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A little political speculation

Recently, I heard some more people talking about how we ought to have open relations and dialogue with Hamas, the terrorist group that is currently running the Palestinian Authority. They say that they are the legitimately-elected government of the Palestinian people, and we should recognize that and deal with them as we would any other government.

Now, that's a straw-man argument. The United States has never called the Hamas-led PA "illegitimate," to the best of my knowledge. They just refuse to have any direct dealings with them -- and rightly so.

But back to my point. I'd love to try a little experiment.

I'd like to get all the Americans who argue that we should have dealings with Hamas together and put them in one set.

And then I'd like to get all the Americans who say things like "George W. Bush is not my president" and question the legitimacy of his office and still have "Let's Not Elect Him In 2004 Either" stickers on their car and the like, and put them all together in a second set.

How much overlap would there between the two groups?

(Paul-bait)I bet that would make a truly wonderful Venn diagram...(/Paul-bait)

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No, Jay, it would likely ma... (Below threshold)

No, Jay, it would likely make concentric circles. It would kinda look like a target, now that I think of it.

I'd link you as promised bu... (Below threshold)

I'd link you as promised but that would be silly from here. ;-)

How much overlap w... (Below threshold)
How much overlap would there between the two groups?

Would the word "Cloned" work?

I like bobdog's answer. T... (Below threshold)

I like bobdog's answer. That being said, could someone please hand me an AK47....?

It would look like concentr... (Below threshold)

It would look like concentric circles. Especially if you threw in a few other groups:

- Those who blame America for all the world's ills
- Those who believe asking a potential voter to (gasp!) IDENTIFY themself is a FASCIST tactic to suppress the vote!
- Those who want the government to guarantee them an equal RESULT in life...at the obvious expense of eliminating the opportunity for anyone to SUCCEED (and thus by their success differentiate themself!)


So what? What exactly would... (Below threshold)

So what? What exactly would it prove?

Sure, Hamas was democratically elected in a straight up electoral process and George Bush was not elected (2000) but appointed by the judiciary in the land that thinks itself the model of democracy.

What would it show that people who can identify an honest electoral process can also identify a corrupted electoral (more political) process? Or that those who accept that intractable problems require doing courageous things (like talking with Hamas) might also accept that a President's legitimacy comes from honouring rather than subverting the rule of law?

Just a little speculation of my own.

Brad, Gore tried to subvert... (Below threshold)

Brad, Gore tried to subvert the law by recounting votes in ONLY 3 counties in Florida. The issue the judiciary ruled on was if you're going to recount, do a full recount. Partial recounts are unconstitutional. Don't forget partisan pollworkers disallowing military ballots because FPO and APO ballots don't have postage stamps with dates (maybe the military mail offices have changed this, I don't know, I should though, I'll be voting absentee while I'm working on board the USNS Saturn).

Bush WAS elected by the Electoral process, and Al Gore tried to subvert the law to put himself in office. To say otherwise is to misunderstand what really went on.

What the bloody hell is thi... (Below threshold)

What the bloody hell is this with all the comparisons and fulminating about Bush vs. Hamas vs. Palestine vs. courts vs. democracy?

Talking to Hamas comes down to one thing for me. If talking to Hamas is in the US interest, then the US should do so. If not, then the US should not do so. End of story.







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