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The "Axis of Evil" and the Left

When President Bush labeled Iran, Iraq, and North Korea an "axis of evil" in his 2002 State of the Union address, much of the Left was in a huff. This formulation, thought sundry leftists, betrays a puerile Manicheanism on the part of the President. He is a man, they said, who adamantly rejects all subtlety, all nuance.

Naturally, our friends on the Left were interested in using Bush's "axis of evil" rhetoric as a means to demonstrate their purported cognitive superiority: Whilst Bush and his neoconservative minions think of the world in stark black-and-white terms, the lefties supposedly see shades of gray.

Some even argued, in fact, that the President's mere mention of "evil" was a sign of insufficient intellectual rigor. After all, who talks with such morally loaded terminology anymore? By castigating the delightful Kim Jong-il through use of such a moniker, President Bush had demonstrated an inability to cope with the vicissitudes of the modern world.

Now, we, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," don't mean to spoil the Left's orgy of self-congratulation, but we firmly doubt that most liberals maintain a more nuanced understanding of foreign policy than do their neoconservative foes. If you ask us, the Left doesn't earnestly dislike President Bush's rhetoric. On the contrary, they merely quibble with Bush's choice of regimes.

We had reason to reflect on this anew upon reading a short "post" by Mark Kleiman at The Huffington Post, the popular lefty "website." Mr. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA, penned a little piece for the "site" called "Masters of terror."

To those with their feet firmly planted on terra firma or with even a passing familiarity with what is commonly called "reality," Mr. Kleiman must be referring to Osama bin Laden and his ilk. Or, perhaps, the Tamil Tigers.

Oh, but no: As the short "post" makes clear, Mr. Kleiman charges the neoconservatives with being the aforementioned "masters of terror." Which, come to think of it, is odd, since he also claims that said neoconservatives are manifestly incompetent. Some "masters," eh?

But we found the beginning of his "post" particularly illuminating:

They're real.

They're evil.

They hate us for our freedom.

Now, such a cheeky reference to neoconservatives is most assuredly a joke. This is not the subtle thought of a public policy professor, but the ham-fisted hackery of an ideologue.

Yet that's not what we found interesting. Rather, we were struck by Mr. Kleiman's cheerful reference to neoconservative intellectuals as "evil." Gee, we thought that the Left--ever excited to demonstrate its deep regard for nuance--avoided such Neanderthalic rhetoric.

Well, we guess not. Clearly, the minions of the Left don't feel comfortable labeling Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-il, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad evil. But they have no qualms with tossing the epithet in Norman Podhoretz's direction.

We suppose they can recognize "evil" after all. It's just that they don't associate it with totalitarian dictators and terrorist sponsors. Nah: It's their domestic political opponents who are far more dubious.

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently contemplating the Left's "axis of evil": The United States, Israel, and Britain.)


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Comments (14)

And yet, should we point ou... (Below threshold)

And yet, should we point out the ongoing collaboration of the left with America's enemies, from the '30s through the Cold War and the Nuclear Freeze right up to Code Pink raising money for Iraqi "insurgents," we are accused of "questioning their patriotism."

I, for one, would not question their patriotism, as there is nothing there sufficient to be questioned. Their sanity, I question.

Regards & etc. to the cracked young staff.

Ah yes, once again a post t... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, once again a post telling us what "they," the left, have argued, what their stance is, monolothic and ubiquitous. Then, you deftly produce them in their utter hypocrisy through presentation of a single person's words. "But but wait," you proclaim, "we thought this is what you all think, and now, we have the opposite? How can this be? Of course, it is because you are all hypocritical liars, plain as the eye can see."

Of course it's plain for the thinking among us to recognize the bait and switch, the heavy-handed maneuver of telling us what "they" believe and producing one of "them" who says otherwise, as if we are supposed to believe that all think like him just as we are supposed to buy they all held the previously offered position, all the while ignoring that you've distorted his position, and theirs (even without offering a representative among them, preferring to paraphrase an anonymous, and quite strawlike, proxy), from the beginning. It is a cheap trick, mindlessly easy yet effective when applied to the feeble-minded and the sycophantic, and sadly, it's the only one in your bag. I would look forward to your next maneuver, but I already recognize it.

mantis,You seem to... (Below threshold)


You seem to be a man of conviction, and of all of the those on the left, particularly those who post here, I'll respect your word.

