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The Season of Racism

Mary Katharine Ham is tired of all the charges of racism in this year's campaigns and wonders why those on the right get all the scrutiny while those on the left making racist comments get a pass. Being from NC, she recognizes that the reality of the South is much different than the South those on the left seem to think still exists. I am betting the voters in the states so many of these charges have been leveled, Tennessee and Virginia, see the same South that Mary Katharine sees.

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Yep, the lefties haven't fi... (Below threshold)

Yep, the lefties haven't figured out us people from the South done went and traveled the world, and some even completed high school and tried the community college system.

This proves how arrogant and ignorant they really are. I'll take the laid back Southern life style any time. Evidently judging by the influx of yankee's in the south, they desire the laid back life style also. They aren't moving to change us, although they have a habit of bringing their liberal idea's that destroyed their home states along with them. If you move to get away from a pack of pit bulls, don't bring pit bull puppies with you. It just don't make no sense.

Scrapiron says: "Yep, th... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron says: "Yep, the lefties haven't figured out us people from the South done went and traveled the world, and some even completed high school and tried the community college system."

"This proves how arrogant and ignorant they really are."

Here's Scrappy telling us that stereotypes and biased, broad generalizations just don't exist on the right - as he stereotypes and generalizes about the "arrogant and ignorant left".

That's the cool thing about simple-minded bigots. Their bigotry is so ingrained that they typically reveal themselves as soon as they open their mouths.

To old "pucker puss" (lee l... (Below threshold)

To old "pucker puss" (lee lee)- at least they say something differant every now and then. Your post can be spotted by the first two words everytime--same-o same-o. By the way your pucker must be getting tired as Scrap' beat you posting. You should close your mouth once in awhile as you could get a little rest and be first in-line again. It is just amazing how knowledgeable you are on any subject. How did you get this way with your mouth in a pucker all the time. Oh hell, I should have known, you "sucked" up to the prof. Can't see how I missed that. But keep up the good work as all of the rest of us learn more about you and world with each of your very insightful post. It just makes our day to hear from the resident asshole.

"That's the cool thing abou... (Below threshold)

"That's the cool thing about simple-minded bigots. Their bigotry is so ingrained that they typically reveal themselves as soon as they open their mouths."

Like you yourself, Lee.

Scrapiron is right on Lee. ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron is right on Lee. He nailed the Liberal yankees to a tee....

and btw, do you have a REAL job? you didn't answer me yesterday....

Explain the use of "State's... (Below threshold)

Explain the use of "State's Rights" in the Reagan (Philadelphia, Mississippi, anyone?) campaign. Explain the president going to Bob Jones University, where they didn't like the races to mix(yes, they had just banned that "law" just before he went there, but the fact that they rule was on the books to the end of the 20th century speaks volumes). Explain why there hasn't been a Black Senator from the South since the RECONSTRUCTION, explain why many in the South want to have the Confederate flag fly over their Capitol buildings when you know (if you're being honest) that the flag, in the eyes of African-Americans, stands for slavery and the awful memories of the Civil War. Explain why the Bush II campaign used race-baiting lies to sink McCain's campaign (Where is that black child, anyway?). Explain why many on the right (notice I didn't say "all") tried to spin away Allen's "Macaca" moment as accidental (wow...that would be the biggest coincidence since I don't know when), and say that the noose was merely a "Western motif." The mere fact that these events happened in the past 25 years gives many people reason to suspect that some in the South really haven't changed too much.

I do not claim that all in the South are racist, that would be ridiculous. And we have plenty of racists in the Democratic Party (I know that Byrd is an ex-Klansman, and I don't like it), as well as Americans of all affiliations in the rest of the country. (Though I am curious what racist statements the "left" made that you mention in your blog). But to say the South is all peachy-keen, we love all races down here, we don't see color, there's nothing racist to see here, move along, is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? And scrapiron mentioned something about traveling the world. It's funny that it took Bush becoming president before he did that very thing.

And for something very recent, look at that Ford ad. Yes, the content was correct, and they have every right to use it in a campaign. But if you have one shred of decency and self-introspection as you claim, you will admit, at least to a small degree, that the use of the "apparently" naked blond telling a Black man running for the Senate to "call her" not a little racist. If not, then it's hard for me to defend your position that the South has completely changed.

