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Politics: not exactly child's play

I don't have any kids, but I've certainly been around them enough to understand a few basic things about parenting. You have to keep an eye on them. They love chaos and trouble. And they will turn almost any implement into a tool of destruction.

I knew a guy who made sure his son had no guns, to swords, no toys at all that could be used as weapons. The boy ran around with a rubber train locomotive, shouting "Bang! Bang!"

I was reminded of that when I stumbled across this statement by the soi-disant next Speaker of the House Of Representatives:

"The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America's children."

A gavel is, essentially, a hammer. A wooden one, not one with a steel head, but a hammer nonetheless.

This woman, who talks about doing things to help and protect children, wants to give them a hammer.

Will our nation's walls, furniture, and pets survive a Speaker Pelosi?

I'd rather not find out, thanks.

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"The gavel of the speake... (Below threshold)

"The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America's children."

Wow. That's an almost Andrew Sullivan level of self-regard she's displaying there.

Is she hinting that a Democ... (Below threshold)

Is she hinting that a Democratic Congress under her leadership will act even more childish than they already are?

"She is hoping to change th... (Below threshold)

"She is hoping to change the culture of Washington"

No doubt into the culture of corruption She so often obsesses over.

What a nutcase.

Peloshi has never been know... (Below threshold)

Peloshi has never been know for her brains. She has the only thing required for election in Ca, a husband with the Money to buy the power. Well, she did have one thing to nab a rich husband and spread it freely until one fell for it.

I'm not even sure what the ... (Below threshold)

I'm not even sure what the hell she means by that. If she means that "children" will be the new special interest group, does that mean Pelosi is the "Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children" character on The Simpsons? Does this now mean that the hundreds of millions of adults in this country will have even more of their daily lives restricted in the name of protecting these children? Is Pelosi going to continue the complete pussification of America's youth? Because we've become a nation of simpering, cowering pussies, you know. Kids aren't tough anymore, they never get exposed to anything that could make them tough.

"Speaker Pelosi" will strik... (Below threshold)

"Speaker Pelosi" will strike enough fear that this will not happen.

Even if that clown Lee keeps talking about a 30 seat takeover (Riiight . . .). The good thing about this is that we soon actually see who is right, and who is a clown.

Pelosi is the Democratic le... (Below threshold)

Pelosi is the Democratic leader who, if put into a position of power, will make the Left regret every Bush flub they've mocked over the years. When you read over her statements of the last few years she really does strike you as an enormously stupid woman. I'm not just bashing her for being a woman or even being a lefty--I'm no fan of Hillary, and there are a lot of things you could say about Hilliary, but stupid isn't one of them. Pelosi, on the other hand, is going to make the worst of Bush's mis-statements seem practically genius level in comparison.

So what's the big deal? Lee... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

So what's the big deal? Lee's keyboard has always been in the hands of a child...and not a very bright one at that.

I will enjoy seeing the nex... (Below threshold)

I will enjoy seeing the next speaker of the house make a complete ass of herself time and time agai. The nation and the house will survive but its doubtful her speakership will

"I don't have any kids,"</p... (Below threshold)

"I don't have any kids,"

Ok, sounding good so far...

"Will our nation's walls, furniture, and pets survive a Speaker Pelosi? I'd rather not find out, thanks."

So are you threatining suicide like McCain - or is it worth dying for like Hannity? Or maybe even a bus ticket like Baldwin?

Actually a hammer and pegs ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Actually a hammer and pegs are an effective method for small children to develope fine motor functions as well as eye-hand stuff. May I suggest you check out Piaget's studies on cognitive development..

It is well established that small children are very focused on tactile experiences..

Nancy P is not a favorite of mine..however, your ignorance of young children only exposes your "you know what you know" weakness.

Will our nation's walls,... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Will our nation's walls, furniture, and pets survive a Speaker Pelosi?

If not, we NeoCons can always fall back on cheap, juevenile rhetorical devices by calling her names like "fascist" or "McChimpyPelosi" or "Speaker of the Chimps" or "The Cobra-ess" or "Bitch of the House". Best of all, we don't even have to prove any of it. And it makes us sound like we're fighting "da man". Excuse me, "da wo-man".

Hey, it works for liberals. Why not us?

/sarcasm tag off

(Jesus H. Christmas, a San Franciscan AND a Californian in charge...and you think Bush is bad....you ain't seen nothing yet...)