My question to you is who will the Democratic party (collectively) recognize as "evil" this fall regardless of the upcoming results?

Foley? Evil?*Rove? E... (Below threshold)

Foley? Evil?*
Rove? Evil?
Bush? Evil?
Cheney? Evil?
GOP? Evil?
Conservitives? Evil?

All these things are evil?
Yet regimes who knowingly and intentionally torture, rape, and mass murder it's civillians(With WMDs) do not seem to be evil.

Regime's that support terrorism, that would give them nucUlear bombs to use against innocent men, women, and children. They're not evil, they're... I don't know. If they're not evil what are they? Really really really bad?

Suicide bombers, capturing one soldier and demanding the release of hundreds of terrorists in return, is not evil? A religious ideolgy that believes that infidels are evil(There is that word again) and deserve nothing more than a very public beheading, that's not evil, that's freedom of religion, yeah, that's it...

I was talking to a marine tonight, who I picked up to bring home(I drive Taxi for a living). He served 2 tours in Iraq. You know what these sick, twisted islamofascists did? They took an 8 year old boy and strapped high explosives to him and sent the kid to a nearby (american) patrol, with every intention of remote detonating the device to kill american (that's us incase you forgot, we're supposed to be the good guys) soldiers... Thankfully something went wrong, the device did not explode. An 8 year old child... With a bomb strapped to his chest... And do you know why the boy did it?

Because the terrorists that are (not) evil, told the little boy, that if he did not do what they told him, they would kill his family.

*I only put Foley in this list simply to compare to Gerry Studds, who for the record I might add, DID have sex with a 17 year old Page. Foley is a sick man, and deserves whatever his peers decide his punishment should be. And might I add I hope he gets the proverbial book thrown at him for it. It's disgusting, revolting, and utterly dispicable. But remember this. A Democrat did it first. Studds even got reqarded for it too!(3 standing O's) Appointments to committee's(sic, I'm tired and too lazy to spell check this). and 12 years of service in congress after his "scandal" was revealed.

I thought most of you would... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

I thought most of you would have noticed this a long time ago -

For some on the left,

- there is no evil, only misunderstandings (except for the GOP)

- free speech is for everyone (unless you disagree with them)

- there are no terrorists (except Bush and our military)

- vote fraud is wrong (unless it helps the right people)

- violence is not the answer (unless it's directed at Republicans)

I knew this a long time ago, especially that last part, and I'm not even a Republican.

"preying mantis" (bug eater... (Below threshold)

"preying mantis" (bug eater) a man of conviction?
He cannot even admit to his own beliefs.

Manboy has all the charm an... (Below threshold)

Manboy has all the charm and intellect of a Preying Mantis.

Ironically, it is the very "Neocons" the Left tries to demoize that is helping us hold onto our freedom in the face of an unfree world.

This is the obvious problem for the Left==not seeing the forest for the trees in front of them.

Exterminate Iran Now!... (Below threshold)
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis:

Exterminate Iran Now!

(published first in: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/3-20-2006-91513.asp)

Three atomic bombs against Iran are all we need for a Century of Peace. The imminent nuclear bombardment of Iran will automatically cancel the forthcoming tribulation of Europe.

The antihuman murderous clique of the top Iranian officials and mullahs works ceaselessly to drive the entire world into an inferno of ultimate annihilation in a nuclear furnace. Using their puppet president as a tool to fool gullible Asiatic diplomats and indecisive European and destabilized American statesmen, the hidden masters of Qom are convinced that through a global holocaust they enforce the re-appearance of the Twelfth Imam, the legendary figure of the Shia version of Messiah. According to their paranoiac mind, they have nothing to lose...

Iran: the abomination of the desolation

The term may have been used with respect to Apocalyptic Jerusalem, but it rather suits today's vertigo of oppression and intolerance, as practiced throughout the Iranian plateau.

In the western half of Iran's surface, Azeris, Turks, Kurds, Loris, Bakhtiaris, and Arabic speaking Aramaeans of Khuzestan total no less than 27 million people who aspire to independence, freedom, democratic rule, human rights, socio-economic progress and peace. They all passionately desire to get rid of the barbaric sub-culture of Shia theology, knowing very well that the ruling bogus-Islamic criminals of Qom - Mashad - Tehran want just to utilize them for their Satanic purposes of nuclear domino.

