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Bush Derangement Syndrome Poll

Granddaddy Longlegs is one of those blogs that I don't visit nearly often enough, but when I do I always find something interesting. This time what I found was a poll asking readers to compare Bush Derangement Syndrome with other episodes of mass hysteria in history, including the Salem Witch Trials. Sadly, I had to think a bit before voting in this one.

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Check out the polls on elec... (Below threshold)

Check out the polls on electronic voting. It's frightening how many Americans believe that the upcoming election is, or can be, rigged.

Is that BDS? Or just more of that liberal-leaning realilty?

Remember, folks:<b... (Below threshold)

Remember, folks:

If the Republicans win, the machines were rigged.

If the Democrats win, it is perfectly fair.

I'll go with all-paper ball... (Below threshold)

I'll go with all-paper ballots if we raise our anti-fraud measures to the level of, say, Mexico.

How about it?

Back to the actual topic:</... (Below threshold)

Back to the actual topic:

There was similar hatred of Reagan by the same people (for the most part). And there was a lot of hatred for Clinton, too, that went over the top.

One guy I know is deep in B... (Below threshold)

One guy I know is deep in BDS, and he occasionally comes up with something so goofy that even he can tell it's crazy - but only once you call him on it.

He was well off into a very intense "the GOP is taking over America and is hauling people off to camps" rant when I just asked, "who?"

"Who what?"

"Who's been hauled off to camps? You said it was happening. Who do you know who's been taken away by the 'regime?'"

He thought for a second, then just laughed and admitted that it wasn't really happening outside of bad movies and TV shows...

Republican shills will say ... (Below threshold)

Republican shills will say the concern over electronic voting is just another example of "BDS" - but then there's this:

Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections

Diebold, the company that makes the voting machines, told ABC News, "These discs do not alter the security of the Diebold touch-screen system in any way," because election workers can set their own passwords.

But ABC News has obtained an independent report commissioned by the state of Maryland and conducted by Science Applications International Corporation revealing that the original Diebold factory passwords are still being used on many voting machines.

The SAIC study also shows myriad other security flaws, including administrative over-ride passwords that cannot be changed by local officials but can be used by hackers or those who have seen the discs.

It must be very convenient for you Republicans to just label every American voter concern about Republicans lie and deceit and trickery as "BDS".

How can we know who's been ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

How can we know who's been arrested, when the Bushistas won't release the names of those taken?

Just like all the rights that the Patriot Act has stripped away, which is the reason for the midnight arrests, the "enemies of the state" who've disappeared, the anti-Bush protests that have been squashed.

And then there are the camps they're building, for the 2008 election, "just to be sure." Of course, when Bush and company arrange for more attacks and terror alerts, that'll be when the mass arrests begin.

Republicans: the one thing they're competent at is fascism.

Right, Lee?

Back in 2000 I came out in ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Back in 2000 I came out in favor of all paper ballots. Those hanging chads were ridiculous. If the machines have paper "receipts" so that a backup count can be done, then they don't bother me. If there is no paper trail left by the machine, though, then I am not crazy about them. I am not worried about Republicans manipulating them though, at least, no more so than I am Democrats doing it. Remember during 2000 when that Democrat was found with a voting machine in his trunk (or was it his home)? There are ways for dishonest people to cheat any system. Hysteria over the voting machines is not the worst of BDS, though. The Hitler stuff bothers me more.

I think the optical-scan me... (Below threshold)

I think the optical-scan method is best. Machine- and human-readable ballot, verifiable later.

But all of that is for naught if people can vote multiple times or the dead vote.

76% of those that have answ... (Below threshold)

76% of those that have answered the poll think the BDS democ'rats are crazier than the Salem Witch hunters. Sad but true. It now appears that 50% of the democ'rats have driven themselves totally crazy with their BDS.

Just saw one of the DNC talking heads on FOX and she stated that the democ'rat party is 'not beholden' to the crazy lefties and will not carry out the agenda of the crazies if they win next month. Who are the lefties to vote for now, the greenies? Even the party you tried to hijack don't want you around after you vote for them. Guess she got the talking point on the crazies from Hellary since that almost to a word Hellary has said before.

Yep Lee, it is nice to be able to tell the truth about the crazy lefties and their 'stolen election rants'. Every person in the United States know who the dead vote for by the millions and it sure isn't a republican. Just look to Lee for an example of what BDS progresses to, total insanity.

Why are the democ'rats so scared of a voter I.D.? It would cut their votes by 25% or more.

What about near compulsory ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

What about near compulsory driver licence ID cards being necessary at many voting precincts? Is this paranoia or cheating? The caveat is that this brief was written in the Guardian by a former Dem strategist..still

And then there are the camp... (Below threshold)

And then there are the camps they're building, for the 2008 election, "just to be sure."

Don't be such a moron, Lurking. Everyone knows they're going to ship is to the mines in Canada where Clinton kept thise 500,000 Chinese troops to help the UN establsh a one world government.