The usial antiwar toy CODES... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The usial antiwar toy CODESISSYPINK wackos show up showing stupid movies like ROBIN WILLIAMS junk film TOYS why dont they get a life

If she and her kind got the... (Below threshold)

If she and her kind got the gavel, she's correct, it would be in the hands of "children."

"The gavel of the speaker o... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

"The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America's children."

Obviously she meant it will be in the hands of people working in the interest of America's children.

You know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What did GW mean exactly when he said this:

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

Good point, TD. So... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Good point, TD.

So, can we expect Slate to start running a series called "Pelosi-isms" if Pelosi actually becomes Speaker?

Entire collections, touted at the check-out counter of Borders and Barnes&Noble? Think Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and the rest will be yukking it up about the latest non-sequitur from the Speaker?

Yep Nogopostal has it figur... (Below threshold)

Yep Nogopostal has it figured out. Rear your children by a book (Piaget's studies on cognitive development) After rearing two childred, who have six childred, who have three children, I don't need a book on children and coming from a large caring family, never did. I suspect the prisons are full of children reared by someone else's rule book. It could be the child services divisions across the country staffed (90%) by people that have no children. I've always had a good laugh at that.

And your point is, Mr. Lark... (Below threshold)

And your point is, Mr. Larkin? have no trouble figuring out what Bush said. I do wonder what it is you're trying to say. You seem to think the argument is settled because you can scratch up a snide counter-example. Doesn't begin to cut it. Address the topic.

As for nowentpostal, we're apparently all too stupid and inexperienced to understand what our kids need, if not too stupid to be permitted to breed. We recognise that your 25 years of teaching grade school and all makes you "a expurt" on the subject of childish behavior, but do you compulsively tell your little students how stupid they are at every turn? Do you do that to your friends and co-workers as well? Seems like you do that here on a regular basis. Why don't you give common courtesy a shot one time? You might be surprised to find that a few people here might actually read what you say and give it fair consideration.

The worst thing to happen t... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

The worst thing to happen to Dems hopes in 2008 would be a victory this year with Pelosi as Speaker. All that would do is give the Dems 2 years to prove to the American public why they should never be allowed to have the Presidency ever again.

Pelosi is the champion of w... (Below threshold)

Pelosi is the champion of women and children.

Rush today read a bit from a San Fran. newspaper that placed their city, Pelosi's district, as one of the centers of the sex slave industry worldwide.

Do young boys count as the children Pelosi protects?

Steve L has a good point - ... (Below threshold)

Steve L has a good point - one that isn't lost on Democrats: "The worst thing to happen to Dems hopes in 2008 would be a victory this year with Pelosi as Speaker. All that would do is give the Dems 2 years to prove to the American public why they should never be allowed to have the Presidency ever again."

If the Dems get the House and blow it - then they don't deserve the presidency. When I saw the Republicans making mistake after mistake election-wise a few months ago I voiced that same opinion --- that it might be the strategy of the Republicans to let the Dems have enough rope to hang themselves - by letting them take the house in the November elections.

If Nancy Pelosi becomes Spe... (Below threshold)

If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker???

OK, I understand that you're in denial about the Republican's loss of control but, it's going to happen and guess what...."Madam Speaker".

Nancy Pelosi will do a great job as the House leader. The Republicans had their chance to prove themselves worthy but they failed. Huge failure! It's this simple.... The American people are tired of a broken government with all the lies, corruption and coverups.

The Democrats will take back the power and keep it because as of right now, the American people just don't trust Republicans and will prove it at the ballot box. Ahhhhhhh the power of the ballot.

When are you guys gonna sto... (Below threshold)

When are you guys gonna stop hating Democrats and start pointing the finger towards the completely corrupt and incompetant Republicans who have been in charge for 12 years and done nothing but sell out our country to special interests and multinational corporations?

Shorter muirgeo:Wh... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Shorter muirgeo:

When are you guys going to agree with me?

" AHHHH THE POWER OF THE BA... (Below threshold)

" AHHHH THE POWER OF THE BALLOT " Will assuredly keep your guys in the minority.


I think the dems had something like 40 years of f ing things up.

Hating Bush is not a reason to vote for a lib. Hating yourself is.