When the Mayor of Memphis was asked about Ford's chances in the election he said:

"It's a matter of color," the mayor stated flatly, addressing an issue that is rarely raised these days on the surface of politics and punditry but one that has fueled abundant private speculation concerning Representative Ford's chances in rural sections of Tennessee. Note, however, that Herenton said "color" and not "race."

"Ford's light enough that he can go in there and be accepted by those folks. I'm realistic enough to know that I wouldn't have a chance. I'm just too dark."

The mayor reflected a moment. "That kind of thing is even an issue among our people," he said, clearly meaning African Americans. "When I was down in New Orleans recently, I was told by a guy down there that I wouldn't have the same chance of being elected in that environment as someone like [Mayor Ray] Nagin, who's black but had just the right skin tone."

here's the link to the article:

So why is it that a light-skinned black man is considered to have a better chance than a darker African_American?

Lifelong North Carolinian a... (Below threshold)

Lifelong North Carolinian and Republican here to tell you that if the GOP had to run WITHOUT its coded (and sometimes not-so-coded) racist appeals, its position nationally would be much grimmer.

Dog-whistle politics gets Republicans elected. Lee Atwater flat admitted it 20 years ago, and to judge from the current crops of ads (JUNGLE DRUMS? Guys, c'mon), not much has changed.

Problem is, some of us who don't vote our racist tendencies can hear the dog whistle too. And we're going to call you out on it.

Explain to me, happywash, w... (Below threshold)

Explain to me, happywash, why all of the racist rhetoric the Democrats have used against Michael Steele hasn't been soundly renounced? You know, the slave comments and the blackface cartoons. How about all of the "Uncle Tom" rhetoric directed toward Rice and Powell.

Until you clean up your own mess, you'd be wise not to throw around accusations at others. Liberals are some of the most racist people I've ever encountered. Only difference is, they're often given a pass, because, you know, they couldn't possibly be racist. After all, they're LIBERALS!!

happywash: I'm not... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


I'm not sure what you're arguing here.

Is there racism in America? Absolutely, and anyone who claims otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about. I've lived in various parts of the country, and non-white folks are not treated like white folks.

But that's true in Boston as well as Birmingham. Frankly, the racism is different, harder and more explicit in Boston, more pervasive yet less overt in some ways in Charleston.

And, as you note, it's hardly simply white-on-black. What were the terms that Spike Lee used in "School Daze"? "Wanna-be's" and "Jig-a-boo's"? Nor are black-Hispanic or black-Asian relations marked by brotherly love and mutual affection.

So, again, I wonder: What are you getting at?

One other thing: Y'all educ... (Below threshold)

One other thing: Y'all educate yourselves, mmkay?


"Liberals are some of the m... (Below threshold)

"Liberals are some of the most racist people I've ever encountered"

Do you really wish to stand by that statement?

My point, to you all, is that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has any right to point to another and say "He's a racist ... well. more racist than me"

I'm getting at the article that was referenced. You can't prove that the South is so great by saying "Those ignorant Northerners are just as racist (as we are)."

Yes, racism is everywhere, and it's ALL bad. The rest is moral relativism, which has no place in this country.

No one has the right to use race as an issue. "slavish" and Uncle Tom Cartoons have no place in politics and i abhor them. I also abhor what they're doing to Ford. and what I am REALLY sick of is some people on this board spew hate at people like me, and NEVER turn an introspective eye on themselves.

I repeat, there is no such thing as "more racist" or "it's worse here." Racism is racism. Period. And I condemn it all.

Born in Arkansas, raised in... (Below threshold)

Born in Arkansas, raised in North Carolina and Virginia, and then college and the opportunities of more northerly climes. YES ABSOLUTELY the South contains much more common, naked, unchecked racism. When my hero grandfather died last summer, his one true fault was the thing that kept popping into my head. Racism in the South is institutional in the way it isn't in the North. There may be sporadic episodes of racism everywhere, but nothing like in the South. There it is open, because it is unchecked; it is unchecked because it is culturally institutionalized. Sadly, you are more as risk for calling someone out for cruel, ignorant statements in the South, than if you make them. That's racism in the South. Sounds a lot like real, earnest but fair criticism of this administration. Many care, many risk telling the truth despite institutionalized ignorance, and yet, the majority drowns out the righteous.

happywash: I agree... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


I agree that there i no place for racism in this country, and I applaud your condemnation of it wherever it occurs, a pox on all houses that practice it.

