hint that our presence in Iraq might possibly be justified? About five years.

How about the New York Times? MSNBC? ABC News? NBC News? CBS News? The LA Times? NPR? The Boston Globe? The Manchester Guardian? The Red Star Tribune? The DNC? Most any Democrat member of Congress? DailyKos? Democratic Underground? Error Amerika?

What nowent postal is whining about is one-sided and myopic. It is not about news transparency. It is not about neutral reporting of the news. It's agenda-driven journalism, and it weakens both journalism and our freedom of the press so dear to the weepy hearts of liberals everywhere. He doesn't see anything wrong in this kind of reporting because it fits his world view. Since he doesn't see it, we must all be wrong. It's the same logic that forbids dodgeball and tag in schoolyards, rigid zero-tolerance policies for even the most mundane over-the-counter drugs, bans on the Pledge of Alliegance, and oh-so-sensitive rewrites of world and American history, a nearly complete disregard of economics in the curriculum, and a not-so-subtle indoctrination of our kids with a leftist worldview. Do I think it's deliberate? Hell, no. Do I see the consequences? Hell, yes, and so do many others. When your only tool is a hammer, pretty soon every problem starts looking like a nail.

The evil and the viciousness of crackpot terrorists and the deliberate suffering visited on fellow Muslims by Muslim death squads is never discussed by the drive-by news. The sacrifices made by our troops and the constant danger they face every day are never news stories, except in one-minute fluff pieces like CNN produces. You don't see stories about the aftermath of IED's on Iraqi kids. The remotest possibility that we might be right to be in Iraq and Afghanistan and that there really is a global war to win never makes the news. The bloody consequences of the West's squeamishness is not a topic. We never hear of any constructive alternatives as to how we might win this thing, either from our limp-wristed betters in the media, or from anybody in the Democrat party. It's all about Bush.

People are dying on both sides. If fairness and trooth is really the issue, then when has CNN presented the other side? How about the other Bush-caused-it media?

Thanx, BobDog. You saved m... (Below threshold)

Thanx, BobDog. You saved me the trouble.

As if there aren't enough terrorist snuff films out there, CNN puts their "legitimate" face to it because they showed one and used "good taste".

TJM, CNN reporters are not all Americans. They're a world-wide organization.

Considering what average gr... (Below threshold)

Considering what average grunt has to worry about surviving in Iraq, if I were the Commander-in-Chief and one of my generals told me such videos were affecting the morale of the troops, these reporters would be booted from being embedded with the troops. Freedom of the press be damned. I cannot understand how some people in these threads can criticize the administration for using propaganda to help OUR side, and completely condone propaganda from the other side which demoralizes these young people directly in harms way.

The RNC is also... (Below threshold)
The RNC is also a for-profit business and they use Al Qaeda videos in order to get votes.

The RNC is not a for-profit organization and to say so is sheer lunacy. They have the same tax-exempt status as the DNC. If you want to bash the RNC--you can do so, but please get your facts straight. In my estimation, the DNC and their minions in the MSM have been using these videos to buy votes, not the other way around.

The subject here is how the MSM--the Communist News Network (the American branch of TASS)--in particular, have been lying about how our troops in Iraq have been committing atrocities against the Iraqi civilians. 95% of these charges have been proven false and were proven to be the work of the terrorists; yet the MSM continues to report them, as our soldiers are responsible for most of them.

Criminal News... (Below threshold)

Criminal News Network shills for dems!

TD Larkin- oh I can handle ... (Below threshold)

TD Larkin- oh I can handle the reality of war alright- what I can't stand though are scumbag 'journalists' and CNN is right full of scumbag journalism- what's even more disgusting however, are all those who apologize for CNN and excuse their despicable behaviour- There is a line that you don't cross- and CNN clearly crossed it for profit- profit is one thing- but advancing a terrorist agenda is quite another thing- when you encourage terrorism by being their lackeys & showing their propoganda material, you aren't worthy of the honor of being called an American- excuse their actions all you like- they're still scumbags- have a nice day


stan25: You're right, I'm s... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

stan25: You're right, I'm such a dunce I had no idea that the RNC was a not-for-profit. Do you understand what the definition of sarcasm is?

CNN and the RNC are both organizations that make money, pay salaries, and promote their agenda and viewpoints. The fact that the RNC doesn't pay taxes is really a minor distinction.

So much selective moral outrage at CNN but nary a whisper about the RNC's use of similar terrorist propaganda in its ads just demonstrates the raging hypocrisy of many of you who are posting comments here.

What outrages me is seeing President Bush repeating bin Laden's threats and messages during his speeches. Personally, I don't give a damn what the mass murderer of 3,000 of our fellow citizens (and my cousin) has to say. All I want to know about bin Laden is the location of his grave or his holding cell.

