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Webb on YouTube

MSNBC Says it will be a story all day. I'd say only if Webb is lucky will it be a one day story.

And this ad from the NRSC is simply devastating.

If that runs in VA, that's going to sting.

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I don't think Webb's fictio... (Below threshold)

I don't think Webb's fictional book should be a big deal. His attitude toward women is real, and more alarming.

The ad is one of the most p... (Below threshold)

The ad is one of the most powerful and effective I have ever seen! Splendid!

His books, on their own, wo... (Below threshold)

His books, on their own, would seem to be a baseless smear. However taken in context with his other remarks, they don't paint a very good picture of Webb and his views on women.

I am a Virginia resident an... (Below threshold)

I am a Virginia resident and around the office scuttlebutt...

There have been an ongoing series about Webb and his Naval Academy comments about women for several weeks. In general, those are working for Allen, but not overwhelmingly so.

The latest about the book--the Republicans are running a big risk of completely blowing the election with this approach. It's fiction and it isn't going to sway undecided voters except to perhaps vote for Webb because Allen is looking desperate. It's pretty much going to play as a desperate political hack attack. Again, I'm talking about the issue surrounding his fictional book.

I'm not a fan of Allen or some of his decisions. I didn't vote for him as Governor or Senator the first time. However, I can't find anything I agree on with Webb so he isn't getting my vote. I'll end up voting for Allen while holding my nose, but mainly as a vote against Webb more than a vote for Allen. The desperate move by Allen on the book quote thing is really making me hope doesn't run again in 6 years and another fiscal conservative runs in his place.

So Webb called the women at... (Below threshold)

So Webb called the women at the Naval Academy 'Thunder Thighs' and said 'The Hall [Bancroft Hall], which houses 4,000 males and 300 females, is a horny woman's dream'.

If that isn't an indication of mental problems you won't find any anywhere.

Webb has explained that his... (Below threshold)

Webb has explained that his books reflect his observations of cultures he has been involved in.

Which might explain Webb's attitudes towards women, maybe he's just too steeped in cultures where women are sex objects and slaves. He says his writings just represent real life, and maybe he thinks that is what real life is like.

Malkin gives an honest asse... (Below threshold)

Malkin gives an honest assessment of Webb's woes here

I am only one of millions o... (Below threshold)

I am only one of millions of Vietnam vet's and there were thousands of media types in the country over the years. How can it be that Hanoi John Kerry and Webb are the only ones to see the 'things' they claim went on?

I read a remark that the state of Mass keeps Drunken Ted in the Senate to protect the people of Mass, from Drunken Ted. Could this be the only reason Hanoi John is in the Senate and Webb's district wants him gone from the state. Self protection from the crazies.

Can someone please tell Sas... (Below threshold)

Can someone please tell Sascha (the democratic stratigest) that we ARE talking issues... Webb is a Pedifile and he's HISTORY.

Also, Sascha, why didn't you want to fight the terrorists when Foley was in the news for weeks????

She is dumber than a box of bricks....

Umm, where was the outrage ... (Below threshold)

Umm, where was the outrage over Scooter's novel?

The narrative makes generous mention of lice, snot, drunkenness, bad breath, torture, urine, "turds," armpits, arm hair, neck hair, pubic hair, pus, boils, and blood (regular and menstrual).
Homoeroticism and incest also figure as themes. The main female character, Yukiko, draws hair on the "mound" of a little girl.
At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.
"Umm, where was the outrage... (Below threshold)

"Umm, where was the outrage over Scooter's novel?"

Umm, why? Is he running for something??? Is he still a government employee? Has he made such comments about women in the armed services???

Is he running for someth... (Below threshold)

Is he running for something???

He was appointed by Bush. Any objections then?

Is he still a government employee?

He was. And his novel was all in the news while he was. But from the right... silence.

Has he made such comments about women in the armed services???

I didn't defend that. I responded to comments about his novel.

Actually Brian, there was a... (Below threshold)

Actually Brian, there was a ton of hoopla over that book and the press ran with it as well. If you want to criticize the Rs for now using it as a sign of hypocrisy that would be fair.....but to claim Dems haven't done the same thing would be dishonest.