Certainly, I am not arguing that somehow, b/c there's racism in the North, therefore Southern racism is acceptable (or less, or more diluted, or somesuch).

I stand by my observation, however, that the racism that is exhibited is different, both in terms of how it is expressed and how it affects people.

Insofar as whether there are parts of the country where it is better or worse, I think that that depends. In some areas, you're more likely to see cross-burnings; in other areas, you're more likely to see harassment of individuals; in still other areas, there's the "soft bigotry of low expectations."

All unacceptable---but how one deals with these disparate forms, whether it even can be addressed through anything more than teaching your own children well (as the song goes) is a great unknown.

Well, that, and condemning it when it happens, on all sides of the fence.

So happywash, you condemn W... (Below threshold)

So happywash, you condemn Webb too right? After all, racism is a form of discrimination.

Just wondering

ex-southerner: I w... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


I would suggest that one can find "naked, unchecked racism" running about quite happily in South Boston and various parts of Long Island. Having had to listen to folks from both areas happily (if not downright enthusiastically) talking about their atrocious behavior (in the belief that I was part of them), rest assured, you can find institutionalized racism among northerners as well.

And, no, this does not mean it doesn't happen in the South (this is not a binary choice), just to correct the idea that somehow the commonality or pervasiveness is unique there.

If you read my full comment... (Below threshold)

If you read my full comment steak, you would know the answer to that question, but I will answer it. Yes, webb was a freaking idiot for calling someone a towel-head. I believe he also used racial language in the past, thee same as Allen. And for both of them to deny it is a little ridiculous.

Lurking, your point is well taken and I agree that racsim takes on different forms, both subtle and subtle as a sledgehammer. That's why it'so hard to ferret it all out.

South Boston, yeah, you got me there. smae thing as Compton and East L.A. compared to Riverside, Ca and the meth-heads. I will readliy admit that it is more overt there than in most places in the South today. But I don't think it's because the South is healed, it's because they really have to hide it better because they're always under the microscope, which is a little unfair when you're dealing with race as an American issue. (and I'm NOT saying that all people in the South are racist...there are so many that have changed, and as the older generations die off, then race will mean less and less (and I mean older generationsof Southerners AND Northerners.)

I believe, and didn't quite... (Below threshold)

I believe, and didn't quite sew this up in my first comment, that the best way to fight any discrimination, isolated or institutional, is to call its practitioners out that it is unacceptable. It is those who would manipulate people using race, whether isolating some, or showing your bona fides with others, who reinforce that despicable cultural wedge. Many perceived Allen to be doing both: picking on someone different, and trying to endear himself with racists.

I think the North is better, but certainly not perfect, in not reinforcing discrimination against others. Urban areas and historically anti-slavery places have better records of tolerance, diversity, education, etc. I don't often see the confederate flag North of DC, and what better symbol of institutionalized discrimination? It may have other meanings, but no one can deny that many people see the stars and bars as promoting cultural exclusivity and insulation.

We should take our Presiden... (Below threshold)

We should take our President as an example of a Southerner with world traveller ambitions. Why, he even was the first American President to visit Mongolia to personally thank the 300 or so Mongolian soldiers in the coalition of the willing. Hell of a mind expanding photo op.

This may be off topic, but ... (Below threshold)

This may be off topic, but I must commend this blog for allowing real debate of the issues, without (with the exception of a couple people) resorting to name-calling or other forms of avoiding the topic. So you heard it first: a Democrat blogger praising republican bloggers.

The country would be a much better if everyone acted this way.

Which is, I think, the entire point of this post.

ex-southerner: As ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


As someone who was nearly run off the road by folks yelling racial epithets, not 10 miles from Lexington Green, by folks with proper Bah-stun accents, you'll forgive me if I disagree with your startling statement that

Urban areas and historically anti-slavery places have better records of tolerance, diversity, education, etc.

And as one who lived through a number of busing riots, it must've been in the slave-owning Boston and New York of an alternate universe where that happened.

Of course, when black folks march into a Korea-town, that must also happen in the rural Southlands, not in an urban area.

Because, of course, as you imply, worse racism is where the racists fly Confederate flags.