People have lived so long w... (Below threshold)

People have lived so long with a GOP congress that they have forgotten what Democrats have done and would like to do.Welfare reform was never going to happen-remember Clionton vetoed that at least twice.Ever-increasing spending and a huge federal deficit were givens and not a terrible disaster inflicted on us by the evil rethuglicans-amazing to see Democrats complaining about that now after their policies when Clinton was president and Democrats ran congress last.Gun control was a great way to stop crime and not a stupid joke-have Democrats given up on that or have they just stopped talking about it? If we were nice enough to murderers they would stop killing after we released them-and we had to release them because judges said so.Is anyone stupid enough to think Democrats have stopped wanting those kind of judges? If we made enough concessions to the USSR they would stop trying to take over the world-do you think Democrats feel any different about islamists? If so listen to Jack Murtha who says we just can't beat the terrorists in Iraq-in fact according to him we can't defeat anyone-in Vietnam,Central America,Somalia or Iraq.Are all Democrats as beaten as Jack Murtha? If not,they should denounce him instead of considering him as the next majority leader.I'm not especially happy with the GOP leadership but they are far better than the swarm of idiots,fools and traitors that run the Democratic party.

XennadyTell me </p... (Below threshold)


Tell me

Are we winning the war in Iraq?? If you think so, then why is the top military leaders calling the situation in Iraq "disheartening". Tell me!

Zogby said that if the Dems... (Below threshold)

Zogby said that if the Dems win, it will be the Forest Gump election:

"If the Democrats win, it will be a Forrest Gump victory - essentially things swirled around them over which they had very little control and they ended up scoring touchdowns, designing happy signs, and making money on shrimp."

Perfect analogy. Even if I often disagree with Zogby.

Mitchell,Forrest G... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Forrest Gump is a perfect analogy for the Democrats on SOOOO many levels.

Shorter muirgeo:Wh... (Below threshold)

Shorter muirgeo:

When are you guys going to agree with me?

Posted by: Lurking Observer

Not with agreeing me but with history, with logic, with honesty and with the facts.

Facts: Record debts, corporate rule, destroying the middle class, endless war and rule by fear. Been their done this all before...Great Depression Banana Republic policies....what's not to agree with?

You're supposed to be the Party that promotes independence but in fact you are the battered wife equivalent to your party leaders.

Mitchell,Forrest G... (Below threshold)


Forrest Gump is a perfect analogy for the Democrats on SOOOO many levels.

Posted by: Sheik Yur Bouty

Yep and Mr Potter from Its a Wonderful Life is the perfect anaolgy to Republican leadership.....like Pottersville do ya???

"...and now it will be in t... (Below threshold)

"...and now it will be in the hands of America's children." I can't believe this exceedingly trite statement can generate this much discussion from both sides.

justice58:Oh.Top military l... (Below threshold)

justice58:Oh.Top military leaders are "disheartened".Well,game over-we can't go on if the top military leaders "is" disheartened! I'll assume you aren't making a silly comment about the emotional state of generals and instead address your belief that we are losing in Iraq.First, the strategy of defeating the US by convincing the American people that they can't win goes back to the civil war.Abraham Lincoln famously wrote a letter in August 1864 about how he expected to lose the election-but then Sherman took Atlanta.The Phillipine guerillas also attempted the same strategy to get William McKinley defeated in 1900 but failed.North Vietnam tried again and succeeded-but they also said if not for the protesters in the US they would have ended the war without conquering South Vietnam.Today the terrorists in Iraq are trying the same strategy with a lot of help from the media.The Democrats are thrilled to go along because they hope and expect US defeat or the perception of defeat in Iraq will give them political power.The ONLY way we can be defeated in Iraq is if we stop fighting-and if we do the left will claim we never could have won,and blame Bush for all the disasters that follow.Believe me,I'd love to give further details but I doubt I'm telling you what you want to hear so I'll cut it short.

muirgeo,THAT'S you... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


THAT'S your witty comeback??!!?


muirgeo, the brain store called. You're account has been closed due to lack of activity.

I sure hope you are indicative of the Dimocrat Party.

DaveD,It's a slow ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


It's a slow news day.

I'm not so sure about that.... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure about that...

Muirego has been gone a lit... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Muirego has been gone a little while. I suspect he just got out of detox. There are some facts available about what would happen if the democrats gain the House. None of it comes from those running for contested office, but those who's districts are safe. If the thought of Nancy Pelosi being speaker of the house does not scare the hell out of you, you are either an idiot or a fool. Her idea of protecting children is to march next to the President of NAMBLA at SF parades. If one walks like a duck, talks like a duck and is seen in the company of ducks one can be sure of duckhood.

Spoken like a true communis... (Below threshold)

Spoken like a true communist.

BTW, whatever happened with the investigation of Murtha, his brother Kit, Nancy and her nephew?

justice58 said:[qu... (Below threshold)

justice58 said:


Tell me
Are we winning the war in Iraq?? If you think so, then why is the top military leaders calling the situation in Iraq "disheartening". Tell me!

