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President Bush to Hold News Conference

The news conference scheduled for 10:30 ET will be about Iraq.

Update: The White House has posted the transcript. Michelle Malkin live blogged the news conference and has commentary including what she thinks are the president's best answers. Allahpundit has the video.


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Comments (12)

Yawn!If the Bush w... (Below threshold)


If the Bush won't provide any new information, why does he bother to hold these press conferences? What a waste of time!

And if Bush didn't keep the... (Below threshold)

And if Bush didn't keep the country informed, people would be whining about that, too, Barney.

Yawn!Why does Barn... (Below threshold)


Why does Barney continue to post here? What a waste of time!

As I recall, libs used to c... (Below threshold)

As I recall, libs used to criticize Bush for not holding ENOUGH press conferences.

Besides, I'd think that you'd be happy to have Bush stand up in front of a bunch of reporters willing to speak "truth to power".

Is he going to be for stayi... (Below threshold)

Is he going to be for staying the course after he was against staying the course, or against staying the course before he was for staying the course? Or is he going to be for some reporter's suit before he is against some reporter's suit? Or is he going to be for the war or not for the war? Or is he going to sneer before he sneers or after he sneers. Does he like Barney or does Barney like him?

"Heh heh heh"

AhahahahahahaGood ... (Below threshold)


Good one Hugh

Hugh you just screwed up. B... (Below threshold)

Hugh you just screwed up. Barney probably understood your comment, Now he'll be your best buddy.

It looks like Maliki has <b... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

It looks like Maliki has summarily rejected Bush's new plan:

"I affirm that this government represents the will of the people and no one has the right to impose a timetable on it,"

And he also ripped the US military for the recent raid into Sadr City.

Time for a military coup right about now wouldn't you all say?

"Time for a military coup r... (Below threshold)

"Time for a military coup right about now wouldn't you all say?" TDL

But that wouldn't be "stay the course".

P.S. NRO is predicting a 25 seat gain for the Dems!

Bush's mission as he anno... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Bush's mission as he announced today I want to remind you, victory is a government that can sustain itself, govern itself -- a country that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself, and serves as an ally in the war on terror --Now Bush gives a weak government whose politicians have been tainted and deligitimised by owing their allegiance and existence to the US, 12 to 18 months to do what it couldn't do in 3 years. The Iraqis themselves in areas outside the Green Zone, where the civil war is already raging, look to the militias: the Kurds/ to the Peshmerga, the Shia the Medhi Army and the Badr Organisation and the Sunni/ to the insurgents to defend themselves..It will take a bloody miracle to pull it off, considering the poor Iraq police forces and army don't seem to take their command from anyone, but communal leaders, who are more interested in their own special interests.

President Bush did answer t... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

President Bush did answer the questions from the MSM..however..these are serious issues..I am so tired of his joking..smiling..manner on these important issues...When our Generals publicly address us they are dead serious. Bush keeps reminding us he is the Commander-in-Chief..yet he comes across in a non-serious manner...

Until our President maintains his positions in a serious manner...our nation cannot take him seriously..

The Maliki government doesn... (Below threshold)
TD Larkin:

The Maliki government doesn't control anything outside of the Green Zone over which they only share sovereignty with us. The idea that they can accomplish any of the goals Bush has been talking about is completely laughable.

The Iraqi police is wholly dysfunctional. They've been taken over by extremists, militia elements and common criminals. The Iraqi military is sharply divided along sectarian lines for the most part. If the civil war really heats up you can be sure they will take the side of their group. That's why we haven't provided them with tanks, helicopters, and heavy weapons. They simply can't be trusted.

We need some really serious outside-the-box thinking to get out of this mess. We aren't seeing that (yet) from this administration.






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