Lurking,I would be... (Below threshold)


I would be more willing to continue the discussion if you didn't put words in my mouth. I never implied one region's racism was worse than others. I do think Southern discrimination is more entrenched, and infects a greater proportion of the population. That creates conditions for more common, overt acts of discrimination, as there is less social aversion and fewer checks. So when I speak of the North's better record, I balance systemic discrimination embodied in slavery, then Jim Crow and Poll Taxes in the South, versus entrenched forms in the North. Cities like New York certainly had immigrant-bashing and other forms of discrimination, but nothing as pervasive and formally recognized by law as what happened in the South.

As for marches and riots, I don't get your point. There is a dffference between marching FOR equality, rather than AGAINST it. To use your tactic, I infer that you think Martin Luther King was a racist because he organized boycotts and Marched on Washington.

I've gone to school with a ... (Below threshold)

I've gone to school with a young man that wouldn't go off base in Biloxi but said Atlanta was great and worked with a lady whose southern relatives about had a coronary when she spoke to a white person who'd stepped in front of them in line in California (by accident, an apology for doing so followed). I don't know where racism is worse than where else. The most blatant I've heard is from asians talking about blacks or else (second hand) blacks talking about other blacks (dark skin supposedly indicating a man who'd treat you bad). I've seen a black girl punished by other black girls for being friendly to whites... she was forced to chose. That was at basic training and it wasn't the white girls being racist, and that's a fact.

I don't know a white lady who isn't willing to publically state that she finds Will Smith (or other black actor) sexy or any white man who isn't willing to publically admire Hallie Barry. A mixed race couple, anywhere I've actually been, might be seen as a curiosity but does anyone even worry about "how will their children adjust" anymore? Okay, maybe where I grew up because there are so few minorities that people have to just *imagine* the life of mixed race kids. Is the East Coast like that? I've never lived there.

The most physically beautiful people in the world are mixed race.

So, blond bimbo and Ford? I think the issue there is "bimbo" and that "blond" is utterly irrelevant. Seriously, who cares anymore?

And if candidates who are too black don't have a chance, who decided that? Figure that most blacks are Democrats, why can't they get nominated for their party? Because Republican swing voters supposedly won't vote for them? Who's prejudice is *that*? Who's belief system is that?

Maybe the belief system of the same people who thought that "Mary Cheney is a lesbian" was a smooth political move.

"Because, of course, as you... (Below threshold)

"Because, of course, as you imply, worse racism is where the racists fly Confederate flags."

No, the worse racism is in the home where parents are teaching their children to be racist. Only a fool would think that there is not as much racism in the North as there is in the South. Racism in this country has become an individual and not institutional phenomenon, so it can rear it's ugly head anywhere and at anytime.

In this particular instance, that head was all over the republican back rooms when they were strategising some of these campaigns. But hey, I get it, it's smart politics; scare the Northerner with the black bogyman and criminal predator-Willie Horton-, and scare the Southerner with the sexual predator-Harold Ford-.

Gotta fire up that base "by any means necessary";)

field negro; Better watch o... (Below threshold)

field negro; Better watch out. You tell people the truth and they'll be all over you.

I posted earlier in the language the elitest seem to think we use all of the time and Lee, Lee went nuts.

I always fall back on the english professor from Wash. State who taught effective writing, (surprise, I do have a little college education, probably more than some of the self appointed elitest). One of my best friends is a college professor, but he's not an elitest either, he even volunteers at the local fire department and gets down and dirty during firefighting. I'm just not like the elitest, I don't try to shove education down everyone's throat. I'm more ashamed of the failed education system of today than I am proud of my education. I could do as the Wash state professor taught, 'if you would tell someone to kiss your a** to their face then you should write the exact same words'. Guess what Lee??? LMAO

Ford's color has nothing to... (Below threshold)

Ford's color has nothing to do with it. It's his kin-folks. Either in jail, going to jail or awaiting trial. Here in Tenn. the song is the Tenn. Waltz.

""Liberals are some of the ... (Below threshold)

""Liberals are some of the most racist people I've ever encountered"

Do you really wish to stand by that statement?"

You better believe I stand by that statement! I grew up in the oh so tolerant Northeast. I've lived in the "big city" (Chicago), and I've lived in the south (Tennessee and Alabama). I encountered some of the most racist, sexist, disgusting attitudes in New York and Chicago.