And it also outrages me to see the RNC showing a road-side bomb blowing up a US military vehicle in Iraq that, in all likeliehood, resulted in the death of one or more of our heroes. Politicians who use the sacrifice of our heroes to save their precious positions of power are beneath contempt.

As for CNN, the sniper video was of no news value and they shouldn't have shown it. But they also show every night the carnage and mayhem being sown by the terrorists against the people of Iraq and our efforts to stop it. If you don't like CNN, change the channel.

And the rest of us who don't like the RNC ads are going to change the channel on Nov. 7 too I assure you.

Larkin, you remind me of an... (Below threshold)

Larkin, you remind me of an old Monty Python skit: "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - so, anyway..."

Talk about ignoring the point. At least you agree that it's wrong to selectively report the news. I think you've got the tiniest gist of it. Attaboy.

If you hurry on over to the CNN News website, you might get in on their current Quick Poll. The burning question of the moment is this:

Will history show the U.S. displayed "stupidity" in its handling of Iraq war?
or View Results

Darn, and just when I was ready to concede CNN's neutrality, too.

CNN and the RNC... (Below threshold)
CNN and the RNC are both organizations that make money, pay salaries, and promote their agenda and viewpoints. The fact that the RNC doesn't pay taxes is really a minor distinction.

TD Larkin, do you think that the people at the DNC are working there out of the kindness of their hearts? I hardly think so. (They would put up a huge sqawk, if they didn't get paid). I don't think that Coward Dean and Sandy (pants) Burglar would work there if they were not getting something out of it. They are just as money hungry as the rest of the world.

As far as I know, the RNC and the DNC can pay salaries to the people that work for them. There is nothing in the tax codes that says that they can't, as long as they contribute to the employees' Social Security fund and other things that every employer is obligated to do by law. The Clinton News Network does this too.

Larkin- I don't think news ... (Below threshold)

Larkin- I don't think news should be showing vehicles being blown up either- As I stated, it degrades morality both here in the states and over in Iraq, but emboldens the enemy, and I swear that if ANY news outlet showed a vehicle being blonw up & new abotu the location of the bomb before hand and did nothign to warn the troops- then they aught to be tried as teasonous war criminals and executed- seriously! However, there is a difference between filming a location and accidently capturing it on film as compared to being sent a tape from the terrorists themselves and explicitely showing it knowing that you are no doubt showing a propoganda film for the enemy. CNN is NOT just in it for the money- they have their own agenda to further as well, and that is a demoralizing agenda aimed at the President and anythign He's involved in- CNN are just palin scum- choosing profit and political agenda over moral ethics


nogo postal,It is ... (Below threshold)

nogo postal,

It is hard to believe that I've heard such comments out of a man that has served this country in a combat zone. Yes I know sitting on a ship in the middle of the Gulf of Tonken isn't exactly being in harms way, but NAVCOM did take rocket attacks from what I heard. That aside, I believe that your final comments "and every day my classroom has been one of dignity and compassion that the students not only feel for themselves but their classmates..", prove exactly my point. Do you honestly think those kids would be so compassionate and dignified if they had to see or expereince the violence of war on a daily basis. Do you honestly think this is something that a child could even comprehend? I'm here to tell you that most adults that haven't been in combat can't comprehend the violence of war when you try to explain the things that go on just so you can survive a firefight or ambush. Yes, I know this to be true because I've tried to explain such things only to see mouths drop open or comments of ignorance be made, such as only an animal would do that or you are lower than an animal. I didn't take personal offense only becasue I know unless you've walked a mile in my shoes you have no ability and certainly no right to judge me.

I don't know much about children that's correct. But I do know that their fragile psychy's are easily damaged. I know that their minds are the most open to anything and that is precisely what our enemies in this war are using against us today. They are teaching the young men and women of Iraq and Afghanistan that we, Americans, are evil and need to be killed at all costs and that they will walk with Allah if they are killed in the process of accomplishing that end. So no our children do not need to see violence or anything from the war, and least of all our own soldiers being sniped, if we can keep it from them. That same information can be brought to them through simple verbal teachings called history and the statistics of various conflicts our country has experienced, without the gore of daily mutilations and killings of our men on TV. You need to read and heed the input from "bobdog" above. He is one of the few on this blog that has made any real sense. Thank you bobdog, ya did good...

TD Larkin (Totaly dumb Lark... (Below threshold)

TD Larkin (Totaly dumb Larkin)-if you are a disabled vet you must be disabled in the head.

