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Conference Call with Mark Steyn


In his new book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, Mark Steyn writes the truth about 9/11 in one simple sentence:

September 11, 2001, was not "the day that everything changed," but it was the day that revealed how much had already changed.

And this one sentence also sets up the premise to his book, in which he discusses what has changed and where the world is heading.

Today, I was thrilled to participate in a One Jerusalem sponsored conference call with Mark. Many bloggers participated, which you can imagine. Who would pass up an opportunity to talk with Mark Steyn? Not these bloggers:

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, Avi Green at Tel-Chai Nation, Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Jerry Gordon of Israpundit, Omri of Mere Rhetoric, Chad of GDLL, Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk, John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Judith , Anne Lieberman of Boker Tov Boulder, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues, Banagor of Broadsword, Tigerhawk, Barak Moore of IRIS blog, Thomas Lifson of American Thinker.

The world had already started changing before 9/11 because of the virtual Islamification of Europe. During the call, Mark said Europe's succumbing to Islamification is due to a triad of reasons: 1) The welfare state has killed the European's sense of ambition to succeed, 2) the European childlessness has led to an elderly population with too few people to support it, and 3) multiculturalism has undermined European culture as it appeased radical Islam.

Mark began the conference call with several comments, which I summarized here. I sprinkled in some of my own reactions periodically, so keep in mind that it's kind of a loose summary:

Mark went to Europe to have a good to have a good time before going to have a bad time in the Middle East. While he was in Europe he discovered something that startled him. Islam exploding in Europe and has virtually taken over. He found that Muslims in Paris were far more hostile and alienated than those Muslims living in Arab countries.

According to Steyn, it is the intersection of the east and west that was at issue. It was a Hamburg cell that organized 9/11. Daniel Pearl beheaded by a European Muslim. Zacarias Moussaoui raised by European welfare system.

The Democrats argue that Bush squandered the true will of our friends France. But the reality is that Jacques Chirac can't send troops into Iraq because so many Muslims living in France it as a civil war. It's something that's happening to them personally.

Because of Europe's aging population and its declining birthrates, Europe is dependent on immigration to keep its governments afloat.

Europe's welfare state has given rise to its own demise. Yet, in the US, almost everyone in Democratic party and some in the Republican party think socialized medicine / welfare state is good. What they fail to see is that big government is a huge national security risk for the US.

The world is moving fast, and it could face a very dangerous and scary future in a short period of time.

Friends and allies of America think we can't hack it. They think we don't have what it takes to face and defeat Islamification. Right now, America is alone in its fight to defeat Islamification.

Do any Western leaders really understand what the challenge really is? Does any Western leader really get it? The Australian cabinet, PM, and the parliamentary secretary get it. They get the demographics as they are. The Australians have given it a lot of thought. They don't want to be an elderly society that is dependent on immigration for survival.

President Bush, to a degree, gets the demographics. Mark saw Bush when he said that, if in 2015-2020, there are Islamic jihadis everywhere and many whacked out, rogue leaders with nukes, our kids are going to look at us and say, "What did you do? This happened on your watch. Why didn't you stop this?"

There so many interesting questions that I became engrossed and I forgot to take notes. However, One Jerusalem recorded the entire thing, so please click on over to listen.

Update: TigerHawk's review of America Alone is a must-read. Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

Mark Steyn's new book, America Alone, is not surprisingly the American answer (though Steyn is originally Canadian) to British journalist Melanie Phillips' Londonistan. Phillips warned Americans in particular that Great Britain's status as the beacon of the West was being subverted by creeping Islamization, and that soon she would no longer be a reliable ally.
The effect on America if its principal ally continues down this perilous road will be profound. The consequences for the West, for which Britain remains a cultural beacon, would be incalculable. That is why this book is a warning -- to America, to Britain and to all who care for freedom.

Mark Steyn acknowledges the warning from the western shore of the Atlantic, and extends the analysis to the former great powers of continental Europe. Both authors discuss culture, demographics, politics -- particularly of the left -- and geopolitics. Phillips relentlessly sounds the alarm against the collapse of British cultural confidence and resurgent "multiculti leftism," which she believes has destroyed the will of the British to stand up for their own future. While Steyn also discusses cultural confidence (see this post from yesterday), he focuses on the interplay between the social democratic welfare state, the collapsing fertility of the leading modernized countries, and "civilizational exhaustion." Each of these feeds the other, according to Steyn, and the result is that rich countries of Western Europe, plus Japan, will soon be unable to defend themselves no matter how much they might wish to do it.

Read the rest of TigerHawk's review and then go buy Mark's book.


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Comments (11)

"Mark Steyn writes the t... (Below threshold)

"Mark Steyn writes the truth about 9/11 in one simple sentence:"

"September 11, 2001, was not "the day that everything changed," but it was the day that revealed how much had already changed."

What changed was Mark's state of mind. He became, in a word...