As they say, experience is the best teacher...

Todd, ALL of the m... (Below threshold)


ALL of the most racist people I've met are conservatives. Even if you've spoken to 1 million Americans, that's only 1% of the population. And if you live in Chicago and the Northeast, you're gonna meet more liberals on average. So don't use weak, anecdotal arguments like that to justify your position. Like this: GOP Chairman Mehlman has admitted, in trying to attract black voters to the GOP, that conservatives' racist "Southern Strategy" since the 1960s was real, and was wrong.


Ex-southerner,So, ... (Below threshold)


So, let me get this straight. Based upon MY experience, the most racist people I have met are of the liberal persuasion. I state exactly that. You then come in and say that because I haven't met enough people, my argument is weak.

What in the bloody hell are you smoking?!?! So, my stating FACTS is not good enough for you? Well, screw you. I went back and read some of your posts here and guess what? You do nothing but make generalizations. You THINK the North is better at not institutionalizing racism. Well, according to YOU, this is a weak, anecdotal argument.

Get your blinders off already.

Racism is everywhere, but n... (Below threshold)

Racism is everywhere, but not all of it is vicious or degrading as liberals want everyone to think. The north is much worse than the south of today and I base that on the thousands and thousands of people I met and worked with during my 22 year stint in the U.S. military. Southerner's joke around about it, Yankee's get vicious and deadly. He** just check your local papers and see who is killing who and why. Gang's are usually (not always) limited to one race and everyone else that comes around is dead meat. Isn't that racism?

I just went back and watched the democ'ratic response to the RNC ad against Ford. If you want to see racism in action, watch the DNC reply. The hunter could be an outside worker, a mixed race, of made up for hunting. They automatically called him a 'black face' white man. It actually happened less than a month ago on the golf course to 6 of our firemen. One of them works outside 10-12 hours a day and has a deep tan. He lost a ball and went in the wood to look for it. A group of high and mighty ladies came up and ask where the black guy was. Guess they were scared to be on the course with a 'black' guy lurking around. He got a good laugh about the nuts but if he could have located them in the club house he would have embarrassed the he** out of them by talking like a southern black (they had it all made up) is portrayed in the elitest Holy-wood movies. We dont' get mad, we get even.

No wonder the Republicans w... (Below threshold)

No wonder the Republicans want to label Dems are racist. Hispanic and black conservatives are joining up with the Democrats this November to get the Republican bigots out of Washington. Time for the Republicans to lie and smear.... here's why.

Black, Hispanic Conservatives Bailing Out of GOP

In his L.A. Times article "Latino and Black Voters Reassessing Ties to GOP," Peter Wallsten reports on the exodus of African American and Hispanic conservative voters from the G.O.P. According to Wallsten, a growing number of leaders in both constituencies have articulated a sense of being taken for granted by Republican leaders. With respect to African American conservatives:

Complaints among black pastors who had been courted by the White House -- while less pronounced than those of Latino leaders -- have been fueled by a tell-all book by former White House aide David Kuo. The new book says that Bush, referring to pastors from one major African American denomination, once griped: "Money. All these guys care about is money. They want money."
...The Rev. Eugene Rivers, a Boston Pentecostal minister and one of about two dozen black clergy invited to a series of White House meetings with Bush, said Friday that black leaders had been wooed with assurances that their social service groups would receive money from the president's faith-based initiative. But, Rivers said, the bulk of the money had gone to white organizations, leaving black churches on the sidelines.

The GOP's rift is also widening with Latino conservatives, who are disturbed by the Republicans' mixed messages on immigration and who share the Black conservatives' concern about the GOP's ethics problems and the Foley cover-up:

A survey released this month by the Latino Coalition found Latino registered voters supporting Democrats over Republicans 56% to 19% in congressional elections. "If Republicans nationally get 25% of the Hispanic vote, it would be a miracle," said Robert de Posada, the coalition president...
The Latino backlash has grown so intense that one prominent, typically pro-Republican organization, the Latino Coalition, has endorsed Democrats in competitive races this year in Tennessee, Nebraska and New Jersey....The Latino Coalition, for example, has endorsed the presumed Democratic presidential front-runner, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), in her reelection bid this year.

