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A couple of followups

I just wanted to put up some updates on some other pieces I put up today.

First up, on my discussion of Barack Obama, it turns out I beat Dafydd Ab Hugh to the punch -- but while mine was a minor jab, Dafydd was tossing haymakers. My piece focused on how there really isn't much substance on Obama's positions and policies, and a decided lack of established history of accomplishments. Dafydd went over Obama's history with a fine-toothed comb, and portrayed it as only a professional writer can.

Next, I talked about CNN's choice of backdrop for their interview with Representative Duncan Hunter. I don't think it was any grand conspiracy or outrage; I thought it was funny as hell.

As I watched the video, first I noted that Hunter was portrayed as being in Manchester, New Hampshire. "Oh, neat," was my first thought. Then I looked at the background (as anyone would who lived in a town being shown on national TV) and happily picked out landmarks.

Then I noticed that the perspective seemed familiar, and I realized I had seen pretty much that same view a zillion times. You get that angle when you're driving on 293 North through the city, right by Exit 5. (A route I took daily for three years, and still take roughly once a week.) I suddenly had the image of Hunter and a camera crew sitting calmly in traffic (or suspended above the roadway), and I just HAD to write about it. The "photographic evidence" was to demonstrate to those unfamiliar with the Queen City just how absurd it was.

And for those who are familiar with the city... my best friend grew up in Manchester. I called him and described the placement of the landmarks in the video. Before I could even ask him where the origin of the photo was, he burst out laughing. "He's in the middle of the highway!"

Yes, it probably was a backdrop. And yes, it was probably provided by WMUR, the ABC affiliate (and CNN affiliate, as well) in Manchester (and New Hampshire's only network affiliate TV station). But to those of us who know Manchester, it was hysterical.

But just in case it was a live shot, and not a backdrop, congratulations, Congressman Hunter. That was an amazingly brave thing you did.


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Comments (2)

So Obama is just another po... (Below threshold)

So Obama is just another poor little 'filthy rich' kid. That qualifies him to be president.

The first to call him Osama Obama was none other than another poor little 'filthy rich' kid, or now a fat drunken murderer by the name of Ted Kennedy.

Scrap, Brit Hume showed tha... (Below threshold)

Scrap, Brit Hume showed that Teddy Kennedy slip up last night on his show. My whole family died laughing.

I could watch that over and over.






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