Posted by: justice58 at October 23, 2006 05:29 PM [/unquote]

Were it not for people just like Justice58 who've hamstrung this country's efforts and greatly assisted in creating this "disheartening situation", we would be much more successful in Iraq. But their words which have been quoted right back to all of us by the jihadists that we fight have heartened the enemy and provided a strategy for that enemy to wait it out.

Yes, Justice58 and his ilk ingenuously ask if we are "winning" the war while doing all that they possibly can to assure the enemy that if he just holds out long enough they will then have the time to convince America of the failure of the Bush Doctrine, oust the evil Bush, and then withdraw all American troops thus ceding the field to the enemy.

And what of the bloodbath to follow? Will Justice58 blame that on Bush also ? I'm sure he will. It is what he and his fellow travelers do. Create a victory for the enemy by sedition in the homeland, allow that enemy to attain the freedom to begin his slaughter, and then stand back, wringing his little leftist hands and, with a tear in his eye and oh, so much compassion, say to that enemy, "if only we could have acted sooner or even left in power the beneficent megalomaniac who so gently ruled you before. Ahhhh, but look at what these Republicans have left you."

If this transpires and becomes the case, your black soul Mr. 58 will not escape your own karma for causing it to happen. Your time of creating blame in everyone except yourselves will eventually be your downfall. I just pray to God Almighty that your downfall comes before and not after the slaughter of the innocents which you pretend has already occurred.

Shame on you and yours Justice58 for your deceit and the seditious behavior of your kind that reveals Top Secret programs to the enemy enabling them a clearer path to the destruction of your fellow citizens.

Shame on all of you.

Listen MichaelCThe... (Below threshold)

Listen MichaelC

The Military leaders did report to the media that the situation in Iraq is "disheartening". What has caused them to say this? Do you think it is going well? Hmmmmmmmm I wonder!

Even this past weekend there was a report saying that Kevin Tillman, the brother of Pat Tillman, who was killed in Iraq by friendly fire, said the Iraq war is...quote: "an illegal invasion". That does not sound very good coming from someone that has volunteered their services. I am only repeating what was said. And furthermore; I am only exercising my 1st Amendment right to free speech. Just like you! So get off me! I am sorry the truth hurts you so. But, you must face the facts and they are not pretty. The Republicans did it to themselves. Stop blaming the Democrats for Republican lies, corruption and coverups. The Republican have had 12 years in office and they have managed to MESS things up.

Republicans can only argue about Bill Clinton's affair with ML. It may have been wrong but at least it was with an adult woman and it was consensual. Bill Clinton was a GOOD president and you know it. He did a lot of good. You may deny it but it's still truth. And you can't take that away from him.

FYI.... I am a woman!

bobdog,My point is... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:


My point is that Nancy Pelosi isn't an idiot as many of the posters here have suggested because she misspoke. You don't get to be Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency if you're an idiot.

And you'll be surprised to hear that I don't think George Bush is an idiot either despite his many and frequent misstatements. Lack of verbal acuity isn't necessarily an indicator of lack of intelligence.

We should give Pelosi her due. She has unified the Democrats into a solid wall of opposition against the Republicans in a way that I can't recall in my lifetime. There are many votes where not a single Democrat in the House crosses the line to support a Republican bill. And now, she is leading the Democrats back into the majority. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Still, a Pelosi speakership worries me. But two more years of GW in the Presidency worries me a lot more.

justice58:Well,looks like y... (Below threshold)

justice58:Well,looks like you WERE writing a silly post about the emotional state of generals.Since you are way too ignorant to understand what you see let me explain it to you.We do not maintain armed forces so generals will be happy or the members of the armed forces will be safe.We maintain armed forces to destroy the enemies of the Republic when required.Got that? I fully expect the relatives of those killed in war to be really upset about that.Don't you? I expect this to be the case even in wars the press likes-probably those who had family killed in WWII were "disheartened" about that.Do you expect Kevin Tillman to be happy about the death of his brother? If so you are a moron! And what branch has Kevin Tillman volunteered for anyway? I don't care if generals are "disheartened" about events-I want them to win the war.Got that? I'm sure many generals and admirals in the past were disheartened to see thousands of men under their command die-but they knew their job was to WIN THE WAR and not keep soldiers safe so our enemies could come and kill American civilians later.I certainly made no mention of Clintons affairs-I don't care about them.I made note of his policies but it seems you are to stupid to remember anything but the coverage of his endless penile adventures.I have nothing but contempt for people like you.Why don't you go read a book about the history of the US before you post something so stupid and ignorant about things you know nothing about? Congrats on being a woman-although what the hell that has to do with anything here I don't know.