Todd,I'm saying YO... (Below threshold)


I'm saying YOUR experiences are only yours, and you are the one generalizing as to what's true of the country based on singular events that occurred to you. I'm trying to make points that are general in the sense they apply to ALL factual situations. I'm not using single events or stories, like ScrappyDoo, becuase they could easily be made up or really atypical. I pointed to the GOP Chairman story because it is explicit recognition of attempts to promote and/or benefit from southern racism. I don't merely THINK the South has more institutionalized racism, history and the facts, as exemplified by Mehlman's speech, PROVE it. Tell me why I'm wrong (without resorting to the brilliant response of "screw you").

BTW, Go Cardinals!

I was born and raised in th... (Below threshold)

I was born and raised in the south (Mississippi), live in the Midwest, and work as a consultant in Philadelphia, PA.

In my experience, the Midwest (rural area)/and parts of the PA area are actually behind Missisippi in improving race relations. The people talk & vote politically correct, but when face to face, many caucasians treat people(maybe unintentionally) of color differently. I believe this is mainly because there are so many areas, communities & countiesin the midwest/east, which have basically NO people of color. For example, my county in Indiana very near Indy, only had 1 African American family until about 2-3 years ago. We do now have a huge influx of Hispanics. In Mississippi, most of the counties are over 50% Afr. Amer, and some as much as 80% black.

People in my hometown in MS got over seeing blacks and whites dating, as early as the 1970's, but definitely in the 1980's. So calling the Corker ad racist, was shocking to me.

CORE (Council on Race Relations) awarded Mississippi in 2006 a huge award for improved civil rights/race relations because the state has more black elected officials on all gov't levels, than any other state in the nation. FYI, the state also women in high offices (lt. gov./federal judges) decades ago, before most other states.

It's time for the USA to get over the "racist South".

To paraphrase along with Sy... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase along with Synova earlier...Is all of the east coast this racist? In California (mostly along the coast, but sporadically along the center as well), Races are so mixed and the cities grew up that way that it usually doesn't matter. Non-racism is literally institutionalized.
I grew up a child of the 80's and the 90's, race doesn't matter to me as much as it does you old folk. What I DON'T like is minorities who use race as a calling card, and those who use race to seperate from the rest of the country (Blacks who talk about "the black community" or "our people", as an example, or young black men who do well in school are ridiculed by fellow young black men as "acting white").

However. It's perfectly legal to be racist. Remember that ugly 1st Ammendment? (right to free speech cannot be infringed). As long as racism isn't used by the government as a tool of oppression (to infringe on rights), people are ALLOWED to be as racist as they want. And everybody is racist to some degree. One of the reasons Carlos Mencia is one of my favorite comedians, is because his entire stitch has to do with racism and stereotypes.

Once again, you DO NOT have the right to be free from being offended. However you have the right to offend your offender back, or just to ignore them.

For a very interesting and ... (Below threshold)

For a very interesting and though-provoking website on racism and stereotyping, take a look at:

**For those that might take this as a racist website, it is a website that looks at white stereotypes of blacks, and is meant to show how subtle racism can appear on the other side of the coin. (I swear I'm not racist! One of my friends is black!)

One of my best friends is b... (Below threshold)

One of my best friends is black! That's a classic. We could probably add this one from that dope Synova:

The most physically beautiful people in the world are mixed race.

Yeah and that stoopid episo... (Below threshold)

Yeah and that stoopid episode... what was the name of the show with the boy doctor?.. that was about race and at the cusp of the conflict when Doogie (or whatever the heck his name was) is trying to help, the poor black kid challenges him, "How many black friends do you have?" and our hero is stunned to suddenly realize that he, too, is part of the problem.

Why don't people ask blacks if they have *white* friends? If you're white, your white friends won't think anything of your having black friends... is that true for blacks? Maybe some places but I've personally seen, too often, where a black person I've worked with will be friendly but then pretend not to know his white co-workers if his black friends are around. I think that sucks and I hope it's less common than it seems to be.

And mixed race people *are* the most physically beautiful people, particularly the children of asian/black parents. Are you saying this isn't true?

Bottom line, though, and to the subject of the post, no one *I* know is worried about black men taking up with white women. Given the outline "black candidate, blond bimbo = racist" the response is, "Huh?" Oh, there's white supremists around, someplace, who can't stand the thought, but they really aren't worth the effort to undertake this elaborate crypto-racism. (And who wants 'em anyhow.)

