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John Hawkins' Top Ten Republican Ads

John Hawkins of Right Wing News posted his ten favorite Republican online political advertisements. His number one pick is Vernon Robinson's Twilight Zone.

Check out the rest of John's picks.


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Comments (6)

Ouch, this is gonna leave a... (Below threshold)
Charlie Butters:

Ouch, this is gonna leave a mark!

Republican alledges that Charlie Crist, FL GOP gov candidate is a closeted homosexual.


The funniest ad I've seen y... (Below threshold)

The funniest ad I've seen yet.... AND the most truthful.

Ouch, this is gonna leav... (Below threshold)

Ouch, this is gonna leave a mark!

Um, only if you
A) believe random rumors
B) are a bigot

Both assumptions aren't good ones. Both are the kind Democratic operatives make about the general public, despite past evidence that they're not true.

Charlie,Your post ... (Below threshold)


Your post is completely off topic, buddy.

Where can I vote for Vernon... (Below threshold)

Where can I vote for Vernon Robinson?

Those are some GOOD ads.....

Be of good courage all! Th... (Below threshold)

Be of good courage all! These are good ads (my daughter is working as a volunteer for Vernon Robinson), and we will hold the House this Fall.

I won't talk about the Senate, since it was in danger like health food is in danger around Michael Moore.






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