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Staffer Who Orchestrated Foley Scandal Is Fired

Bruce at Gay Patriot has a post titled "HRC Fires Staffer Who Orchestrated Foley Scandal -- Statement Raises More Questions About HRC's Involvement." Well Lorie (speaking of myself in the Bob Dole tense) didn't know that HRC was Human Rights Campaign. My first thought was that HRC was Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Don't get me excited like that, Bruce.) Read all about it at Gay Patriot.

Update: Newsbusters notes that in the NY Times piece breaking this story they could not bring themselves to identify HRC as a liberal group.


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Comments (13)

Typical fascist Democrat li... (Below threshold)

Typical fascist Democrat liberals. And on company time, too. Typical--

Speaker Pelosi and Chairmen John Conyers Jr. at Judiciary, the convicted-of-bribery-and-perjury-and-impeached-as-a-judge Alcee Hastings at Intelligence, Charlie Rangel at Ways and Means, Henry Waxman at Government Reform, Frank at Financial Services...

Quite and interesting indiv... (Below threshold)

Quite and interesting individual (besides the unnamed slime ball) over at the Soros (democrat) funded Human Rights Campaign.

(From the gay patroit blog): "Finally, it is worth noting that one of the central figures in the Foley affair is also a Board of Directors member of the Human Rights Campaign -- Jeff Trandahl, the former Clerk of the House".

The house of cards is falling on the democrats, just hope it falls by monday Nov 6th. Man the FBI must be having a field day. Couple this with the arrest of Cold Cash Jefferson next week and the fur will fly.

It sounds like the gay patroits are quite 'put out' by the outing of their friends that are not child molestor's or the lumping of all gays in the child molestor crowd by the democrats.

Now where are the trolls that wanted the connection to the democrats. There are two above, still need the identy of the 'fired' worker for a third which will lead to a fourth and on and on.

Scrapy, I think I hear a fe... (Below threshold)

Scrapy, I think I hear a few pinheads dropping...

What a bunch of John Fra... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

What a bunch of John Fraud Kerry Pinko Pu$$ies. The Media should be finned and prosecuted for criminal fraud. That ugly spittle face Matthews should be throw in the hole and left to rot.

I'm sure that staffer alrea... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that staffer already has a job with one of Soro's other outfits.

Or perhaps Nancy Pelosi has him now on the House payroll.

I think the guy that outed ... (Below threshold)

I think the guy that outed Mark Foley should be given a reward.

You guys don't? I wonder why...

#2 Idiot on this Blog, Lee,... (Below threshold)

#2 Idiot on this Blog, Lee, see my post on today's thread. You're a simple-minded stooge.

Frankly, as a "right-winger... (Below threshold)

Frankly, as a "right-winger" myself, what Foley did was wrong. His intense interest in young pages was sleazy. Whether he was revealed a month ago or a year ago doesn't matter to me. Whether he was revealed by his wife, a political hack or George Soros himself - I couldn't care less. If the Dems use it for their political benefit, big deal. If the poliicans on both sides of te aisle in DC don't know by now that this is the way things are done there, they're just plain idiots. The Republicans MUST understand that if they paint themselves as the party of conservative morality they are going to be held to a different standard than the Dems. If the Republicans WANT to be an alternative to the Dems in these types of issues then they have to demonstrate that. The first rule ANYONE should learn in politics is that you CANNOT embarrass a Democrat. Loook at Studds and McGreevey. I take heart in that at least you can still embarrass a Republican. Leave the messenger alone.

So much for Hastert coverin... (Below threshold)

So much for Hastert covering it up! Man I wonder if Armpitage had anything to do with this>?

Newsbusters notes that i... (Below threshold)

Newsbusters notes that in the NY Times piece breaking this story they could not bring themselves to identify HRC as a liberal group.

Oh? The first six words of the article are:

A liberal gay rights group said...
Hey Lorie-a small correctio... (Below threshold)

Hey Lorie-a small correction.The original Newsbusters piece said the NYT headline writers couldn't bring themselves to admit the HRC was a liberal group,not the writer of the article itself.

Lee sure is odd the HRC doe... (Below threshold)

Lee sure is odd the HRC doesn't share your viewpoint isn't it? Looks to me like pre-emptive damage control.They hope by firing this guy they won't have to answer any questions about their involvement.

Wow. Just when I think you... (Below threshold)

Wow. Just when I think you dirtbag republicans can't sink any lower into your moral depravity, Lorie comes along with yet another idiotic post. Thank you for restoring my faith!!!!






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