Actually, seamus, Synova's ... (Below threshold)

Actually, seamus, Synova's statement about the most physically beatiful are mixed...is fairly true. Studies have been conducted basically proving that those with the most "average" features are also the most attractive, and racially mixed faces have been shown to have the most average features.
Those were just some of the first results from a google search:

YES ABSOLUTELY the South... (Below threshold)

YES ABSOLUTELY the South contains much more common, naked, unchecked racism.

Bzzzt, wrong answer. Racism in the South is just more open.

I found Atlanta to be the most openly racist, both directions. I couldn't have a black friend and a black guy didn't want me as a friend anyway.

Go to New England sometime. I've lived in Portsmouth, NH and Boston, Mass and I've seen some serious racism there.

In 1984-1985 in NH I worked at a few Dunkin Donuts stores owned by the same family. There was a black kid working at the one in Portsmouth. He thought all the girls liked him. They seemed to. They all talked to him and I got the opinion that they thought it was "cool" to be cool to the black guy. Then, he started asking them out. I happened to see it a couple times and the looks on the girls' faces was priceless. Sort of a "how dare you ask me that?". My opinion was that they liked their black folk fine, as long as they knew their place. (sorry if I've pissed off the NH residents here).

When I was in Boston I got the same attitude. They were all proud of how enlightened they were, as long as the blacks knew their place. I hate to say this as an Italian, but try being black in the North End.

I saw a documentary about Boston regarding when blacks started going north to the big cities. They were interviewing some guy who had been a powerhouse in Boston in the 50s. His commentary was that they had to decide what to do with the blacks. I don't have the exact quote, but here is the gist.

"Well, we had to decide what to do with the blacks so we figured we would sent them to Roxbury to live with the Jews."

Look at the racial and religoius make-up of Roxbury today.

Do you have a transcript of... (Below threshold)

Do you have a transcript of the "N-word" usage? The rest of the article is a rehash of the Byrd is still a Klan member canard.

The educated and sophistica... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:

The educated and sophisticated class in Virginia will vote for Webb, the war hero and the former secretary of the Navy. The white trash will vote for someone they can identify with: the draft-dodging, racist, bigot, fat slab of red meat, called George "The Noose" Macaca Allen.

If this sounds elitist to you, that's because it is. Liberals like educated, sophisticated, courageous, worldly, literate, people. Right-wingers like mediocrity, incompetence, crass ignorance, bigotry and jingoism. That why a draft-dodging, cretinous, frat boy, is the president (capitalization intentionally omitted) of the United States, and that is why the Republic is in the worst shape it has been in 230 years. Filth begets filth.

Fortunately, on November 8, we can start fumigating Congress to get rid of the varmint. And send Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, and the rest of the Neo-turds on a one-way trip to The Hague.

(I swear I'm not racist! On... (Below threshold)

(I swear I'm not racist! One of my friends is black!)"

Henry, that was a joke right? Well hey, at least you have one black friend, that's one more than most people :)

But seriously, a previous poster made a good point. Being a racist is perfectly legal, and cool with me as long as you don't impede my right to make a living , or any of my freedoms. I actually like when a racist is up front, because then, at least I know where you are coming from.

On the other hand, don't pretend; if you don't like black folks or you are uncomfortable around them, that's your right, just be yourself, and we wil stay out of each other's space.

BTW, cities like Philly, and Chicago, are extremely racially polarized, and on many levels are worse than southern cities like Atlana and Birminhgham. So I have no delusions about the so called enlightened North.

And that's why you're a pie... (Below threshold)

And that's why you're a piece of trash, Devils Advocate. You might as well throw a sheet over your head and burn some crosses, because that's the class of people you are. Your hatred and bigotry of people different from you is no different than the people you "despise."

So please, take your "intellectualism" and go fly a kite. You and your ilk will be rejected again and again and again because we don't accept your hatred.

Umm, ex-southerner, hate to... (Below threshold)

Umm, ex-southerner, hate to be the one to break it to you, but you're doing the generalizing. So, you take what 1 leader says and extrapolate that to concrete proof?!?! For goodness sakes, read all of the stories on here of people that have actually lived in the North and the South and what they're experiencing. You can close your eyes to it, but it doesn't change anything. Sorry, I've got over 40 years of experience and I'll take that over anything someone with an agenda puts out.

