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Another triumph for New Hampshire over Massachusetts

Once again, New Hampshire has prized away one of the finer elements of Massachusetts.

Bruce of Mass. Backwards has finally surrendered to sanity, and is moving north.

As fond as I am of you, Bruce, you'll understand if we keep our suspicions of you for a bit. It takes a while to fully purge your system of the Masshole toxins, and it's incredibly insidious...

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JAy - do you live down in N... (Below threshold)

JAy - do you live down in N.H. ? or somewhere else in northern New England ?

Wishing we could get a GOP gov. here in MAine....

Northerner- I'm another Mai... (Below threshold)

Northerner- I'm another Mainer hoping for a GOP gov this election. I'm backing Chandler...

Here in the Patt... (Below threshold)

Here in the Patten - Houlton area Woodcock is popular but we usually go GOP here....Hope Woodcock can cut into Baldacci's margin in the Bangor area.

IF (free them ALL DevaL) be... (Below threshold)

IF (free them ALL DevaL) becomes Governor of MA., expect a tidal wave of normal people fleeing the moonbats capital of the country. mASS....

It takes a while to full... (Below threshold)

It takes a while to fully purge your system of the Masshole toxins...

What toxins?

I'm offended at the insinuation.

Usually, liberals run their... (Below threshold)

Usually, liberals run their residential areas into the ground. Then, when they can't take their own policies anymore, they move to a conservative area because they know it's better, less expensive, safer, etc. Then they go ahead and ruin that place, too. Bruce is the exception.

P.S. I meant that Bruce, as... (Below threshold)

P.S. I meant that Bruce, as the exception, wasn't liberal.

Jay Tea is just a complete ... (Below threshold)
Richard Burns:

Jay Tea is just a complete idiot.
I wonder if Jay's idea of sanity is the New Hampshire Road Kill Auction. Where the State of New Hampshire auctions off dead animals scrapped up off the road. How utterly TACKEY. The truth is stranger than fiction. Just a tackey little fact that Jay won't talk about. Not to mention the predetorial traffic enforcement. No income tax but sky high property taxes. The state itself is pretty, but the people are a bunch of opinionated loudmouths. Very literal people up there. Some say they are all just a bunch of A-holes up there.

I think Jay and the whole s... (Below threshold)
Richard Burns:

I think Jay and the whole state of NH is suffering from Napoleon Syndrome. The underlying fear here is in slipping into insignificance and unimportance. Inferiority at its finest.






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