Also, if Allen had written such passages the Daily Press and other DNC propaganda PR firms masquerading as newspapers would be screaming from on high for Allen's head.

The media/dems made a big d... (Below threshold)

The media/dems made a big deal out of Libby's book, as well as Lynne Cheney's, and neither of them were running for office (Libby was high level staff, but staff nontheless). But I guess we really should get back to more serious issues, like Allen's deer hunting in the 70's, and when his mother told him she was Jewish, and what a friend of a friend of some guy heard him say ...

You can't have it both ways.

What a sicko Webb is, fit's... (Below threshold)

What a sicko Webb is, fit's right in with the Pelosi's and Reid's however.

1806? and Allen had a hangm... (Below threshold)

1806? and Allen had a hangman's noose in his office? "heritage, not hatred" I suppose...

>The latest about the book-... (Below threshold)

>The latest about the book--the Republicans are running a big risk of completely blowing the election with this approach. It's fiction and it isn't going to sway undecided voters except to perhaps vote for Webb because Allen is looking desperate.

Faithy, if it where anyone but you (well a few others) I'd just discount this comment completly. From you however it has far more cred...

Keep us posted on your thoughts, feel free to mail me if you have anything profound. I've long been a believer that 1 good guy who understands -and is honest about- local politics (even if he's a partisan) is worth 3 pollsters from out of state.

[I used to have a liberal guy who worked for liberal campains call me for advice. He knew damn good and well I was as right-wing as they come but he also knew I was plugged into the city and wouldn't BS him.]

Anyway, keep me posted how this is playing out. I'm very interested.

Actually Brian, there wa... (Below threshold)

Actually Brian, there was a ton of hoopla over that book and the press ran with it as well.

Hoopla, yes, but I don't recall much criticism, especially from the right. In fact, I believe the press drove Libby's book to the top of the fiction charts.

There hasn't been much criticism about Webb either yet, but I was just pointing it out.

If you want to criticize the Rs for now using it as a sign of hypocrisy that would be fair

That's all I'm doing. VA voters are already down to choosing between a racist/liar and a misogynist. It doesn't help to add more sins to the pot.

That AD is playing in Virgi... (Below threshold)

That AD is playing in Virginia. I've seen it three times in the last few days, in NOVA. Clearly, Webb has a problem with women. Also interesting is his current wife, (wife number 3 or 4, depending on who's counting) is from the culture that he writes about. She is Vietnamese and it appears that she is not interested in the limelight, or even appearing with him in campaign literature. Or he is not interested in having her appear as part of his family. From his ads, and mailers, one would conclude that he is a single man with three grown children. In reality he's a married man, with a baby due next month, and FOUR grown children. Omitting his wife from all campaign literature makes quite a statement about his attitudes toward women.

In rural Tennessee and with... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

In rural Tennessee and with people over 40 this will hurt Webb very badly. I think it is disgusting and would no matter who wrote it. The man is running for elected office as a SENATOR! May he crash and burn.

Uh, why would the people in... (Below threshold)

Uh, why would the people in TN care about Webb?

If the liberals do not call... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

If the liberals do not call for Webb to drop out given their loud demand for Hastert to resign, they are simply intellectually dishonest.

I think this is just another example of the dishonesty of the Dem party and their supporters. But what can you expect from a party that is the sewage wrt ethics like the Dem party?

do you think that Webb is a racist and liar? (he wrote that vietnamese women have monkey faces and he lied about his campaign involvement with digging up Allen's past)?
The dems are so dishonest that i hope you are running away from them as fast as you can.

I don't know about the rest... (Below threshold)

I don't know about the rest of you, but if Foley was _and_remains_ an issue a month after he resigned because of old emails to 18-year-old pages, and if this issue is used as a jumping point for the leftists to claim that the Republican leadership (if not ALL Republicans) were circling the wagons to defend a pedophile while he preyed on defenseless young boys, and if Allen can legitimately be called a racist because one person comes out of the woodwork and claims to have heard Allen say the N word thirty years ago (and even stuffed a doe's head into a black couple's mailbox in order to scare them), and if this slimy slander can be in the news week after week after week -- well, then it gets kind of hard to say that it's beyond the pale for Allen to point out parts of Webb's novels that show sex acts involving a four-year-old child and to ask people to think about what kind of a person Webb is to write such stuff.

