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"If, unlike me, you feel no pride at all, then go ahead and take me off your wall."

Check out this video of Australian singer Beccy Cole. She has been criticized by some of her fans who don't like the fact that she supports the Aussie soldiers, called diggers, serving in Afghanistan. She responds to their criticism with this song.

Good for her.

Hat tip: Blackfive.


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Comments (25)

Excellent song!! This lady... (Below threshold)

Excellent song!! This lady ROCKS!!

That's AWESOME!... (Below threshold)


Im in love... (Below threshold)

Im in love

Beautiful song. Hope to fi... (Below threshold)

Beautiful song. Hope to find it on Amazon soon.

Okay, I must be a softy. I... (Below threshold)
Mike Boelter:

Okay, I must be a softy. I cried and showed it to my wife and she cried.

She is not at the i-Tunes store yet, but have put in my request for her there.

She is absolutely awesome, this video rocks!

Dammit!!! We could use a fe... (Below threshold)
Don Wagner:

Dammit!!! We could use a few more like her.

I do not know how radio pro... (Below threshold)
Lori from Texas:

I do not know how radio programming works, but I sent a link to a couple of country music stations in my area requesting that they play it in support of all of the troops.

OUTSTANDING!!!I'm ... (Below threshold)


I'm off to go look for a CD of hers.

Nice to see an entertainer ... (Below threshold)

Nice to see an entertainer who understands what is going on. Most of them are too busy trying to relive their '60s fantasies.

You go, girl!

At Beccy Cole's <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

At Beccy Cole's web-site you can download the song and directs you to where you can buy her cd's. She's apparantly a big name in the Australian music scene.

Touching song the girl migh... (Below threshold)

Touching song the girl might be on the Wrong side of the world but she is on the right side of the fight.

Thanks for the info seawitc... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the info seawitch. I'll be buying this CD.

Yep...we are passing it aro... (Below threshold)

Yep...we are passing it around the office and to friends.
Maj. Ben Bauman (U.S.A., Ret.)
Muscat, Oman

Wow. What a gal! Made me ... (Below threshold)

Wow. What a gal! Made me cry too.

Holy carp! America needs m... (Below threshold)

Holy carp! America needs more artists like her...

Since we're on the other si... (Below threshold)

Since we're on the other side of the Equator just like the Somewhereistans, I think she's going to be a poster girl here too.

Someone should send this to... (Below threshold)

Someone should send this to the Dixie Chicks.

At first it seems hypocriti... (Below threshold)

At first it seems hypocritical to praise her for this lovely and touching song, when we lampoon plenty artists for delving into politics when they are purely entertainers.

I realized that this artist IS singing, her song is entertainment that provokes thought. If she had, in the middle of a concert, got up and starting on a huge rant against hippies and how rag-heads needed to all die, and then you all praised her for it, then I would call it hypocritical.

Audio Artists who feel they need to have their voices heard already have the medium with which to do it, their singing voices. to quote Laura Ingram's book "Shut up and Sing".

Apparently this lady did just that.

funny i dont lee lee and hi... (Below threshold)

funny i dont lee lee and his bunch saying anything about this... must have made them cry too

Have never posted before he... (Below threshold)

Have never posted before here, but had to after watching the video. What an awesome response. Rather than spitting out bitter words about how she shouldn't be criticized for her political beliefs (like that band of chicks -- can't bring myself to call them Dixie), she tells her fans that are complaining that if they don't like it, don't listen to her. She has the courage of her convictions and is willing to pay a price to stick to them rather than cry about how unfair it is to critize her. That's what free speech is all about! She gets it. So many others don't!

Damn. I'd say 'let's impor... (Below threshold)

Damn. I'd say 'let's import her' but I don't think the Aussie's let her go. I hope they don't.

Cecil, my thoughts exactly.... (Below threshold)

Cecil, my thoughts exactly. The DC's are cowards (and just stupid that they don't know there fan base). This lady has the courage of her convictions.

The song is currently #1 in Australia. Someone should get this to Hannity and maybe he can get her on his show.

I am a bit confused though. I thought we were in Iraq all by our lonesome. I didn't realize that we had other countries helping us. At least that's what I've heard the last 3 years.

Henry, I agree, if the Chic... (Below threshold)

Henry, I agree, if the Chicks had written a decent anti-war anthem, I would hope that we would let it be. The fact is they weren't creative enough to do that. Beccy rocks because she gave her thoughts via her medium.

My sick bard was inspired l... (Below threshold)

My sick bard was inspired late tonight
After a day and a night of long fight
Natalie to Becca
Sure make a heckuva
Foil: Kvetch to a Star who is Right.

WoW!!!!... (Below threshold)







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