Every person in the United States know who the dead vote for by the millions and it sure isn't a republican.

So what you're saying scrapiron is that even the dead are smarter than you? I have no trouble believing that!

Lee is the perfect, as thou... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Lee is the perfect, as though Lee could be perfect at anything, example of BDS. He does not respond on topic, there is no example of original thinking in any of his posts. It is always the same thing, Bush lied, which ofcourse is a lie.

Have any of you ever been i... (Below threshold)

Have any of you ever been involved or watched a lot of pee wee or little league ball games? The weak or poorly led teams always scream 'we were cheated'. I've been to (and worked) hundreds of games and the children on the poorly led teams act exactly like the democ'rat party every time they lose an election on any level. Scream and cry 'we were cheated', never we were poorly prepared by an inept coach/leader, or we just stink at sports/politics. Someone had to cheat or we couldn't lose.

You're the best, Lorie. </p... (Below threshold)

You're the best, Lorie.


Heck, intense indignation w... (Below threshold)

Heck, intense indignation with Bush doesn't arise from any "mass hysteria"; it can at times result from Mr. Bush's very own spoken words.

As Led Zep noted, "there's still time to change the road you're on." I'm confident that on November 7th, the American electorate will opt to elect candidates which it believes are more truthful, if simply just for a change.

By the way, the video... (Below threshold)

By the way, the video of Bush talking that I linked to above is less than 40 seconds long, in case any of you should wonder how long it lasts before deciding to view it.

Have any of you ever been i... (Below threshold)

Have any of you ever been involved or watched a lot of pee wee or little league ball games?

Scraps, you running for a Florida Congressional seat?

He was well off into a very... (Below threshold)

He was well off into a very intense "the GOP is taking over America and is hauling people off to camps" rant when I just asked, "who?"

"Who what?"

"Who's been hauled off to camps? You said it was happening. Who do you know who's been taken away by the 'regime?'"

He thought for a second, then just laughed and admitted that it wasn't really happening outside of bad movies and TV shows...

Posted by: cirby

Eduacate yourself.

Canadian Inquiry Finds Torture Survivor Maher Arar Completely Innocent, Criticizes U.S. For 'Rendition' to Syria



<a href="http://www.rense.c... (Below threshold)
Herman, you think the democ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Herman, you think the democrats are even capable of the truth. This goes back to when FDR told America in his radio broadcast that he had no intentions of taking America to war, yet U.S. Navy Destroyers were escorting convoys to England and engaging German vessels (U-Boars), to Kennedy's Missle gap to Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin to Ted Kennedys murder of Mary Jo, to everything Bill Clinton ever said which also applies to John Kerry. Yet you have the gall to make the claim that Bush somehow mislead this nation. Not one bit of evidence exists, when examined from a rational standpoint, to indicate President Bush ever lied to this nation, or anyone else for that matter.

Worry about the electronic ... (Below threshold)

Worry about the electronic voting machines. Some of the cities in Northern Va purchased some junk machines made by some fly by night outfit,Hart Intercivic's and if your name is Joe Smith it will only show Joe Smi---- Not really that bad, but the machines do shorten most of the candidiates names...Bet you money these cities are ran by democrats. At least they will put signs in the booths showing what is wrong. Why are the democrats allowing this since they won't allow it in Florida. Maybe they should have purchased the dependable Diebold brand. Every district that had major problems in 2004, including Ohio, were ran by democrats, and they have the ba**s to complain about someone else. ROFL

muirgeo your idiocy continu... (Below threshold)

muirgeo your idiocy continues to astound me.Surely you saw the homepage-rense.com-of that website that you cribbed the fascism story from? Mr. Rense doesn't like Jews very much does he? Did he get that graphic of that Jewish octopus encircling the world from the nazis or did he commission it specially for his website? I find it fascinating but unsurprising that a Bush hating leftist would get articles from a site like that.So muirgeo what's your favorite part of the site-the 9/11 conspiracy hogwash,the UFO nonsense-or just the plain anti-semitism?

"mun-go" (linkman) shore li... (Below threshold)

"mun-go" (linkman) shore lives up to his monicker does't he? LOL

jhow66:He surely does!... (Below threshold)

jhow66:He surely does!

"IS THAT BDS or more of ... (Below threshold)

"IS THAT BDS or more of liberal leaning realilty?"

In Your case it's BDS (BRAIN DEAD SYNDROME) and Lee dont start shittin your drawers cause Rove @ Cheney are watching for insurgents like you to D.O.R. thats ( Diebold's Optional Riggers) in laymens terms..

Better not cheat!

Someone struck a nerve, eh?... (Below threshold)

Someone struck a nerve, eh?


"Is that BDS? Or just more ... (Below threshold)

"Is that BDS? Or just more of that liberal-leaning realilty?"

It's juvenile projection. The Democrats have been stealing elections for so long, they think the only way Republicans can win is doing the same.






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