In large part of Iran's south-east, several millions of Baluchis have placed all their hopes for independence, democracy and socio-economic progress on the forthcoming - and long expected - American attack and annihilation of Tehran. More than four millions of errant Afghanis avoided the Taliban cholera only to fight the Ayatollah abomination on daily basis, and this has lasted several decades already. It is a desperate misery that is a shame for all the Mankind.

A Cemetery of Peoples named Iran

Persians represent 50 to 55% of the entire population of this country - cemetery of peoples. Approximately 10% of the entire population of Persians have left Iran over the past 27 years, and prospered in various countries and continents, keeping always in mind and deep in their heart the perspective of free Persia - Cradle of Civilization, as truly this great land has been for almost three millennia. Among Persians, those who highly evaluate the great pre-Islamic past of the Achaemenids, the Arsacids and the Sassanids are the worst enemies of the Satanic regime of the Ayatollahs.

Those who still practice Parsism, the latest phase of Zarathustra's lofty religion, represent a lethal enemy of the bogus Islamic madness of the inhuman monsters who tyrannize Iran. They are our brothers and our sisters, they have full right to practice their religion in their own country, and the World owes so much to their ancestry that we cannot avoid interfering without defaming our own past.

Alexander the Great has been the common denominator for all, Christian Westerners, Jews, Persian Parsists and all Muslims who ascribe themselves to the Human race and to World Civilization.

For the Common Heritage of Alexander the Great, the Western powers must come to help of the tyrannized peoples of Iran, face the challenge immediately, and evacuate all their nationals from Iran as soon as possible.

Very little time is left if we truly want to avoid the Satanic domino effect that has been well orchestrated by the most antihuman and the most perverted minds the world has ever known.

Three atomic bombs against Iran are all we need for a Century of Peace.

Two bombs against Japan in 1945 guaranteed 61 years of Peace. Three similar bombs used today - not tomorrow - against Iran will guarantee a peaceful century of progress and prosperity, based on new technologies and space exploration - this is the wonderful prospect the Ayatollahs fight to avert.

In full cooperation, America and Europe must use nuclear weapons against Qom, Mashad and Tehran now, March 2006. In the same way now the majority of the Japanese are happy with the event that ended WW II the descendants of the numerous oppressed peoples of today's Iran will exalt the use of three atomic bombs against Iran today.

My call is not new; writing in March 1995 in the Turkish Daily News, I suggested Turkey to spearhead the ultimate dissolution of Iran, which is the only way for the ultimate democratization throughout Western Asia, the rise of free republics of Khuzestan, Lorestan, Bakhtiaristan, and Baluchistan, the unification of Azerbaijan, and the final merge of Turkey, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan into a 115 million people democratic society inspired by the secular principles of Kemal Ataturk. The Iranian consul at Istanbul reacted then vehemently, denouncing my proposals.

Quite unfortunately for that funny fellow, his country did not achieve much over the past 11 years to prove his ridiculous assertions as serious; the Satanic Republic of Iran proved to be the progenitor of all monsters and perversions, oscillating from antihuman hatred and destructive madness to deliberate defamation of the Iranian civilization.

Euro and Dollar must become one currency.

If the Americans are reluctant and the Russians and the Chinese gullible enough to believe they can manage the Satanic Republic of Iran, there is still enough brain and historical memory in Europe. It would be idiotic and suicidal to think in terms of economic prevailing and monetary pride, when the future of the Mankind is at stake. There is much more to unite Europe and America than what (Euro and Dollar) may divide them. If French Franc and Deutsche Mark became one single currency, the same can happen in the near future to (thoughtlessly competitive) Euro and Dollar.

By committing themselves to immediate nuclear bombardment of Iran, Britain and France, backed by the rest of Europe, will convincingly prove to America that unilateralism is not an option and to the rest of the world that the 1945 Victory of Civilization and Freedom is definitely and forever non-negotiable.

In today's world, the West proved to be the de facto Vicar of the World Civilization; all the Human Heritage passes exclusively through today's Western Universities: Islam and Confucius, Egyptian, Assyrian-Babylonian, and Iranian civilizations along with Classical Studies, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as early cultures in various continents.

