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Not So Fast With Those Fabric Swatches, Nancy

I am not convinced the Democrat's predicted blue tsunami will be sweeping through on November 7, and when Democrats fail to win the House and Senate, just exactly how are they gonna spin that? That is the topic of my Townhall column this week.

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The answer is so simple tha... (Below threshold)

The answer is so simple that I am surprised noone has mentioned it yet.

If the Dems fail to take the House it will, of course, be because of...voter fraud. The NYT has already set the stage for this claim by declaring that election day will be "full of turmoil and confusion".

". . .just exactly how a... (Below threshold)

". . .just exactly how are they gonna spin that?"

Simple -

1. voter fraud.
2. corporate media lies.
3. terrorized sheeple in thrall to BusHitler.
4. the politics of fear and smear.
7. we didn't get our message out!
8. the Rethuglikkkans lied about our message!
10. stifling of dissent.
11. disenfranchisement of minority voters.
13. theocrats.
14. homophobes.

I encourage all of Wizbang's resident loons (Lee, muriego, nogo, jp2, etc.) to use this list on November 8 if the Dems lose. Instead of wasting bandwith on a screed whining "what's wrong with you dumbfuck redstate Christianists?", you can just go:

14! 10! 1! 1! 1! 6!

- and we'll all know what you mean without wading through paragraphs about how much you hate the GOP and wish Republicans would all die and how you're ready to buy a plane ticket to Canada.

Nancy Pelosi as SPEAKER????... (Below threshold)


Why not Bart Simpson??? And while we're at it, Beavis and Butthead for President and VP....

The liberals CONTINUE to amaze me with their unvarnished character....

Who is predicting this tsun... (Below threshold)

Who is predicting this tsunami Lorie?

Don't forget blaming the st... (Below threshold)

Don't forget blaming the stupid American "sheeple" for refusing to be led by their betters.

To the idiot Brian. Who do... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

To the idiot Brian. Who do you suggest are our betters? The murderous Ted Kennedy? How about the forgetful Harry Reid? Or is Nancy Pelosi, who supports NAMBLA's idea of protecting children, by her presense at gay parades next to NAMBLA's president. How about that war hero, Kerry. Is he better, the gigalo. You Brian are no better than dog shit. It could not be you.

Zelsdorf - Whoa, the... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf -
Whoa, there, hoss. I think Bryan was being sarcastic. He's one of the good guys.

There's "bryan" and there's... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

There's "bryan" and there's "Brian."

Hee-hee! Nothing better th... (Below threshold)

Hee-hee! Nothing better than watching you mororns turning on each other! It's a beuatiful thing.

semua ~ I am embarrassed fo... (Below threshold)

semua ~ I am embarrassed for your mother, if any.






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