If you're white, go take a stroll through any neighborhood on the southside of Chicago and tell me how enlightened everyone really is.

Todd,Anyone postin... (Below threshold)


Anyone posting on a political blog likely has an agenda. That's why, though I have no reason to doubt these various personal anecdotes, no one should place much faith in them. They're a small sample of experience, which makes any broad statement based on them generalizations. These stories could be fabricated for all anyone knows.

I used Mehlman's speech BECAUSE he's a leader and thus speaking for many, rather than just one. I point to slavery and its descendant policies, like poll taxes, as hard proof of systemic discrimination. Like others have said, everyone likely has some prejudices, but the South has more widespread, open discrimination, as shown by those historic examples. It will probably take this country at least as many years to undo what the ignorant have done, as years that they spent doing it. I certainly don't expect individual southerners to be racist, or any more racist than individuals from elsewhere. But the South's sad history means they have more to erase and have to play it cleaner. Germany still suffer from the shameful badge of Hitler some 60 years later. The South still has some shame, and individual southerners have to do what they can to make sure others don't get away with discrimination. We can all agree its wrong. We are all Americans who love this country and are in it together.

Heh Negro, did you go to th... (Below threshold)

Heh Negro, did you go to the website blackpeopleloveus.com? Then you'll understand I said that as an example of the subtle racism that "white" people still show (especially rich politically correct people who are trying to show they aren't racist). I try to be friendly regardless of race/color. It just sucks being a Young, White, and Educated male because that puts me in the "majority" (even if there are fewer of me), I have to be very careful what I say and what I do, for fear of being labeled a racist, and having somebody report me to EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) so I can get fired...

And Negro, move out West, you'll probably find at least slightly less racism here. Probably because Latinos are "the" race to be racist to (and not blacks). ;-)

Meanwhile travel the world and you'll see A LOT less racism in American than there is worldwide. Traveling from country to country on training ships from Maritime Academies and Military Sealift Command, I've seen Asians are notorious for racism (it's ingrained in their cultures, especially towards each other), Russians were horrible, especially youths in Vladivostok that hurled racial insults at the Blacks who went to California Maritime Academy, Arabs are horrible too, working laws in the UAE (one of the most liberal Arab countries out there) have foreign workers as a permanent second class, disallowing any foreign workers who have been fired or quite a job from getting another job for at least a few years, and elsewhere...

I'm so glad I'm from California.

side note, Arabs are a mino... (Below threshold)

side note, Arabs are a minority in the UAE, there are more Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos in the UAE than there are Arabs

Well, we have a black Repub... (Below threshold)

Well, we have a black Republican running for
Congress in my N.C. House District, so I think we've got some evidence that things have changed over the years.

Now, I believe that Southerners are actually less racist than Northerners--you can see it in how their Lefty pols play it up, even when it's not an issue to start with.

The South is rising again, due to Demographics--we don't strictly adhere to the "Abort-o-rama" lifestyle that the North is so enamored of. We'll outstrip you Blue states in poplulation very quickly, and the whole country, not just the South, will benefit because of it.

More voters for values, principle, low taxes, fairer government, tolerance. No longer are the Left and the Dems "tolerant."

Mitchell,There are... (Below threshold)


There are two black Republicans running for Congress in North Carolina, so I'm not sure which District you are referring to. However, both of those districts share similar characteristics. First, both the 12th and 13th have large minority populations and are held by Democrats. The GOP's best chance in each would be with a minority candidate or candidates with strong records of helping minorities. Second, both Districts are extremely Gerrymandered, thanks to the GOP. Knowing they don't have the support from minorities, the GOP redrew the district to isolate minorities in one district, rather than have them voting in many fairly divided districts. In fact, the 12th and 13th were originally one district that stretched from Charlotte to Raleigh and farther north. Hundreds of miles long, but only a few miles wide, the Supreme Court ordered the breakup of the two in the 1990s as unfairly drawn with racist motives. The two districts are still examples of egregious unfairness by those in power to reduce the voting power of minorities. So not the best example for you to point to that the South has improved much in giving minorities equal rights.


Weren't David Duke, Barry G... (Below threshold)

Weren't David Duke, Barry Goldwater, Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, James Hart, Ronald Reagan all Republicans?






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