Nothing is better studied and cultivated anywhere else in the World than in the West, so nowhere - and from no one - can possibly a claim of representativity be raised. This is the correct Danish / Western answer to the idiotic claims of the Islamic Conference Organization as regards the Prophet Muhammad's unworthy - and certainly undeserved - caricatures. The matter is not whether the Freedom of Speech prevails over the religiosity and the lost piety of the Mankind or vice versa.

The matter is that today's Muslims de facto do not represent the real, historical Islam anymore, so they have nothing to claim as theirs except their illiteracy, and their tolerance of barbaric sheikhs and cannibalistic ayatollahs.

An imminent nuclear bombardment of Iran will not only free the oppressed peoples of the Iranian cemetery; it will also shake the entire Muslim World, stimulating the civilized elements (that exist in great number but are terribly oppressed at the local level by the barbaric and murderous sheikhs) to reject the idiocy of the Wahhabi Satanic perversion.

Europe in need of a modern Heraclius, not Justinian

If the sociopolitical forces that prevail in Europe opt for 'modesty', 'tolerance' and cowardice, America will not face the major problem; Europe will.

Engulfed in a pathetic anti-Americanism, inactive Europe will face inner strife of disproportionate dimensions, unexpected invasions, and implosion. The misery caused through intermingling with uncivilized, barbaric and antihuman elements will generate - soon or late - a healthy and dynamic rejection of methods and approaches so perversely sought by the circles of Benedict (rather Maledict) XVI, and a new Heraclius will rise to lead Europe to the East. Justinian's reconquista of the West cannot be a model for today's Europe.

Heraclius' expedition against Praaspa, the battle at Nineveh, and the destruction of Ctesiphon should rather preoccupy the supposedly serious conclaves at Brussels, London and Paris; since this is going to happen, the earliest it happens the easiest and the most anodyne will be for Europe.

The imminent nuclear bombardment of Iran will automatically cancel the forthcoming tribulation of Europe.

Good post Mantis. ... (Below threshold)

Good post Mantis.

Just referring to anyone as evil or as the right prefers, traitors, is getting old. I seriously can't read a right-wing site anymore with out sifting through death threats and gasps of excitement for the hanging of Howard Dean or executing a low-level Democratic staffer - always a target of the day.

I guess the real world consequences to these things are what's not really focused on, especially by the right. Iran has grown in influence. I don't need to mention how poor of a job in Iraq (in the middle east actually) we are doing. And now NoKo is nuclear. Our foreign policy in all three places has been a total disaster that will have lasting effects for decades. This point cannot be accepted by those on the blind right, instead, they can only focus on their enemy at home. Bad for America.

I see one of the 'hate Amer... (Below threshold)

I see one of the 'hate America' publications has decided they should not have printed one of the 'National Security Secrets". Guess they have found out that you don't actually have to shoot someone to be charged with war crimes, and the NYT's along with other left wingers are definetly guilty of war crimes. Right now dozens of American Soldiers are dying as a direct result of the aid and comfort the terrorists have received and are receiving from the left wing. This month has been bloody simply to 'aid' the democrats in the election. They hope the U.S. is as weak as Spain. They may be correct. Everyone in the United States and around the world knows why the violence was stepped up, half won't admit the truth and will continue to lie to themselves.

Great post Dr. Muhammad Sha... (Below threshold)

Great post Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis.

Thank You!

Of course, no other Dem has... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

Of course, no other Dem has declared his opponents evil. Oh, wait...


Howard Dean: "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

Buh-bye, mantis.

Of course, no other Dem ... (Below threshold)

Of course, no other Dem has declared his opponents evil.

Who said that? My point was not that there are no Democrats who engage in manichean rhetoric. Far from it. If you paid attention you would see that my point is that a) there is not monolithic "left" that all think alike (e.g. there is no "good and evil" but nuance, etc), b) one person's words cannot somehow invalidate the opinions of millions (especially when those opinions are erroneously assumed to be monolithic), and c) it is a doubly weak mind that tries to tear down a strawman by constructing yet another.

Dean can say all the stupid crap he wants, it has nothing to do with me or the weak-ass arguments of THQ.

Well, if opposing this jack... (Below threshold)

Well, if opposing this jackass war, and the gutless cowards who support it from the safety of their living rooms makesme a war criminal, than I'm proud to be a war criminal.






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