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Halloween HamNation

You've got to see it.

Note: As of 1:00am ET YouTube is down for maintenance. Once they're up again the video will return.

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If I weren't very happily m... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

If I weren't very happily married, I think I'd be in love.

With the lovely Miss Ham, t... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

With the lovely Miss Ham, that is.

See a tongue-in-cheek visua... (Below threshold)

See a tongue-in-cheek visual that gives Mr. Mehlman a dose of his own "Innuendo" medicine...here:


GOP pulled "controversal" F... (Below threshold)

GOP pulled "controversal" Ford ad replaces with new one. Channel 5 in Nashville will not run until it is FACT CHECKED. Channel 2 is running the ad. Cannot find out if channel 4 is or not. According to News 2 Channel 5 has now decided not to run the new ad.

Speaker Pelosi and Chairmen... (Below threshold)

Speaker Pelosi and Chairmen John Conyers Jr. at Judiciary, the convicted-of-bribery-and-perjury-and-impeached-as-a-judge Alcee Hastings at Intelligence, Charlie Rangel at Ways and Means, Henry Waxman at Government Reform, Frank at Financial Services...

DING! - Which Democrats mak... (Below threshold)

DING! - Which Democrats make Mitchell wet his bed at night!?!?

I'll take "Things that make Scrappy crap his pants" for $200, Alex.

Lee is so excited at the pr... (Below threshold)

Lee is so excited at the prospect of being in control and able to cut and run quickly that he cast away his Viagra.

Sell Pfizer short?

MKH has that certain knack of drawing out the looneys . . . those who howl wildly at the moon . . .

MK is a North Carolina girl... (Below threshold)

MK is a North Carolina girl. It's God's country down here. Very few Lee's here.

Excellent! Love that Ham!</... (Below threshold)

Excellent! Love that Ham!






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