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10 Candidates, 10 Days

Robert Bluey came up with a great idea to help conservative candidates in tight races in these last days leading up to the election. I am posting it here in its entirety:

Having read the latest edition of the Evans-Novak Political Report, I decided to compare it to our list of Rightroots candidates to see everyone's chances less than two weeks to Election Day.

It turns out that nine candidates are in toss-up races. Another (Mike Bouchard) is surging in the polls and in fundraising. So what exactly should we do about it? With Saturday marking 10 days until Election Day, I had an idea.

How about a new Rightroots pitch: 10 Candidates, 10 Days. Click on the links for the following Rightroots-endorsed candidates to contribute to their campaigns. Your efforts will go a long way in these critical days leading up to November 7.

Michele Bachmann (MN-06)
Mike Bouchard (MI-Sen)
Max Burns (GA-12)
Tom Gard (WI-08)
Thomas Kean (NJ-Sen)
Mike McGavick (WA-Sen)
David McSweeney (IL-08)
Ray Meier (NY-24)
Peter Roskam (IL-06)
Michael Steele (MD-Sen)

What about the other 11 candidates on the Rightroots list? You're welcome to contribute to their campaigns as well, but I'm simply taking Novak's projections and translating them into the races where Rightroots candidates have the best shot of winning.

Please do your part to help! These last days are the most important.

For some reason I am not able to link directly to the secure donation sites for the candidates listed above, so please click over to Robert's post at Human Events to link to the various candidates' contribution pages.


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Comments (12)

i believe it's john gard fr... (Below threshold)

i believe it's john gard from WI.

It's going to be interestin... (Below threshold)

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to Mike McGavick in Washington.

He got 17 grand from Safeco for 2 months work. Nice deal for 40 days of work. You guys get that deal from your employers?

On top of that, he got 2.3 million dollars in bonus for last year. You guys getting that same deal from your bosses?

Finaly, He will get about another 25 million in bonuses for leaving the company. I guess, if you're in his league, you're pretty happy too.

If you didn't get a few million this year, you're really not on the popular kids list. Keep voting, and perhaps you'll get to lap up the scraps from the table.


What's the matter, John? Je... (Below threshold)

What's the matter, John? Jealous because nobody thinks you're worth that kind of money?

Devos may win but Bouchard ... (Below threshold)
Also how is Bouchard surgin... (Below threshold)

Also how is Bouchard surging in the polls when the last SV poll taken a month ago had him down 7 and this poll has him down 6. Gaining 1 point in a month is not surging.

He got 17 grand from Saf... (Below threshold)

He got 17 grand from Safeco for 2 months work. Nice deal for 40 days of work. You guys get that deal from your employers?

On top of that, he got 2.3 million dollars in bonus for last year. You guys getting that same deal from your bosses?

Tiger Woods gets 80-plus million a year for endorsing products/commercials---do you get that from any company? Nancy Pelosi is the richest person in Congress...can she REALLY represent THE PEOPLE...not according to what Democrats say. Yet, she is reelected & may be the chosen Speaker of the House. Go figure.

Why do you care what other people make that don't work where you work, etc. etc., and probably have a specific talent or education that put them in that position. If you want to earn more money, use your brain & think up some new idea; go back to school; take a chance; or at least get a 2nd job. Quit whining about what others make---and no, I am not rich. Sorry to get on a soapbox, I'm just tired of people always wanting what someone else has, instead of doing something for themselves.

Diane:AAAAAAAAAAAA... (Below threshold)


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-MEEEEENNN, Sister! Stay on that soapbox, you do it very, very well.

Diane,I don't know... (Below threshold)


I don't know where you folks get your information, but I think bad information leads to bad decision making.

Nancy Pelosi is NOT the richest person in Congress. Nope, not by a long shot...

The richest person in congress has about fifty (50) times more money that Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi's net worth is a paltry 15 million dollars, or just over half of the money that McGavick received from Safeco for a few years work. Recall that McGavick is the person that said when he left he'd only be taking his last paycheck.... Well, yeah and I guess as much spare change as you can carry...

Safeco restructuring under McGavick was painful for it's pay cuts and layoffs.

I think it's odd that somebody can come in, slash saleries, post layoffs, and get a big sack of money. Anybody reading this blog is smart enough to walk in to any company, slash saleries and post layoffs. Is that a skill that warrents getting large sacks of money? We'll I'd think not...

Most of you guys are pretty smart fellows, or ladies. Somebody like McGavick is pulling down about 100 dollars for every dollar you make.

Is this important?

Well, yes. If you own stock in Safeco, as a share holder you might want to know how your money is being spent. If you are a customer of Safeco, you might want to know why your rates are set the way they are. We assume that as shareholders, our investment is being managed well, and as customers that the premiums we pay are going to insure us in a cost effective manner.

So, to respond to Fatman, am I "jealous" that nobody thinks that I'm worth that kind of money. Well, more or less. Every person on this thread would love to knock down 5 or 6 million dollars a year. I think we should be honest with ourselves.

Finaly, to finish responding to Diane, yes... People should better themselves. Get an education. Get a second job. Don't settle.

I'm 46 years old. I've had the second jobs. I've had the late shifts, night school, hit the books, worked my way up. I had a twenty year career in high tech made possible by my ability to improve myself. I retired over a year ago at age 45.

In my spare time, I get to trade ideas here, but I'm all about improving one's self.

So, improve yourself. Figure out where you got that bad Pelosi data, and mark that down as a news source you want to avoid. Find something better. Don't be a tool.

Diane's number math may hav... (Below threshold)

Diane's number math may have been off, but she's still right. According to dem talking points, how can someone that rich be for the people. I am also curious, since she got that big tax cut for the rich, did she put the money into anything that would help the poor, sick or disenfranchised?

John, well done--seriously.... (Below threshold)

John, well done--seriously. Your response to me was written beautifully, and thus you very much sounded like an intelligent man of 46, and probably someone I would well respect.

Your previous short post, however, came across as one complaining about people who have more money than the "average Joe"--whiney and political, like many of the well... I might as well say it, the union employees I am friends with, who want to earn as much as the president of the company, when the hourly employee only pushes a broom, etc.

Thank you for your later details--you sound like you may have some valid points. I am not familiar with Safeco's statistics, nor that familiar with McGavick. I apologize if I have Nancy's numbers wrong (I'll check the source). Regardless, she is quite well off compared to most of our standards, and certainly did not come from a poor background, which the Democrat Party wants as a job description...when a Republican is an elected official.

I will say, though John, I am 49, fairly content, and I really don't need to knock down 5 or 6 million to be happy. If you want to earn more, that's fine...but I'm truly content--we live in a beautiful home on 5 acres about 20 miles outside of Indy...have new vehicles, my son goes to a private school, and we can afford his next 4 years of college--all on a total $75,000 per year. We saved, we invested, and most of all lived within our means...oh yeah, we also shop at Wal-mart!

Income Source Stats on N... (Below threshold)

Income Source Stats on Nancy Pelosi(& others), for what it worth:

Center for Responsive Politics---www.opensecrets.org

The liberal Center for Responsive Politics pegs Pelosi's net worth as being somewhere between $14,746,108 and $55,085,000, which would make her the richest Speaker of the House, currently the 9th richest member of the House.

Thank you, Diane.I... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Diane.

I don't know if you are still tracking this thread, but if so, I would like to thank you.

It has been an honor to exchange ideas with you. You are kind and gracious.







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