Justice58 says"FYI... (Below threshold)

Justice58 says"

FYI.... I am a woman!

to which I can only say, "and your point is.......?"

Your blathering is like any other lefty's, lots of noise, no content. My post stands as it was written. Those who aid the enemy by supporting their cause (as proven by the frequent matching talking points) are not as close to "victory" as they are loudly proclaiming. The left offers nothing in way of plan or policy, only their hatred of Bush and their glee that the war in Iraq is going badly as though they had nothing to do with that.

You and yours have had plenty to do with that. You demoralize you own country from within giving comfort and hope to the enemy without. You are worthless nattering noisemakers, enthralled with the sound of your own voices. Your pathetic examples of why we should now all throw in the towel because Pat Tillman's brother had something negative to say left me speechless for a moment. Is that really your argument ? Unbelievable.

I see you and yours up to your necks in sedition and the work of fifth columnists. As I said, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, woman or man.

I've said all I need to say. You have not countered it with anything pertinent. Perhaps you'll find another relative of some semi well known soldier who disagrees with the Iraq War. It certainly lacks potency as any form of an argument

XennadyWhy do you ... (Below threshold)


Why do you suppose that Bush met with top Military leaders over the week-end? They weren't eating cookies and sipping tea!

They were discussing a strategy change because the present one is NOT working. You must be waaaaaaaay too ignorant to see that. If things are working, why change? The president said that he'll no longer use the phrase "stay the course". The sooner you see that the better. I suggest that you read up on current issues before you start attacking others about what they know.

I want to win the war just like you. There is no question about that. But, I hate seeing 2800 soldiers dead since the war began. I hate seeing October is the deadliest month this year. I have family in Iraq right now, so you see, it matters to me if I hear top military leaders saying the situation in Iraq is "disheartening". It crushes me to no end! Get your head out of the sand and wake up and stop criticizing me for how I feel and what I know.
You can see as well as I do and every other American that this war is not going well. If you can't see it, then you're in denial and have a much bigger problem.

Bush met with with top mili... (Below threshold)

Bush met with with top military leaders did he? Hell,we're DOOMED!!! No-actually I'd expect the president to meet with his subordinate military leaders and adjust strategy fairly regularly.I note that FDR met with foreign leaders several times and US military leaders no doubt talked to him frequently-yet we won WWII.Who cares if the president stopped using "stay the course"? So What? You seem to think that is significant-so friggin' what if he stopped using a particular set of words to describe US strategy in Iraq? Are you so dense you think that will change anything on the ground there because of this? I suggest you read up on the history of war before you start making stupid and idiotic posts on subjects of which you know nothing about.Get this through your empty head: Many soldiers will die even if we win in Iraq.Do you think no one but you has noticed this-or cares? If you think the war is not going well too bad.Nothing you have said makes me think you have any idea what a war going well looks like compared to a war going badly.Do you think our enemies will give up just because we wish them to? Or stop feeding b#11sh1t stories to the antiwar US press-who don't believe it matters if we win anyway? 2800 dead is far below the death toll of previous US wars-google the USS Franklin or USS Juneau or USS Indianapolis for comparison.Those three ships had about as many dead as the entire Iraq war so far.Don't believe me look it up! Learn something.Bottom line: win or lose lots of people will die and the press will say it is a disaster.Don't believe them.

Frankly Xennady, I've read ... (Below threshold)

Frankly Xennady, I've read your views and you are a d*mn fool. You have no respect for the families of the soldiers that are put in harm's way. Every single day a brave soldier loses their life and the least you can do is show the respect that they so deserve. Calling the family of soldiers stupid and idiots is the lowest of evils. You don't want the truth to be told as long as you protect the party at any cost. Well, America has taken notice of the failure of the Bush Administration and will elect the Democrats to lead this country in a new direction. The Iraq war is almost chaotic and you want to continue the path and "stay the course". You are a pathetic sob. With views like yours, God help us if the Republican stay in power.

Mungo, the ass store called... (Below threshold)

Mungo, the ass store called and said they ordered a recall on yours: it has a crack (and your head) in it.

Justice58: I would say you are less a woman, more a child.

MitchellB*tch you ... (Below threshold)


B*tch you know nothing about me. You disgusting jerk. Examine your own manhood!






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