We've allowed the terrorized to fight the war on terror for far too long now.

It's time for a change. Vote Democratic.

Don't worry Lee-on 9/11 not... (Below threshold)

Don't worry Lee-on 9/11 nothing changed for you.You're still oblivious.And Democrats still don't know what to do about the problems Mark Steyn was talking about-and neither do you.

O'er time we've tried adver... (Below threshold)

O'er time we've tried adverbs and Blood
and argued amidst the flung mud
Still we see Wee Lee's Pee
On our Walls he leaves Screed
Most vacuous and illogical Crud.

"What changed was Mark's st... (Below threshold)

"What changed was Mark's state of mind. He became, in a word...


Do words have meanings or are they collections of letters as segways into Democratic talking points?

If recognizing the threat of x makes one "terrorized", then the validity of being in such a state would depend on whether the threat is real and credible, no, Lee? Certainly Mark Steyn isn't "terrorized" in the sense of being silenced or intimidated into compliance?

"We've allowed the terrorized to fight the war on terror for far too long now."

In other words, only those who don't believe Islamism is a threat should...fight the war on terror!

"It's time for a change. Vote Democratic."

Brilliant demonstration of the liberal head-up-your-ass, psychobabbling catechism.

Lee, we're cleaning up your... (Below threshold)

Lee, we're cleaning up your mess going all the way back to Jimmy Carter. No thanks. You libtards don't deserve the keys for awhile. You've mucked things up too much.

"what changed was Mark's... (Below threshold)

"what changed was Mark's state of mind. He became, in a word. . .terrorized."

I know we use you as a punching bag, Lee, and frankly, you bring it on yourself. If you're not a clueless leftie, you do an imitation that would make Frank Gorshin proud.

But - wow. Just. Wow.

Not a word about the people behind 9/11? Not a word about radical Islamist teachings? Not a substantive retort to Steyn's predictions?

No. Just a glib retort that he - and all of us who support his view - have been "terrorized." No acknowledgement of what happened that day, just a sneer that we the sheeple have been turned into pants-pissing, shaking in our boots, quivering lumps of fear by BushCo.

You know, Lee, I hope you clowns do win. I want you to live in a world where you see no terrorists, just cuddly Muslims who you haven't called "friend" yet. I want you to live in a world where American freedom of action is tied to the whims of an increasingly Islamist Europe. I want you to live in a world where our military is disillusioned, defeated and disarmed. I want you to sit at the grownups' table for once, and have to make the hard choices.

Not that it will change you. No matter what happens, you'll always have the Kos Kiddiez, MoveOn and the TSM to chant your all-purpose mantra: It's all that goddamn Bush's fault!

I won't say all that I know... (Below threshold)

I won't say all that I know until after Nov. 7th. But what I will say is that things are actually worse than Mark Steyn has written especially with regard to the U.S.. Additionally, President Bush most certainly does not get it. He is way too close to the Left.

I'm not as optimistic as Steyn is. The demographics for the Euro-Americans is only 1.8 and not 2.1. Apparently Steyn has counted Mexican immigrants as Euro-Americans and included their birth-rates as part of his calculation.

See here: http://www.vdare.com/rubenstein/060829_nd.htm

If you think this will not have profound implications for America, then I leave you with an assignment. Study this carefully...

On behalf of Steynheads eve... (Below threshold)

On behalf of Steynheads everywhere, thanks!

I read Mark Steyn's stuff a... (Below threshold)

I read Mark Steyn's stuff about Iraq and the aftermath.
Could he have been more wrong?

Why anyone would still listen to this guy is beyond me.

I just actually finished St... (Below threshold)

I just actually finished Steyn's book and I will say that I absolutely----

loved it, loved it, loved it. It is clear-eyed "realism" that we don't hear these days, by a foreigner who actually "gets it" about America and her legacy.

His concern is that we may be short-changing that legacy with the self-doubt, PC-laden fear of appearing too much like a proselytizing "superior" country.

Well God Dammit, we are a superior country, and if we, for our advancement of democracy and economic freedom, do not leave this problem better than we found it, we will have failed the world.

I believe he is absolutely correct. It makes me even more livid about those among us who deny the essential goodness of the American "experiment" that so few countries have had the wisdom to follow.

I'm not worried about Latin... (Below threshold)

I'm not worried about Latin culture. They're mostly devout Catholics--who are humble Christians, mostly.

I live with one, and she has not once tried to chop my head off, or that of my family and neighbors. Nor has she tried to blow up any planes, cars, buses, or mini-vans carrying kids to soccer practice, etc. It's not the Latino's blowing shit up, if you noticed. Or, waging holy war--unless you want to call elbowing in for some thankless job a jihad of sorts.

I would spend much more of my time worrying about the Islamic virus spreading under the Wahabbi tradition, financed with Iranian and Saudi petro-dollars.






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