This is rich, cowards who w... (Below threshold)

This is rich, cowards who wage wars with other people's lives while hiding behind a blog complaining about CNN showing images of these soldiers you gladly and whole-heartedly demanded to be put in front of the sniper's bullet. You cowards! YOU voted for them to be there! YOU blog to have their heads blown off. YOU exploit the death and the maiming of Americans as a pethetic excuse to hate and label your fellow Americans while YOU hide in your livingrooms pretending you give a shit about these sniper victims! Don't take your guilt and soul-less shame out on CNN because you can't handle the truth of what YOU, each and every one of YOU are doing to these brave men and women in Iraq for a war you know damn well is total bullshit! CNN may have shown the video but it was YOU who produced it!

Chicken shit, souless, spin... (Below threshold)

Chicken shit, souless, spineless cowards! At least CNN has the balls to be there. None of you do.

Syntax Error: Big Talkin' K... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Syntax Error: Big Talkin' Keyboard Warrior detected.

Syntax, you really are quite useless. Would you mind not wasting the oxygen of the more advanced, multi-braincelled creatures of the planet?

Thanks buddy.

Syntax Error: Big Talkin' K... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Syntax Error: Big Talkin' Keyboard Warrior detected.

Syntax, you really are quite useless. Would you mind not wasting the oxygen of the more advanced, multi-braincelled creatures of the planet?

Thanks buddy.

(Yes I posted twice... it g... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

(Yes I posted twice... it gives 'im time to think between the bigger words :)

nogo postal said:===... (Below threshold)

nogo postal said:
However, please watch the video..this exhibition is about honoring the fallen

after he said:
The sickness that our "War President" has visited upon the family and friends of the dead is so much more extensive than simple numbers like 81 killed and over 500 wounded in this month.

Where is the outrage over the fact that these troops arriving back in flag drapped honor to Dover are forbidden to be shown? It is not to protect the family. It is to shield a nation.

By your own words, you've demonstrated that the point wasn't to honor the fallen but use their deaths as fodder for a political agenda.. which is disgraceful.

Yes Nogo- much better to ig... (Below threshold)

Yes Nogo- much better to ignore the terrorists than to confront them now- you're right, we should all close our eyes and pretend terrorism doesn't exist and hope that we don't get hit by them over and over and over and over again. This 'war Presodent' can't possibly have the countries best interest in mind by confronting terrorism abroad so that we don't have to see another 9/11 happen- GWB the prick- what was he thinking?

Hey, I've got a lump under my arm- perhaps if I ignore it it will go away & the disease won't spread.

Read more at target="_blank">sacredscoop.com ...

Gee, lot's of vitriole and ... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

Gee, lot's of vitriole and name-calling coming my way but not a single one of you has explained why it is okay for the RNC to include terrorist propaganda videos in their ads but it's not okay for CNN to show them in its broadcasts. What is it exactly that you all object to:

A) the showing of the sniper video
B) the showing of the sniper video by a liberal media org

Would you have the same reaction if Fox played the video? And why are you not the least bit disturbed by the RNC showing similar videos?

Fox did not play the video.... (Below threshold)

Fox did not play the video.

Do You have a link to the RNC video's? I have not seen them.

Here's the link to the RNC ... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

Here's the link to the RNC ad:


Notice at the end the explosion that looks like the kind we see all the time in Iraq.

Why CNN WANTS to support th... (Below threshold)

Why CNN WANTS to support the terrorists instead of our troops is... mindboggling. WHY does CNN still exist?

History teaches us that in ... (Below threshold)

History teaches us that in occupied countries, an insurgency arrises and increases with time. History is repleat with examples of this.

Our chance for success in Iraq depended on understanding this and taking steps to move things very quickly. So when Rumsfeld, early on in the war, said "we didnt anticipate this level of insurgency", the Commander in Cheif should have fired him on the spot.

To focus on CNN's reporting of this war, and not the unbelievable poor stategy for winning this war is ridiculous an absurd beyond belief. Why ir Rusmfeld still on board: he is the modern equivalent of MacNamara.

Larkin- of course we'd have... (Below threshold)

Larkin- of course we'd have the same reaction if Fox ever lost their minds and decided it was fine to use terrorist propoganda that demeans our military and endangers every single one of us by encouraging terrorism. And Yes, of course I'd be as outraged and would be decrying it just as ferently on my blog as I do CNN- CNN has proven time and again that they prefere money and propoganda and anti-American agenda driven stories over supporting our troops and supporting the Presidents war on terror. Their reports are NOT objective- they are consistantly and blatantly anti-U.S and the terrorist know this and exploit them to the fullest- This kind of vitriolic war 'reporting' first started in Vietnman where the Vietcong knew they were losing and so had to control the media to shape the minds of the public against the war- CNN is being the same kind of terrorist lackeys & honestly they don't deserve the priveledge of being called Americans- CNN has a long history of trying to undermine American morale and support for our soldiers- and quite frankly I find them repulsive- To answer your question- If Fox were to do the same hting under hte guise of being Republican/conservative- I absolutelt would be blasting htem as well-

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