It would have been nice to be able to discuss the issues for real. It would have been nice. But apparently that's just not what election campaigns are for anymore. Apparently the rules have changed. Apparently the object of the game is to make the other guy look utterly vile. If that's the object of the game, then Allen is just trying to play the game better. If that's NOT the object of the game, then you can blame Allen for stepping over a line, but blaming ONLY Allen would let an awful lot of other people off the hook. An AWFUL lot of other people.

Had to laugh- After the pre... (Below threshold)

Had to laugh- After the press hammered Foley and the GOP for a month straight- they now are claiming that republicans shouldn't be concentrating on a moot issue, but should concentrate on 'the war' and accused the Reps of running a 'smear campaign'. Selective moral outrage at it's finest- until The dems come out and apologize for trying to deceitfully paint the whole Republican party as corrupt and not caring about 'the children', then they can stick their heads up their butts and dance the Macarana for all I care- They can whine all day long about the fact that Reps are exposing Webb's sick perverted mind- I don't care- they wanted to play hardball- now it's their turn at bat- they're just afraid of getting hit by a speed pitch- well too bad- it's the big league now fellas.

Christian news and commentary at: target="_blank">sacredscoop.com ...

Now after attack after ad h... (Below threshold)

Now after attack after ad hominem attack against Allen on irrelevent junk, when the shoe is on other foot and the dots are filled in on thrice-married/divorced Webb's views on women, we get the old song and dance
"What's really important for Virginia" (direct quote from the Democrat flak in the interview).

This campaign has been dirty for a long time, thanks to Webb and his no-holds-barred leftwing minions sliming Allen. (Like when they accused Allen of joining a club he actually turned down membership to).

So I find it ironic to see Brian spinning for Jim "horny women's dream" Webb, while at the same time sliming Allen with yet more ad hominem name-calling attacks.

And bringing in poor Scooter Libby, now subject to a completely different witch-hunt in the now discredit Plamegate affair, is such a bottom-barrel reach (hint: Scooter's not on the ballot. So Brian, are you saying that Scooter Libby and Jim Webb are *both* unfit to be Senators to Virginia? Works for me.)

It tells us the Webb flaks are desperate. there never was a particularly good reason to vote for Webb not connected with his military resume, and his military record is chock full of the kind of misogynistic statements and views that - were he a republican - the dems would have all the feminist battle axes on the political front lines demanding the sexist bigot be run off the political stage (and they'd be right!)

And the media would play along, of course. If Webb were a Republican, 60 Minutes would go to their archives and give a 20 minute replay show on Tailhook, let a women give tearjerker on how insensitive Webb was to call it a 'witchhunt' and then give Webb 10 seconds to defend his indefensible comments. ... then the push poll would be made to make sure the agitprop stuck and 2 days later the WashPost headlines would be "Sexist Bigot Webb loses support with women". Result: Campaign TOASTED.

... but since he is the Democrat, we get the WashPost to tell us more about Allen's high school yearbook pictures and men-on-the-street stories of how horrible our 4.6% unemployment economy is. what a pile of macaca.

"If the liberals do not call for Webb to drop out given their loud demand for Hastert to resign, they are simply intellectually dishonest."

Well, they are dishonest, period. Against 'culture of corruption' but keep the crooks Menendez and William Jefferson on the ballot.

Hillary-endorsed Webb is a rich vein of hypocrisy indeed.

"It would have been ... (Below threshold)

"It would have been nice to be able to discuss the issues for real. It would have been nice. But apparently that's just not what election campaigns are for anymore."

Since January, businesses have created over 1.2 million new jobs. Over the past four quarters GDP has increased by 3.5 percent. Unemployment is at new lows. It's not in the Democrats interest to have a campaign focussed on bread-and-butter issues.

But we do have the difficult ongoing battle to stabilize Iraq injecting uncertainty and negativity.
It seems that by focussing the whole election on one issue Iraq and the related despairing negativity, and engaging in the lie that Iraq is *not* part of the greater war on terror (which it is), the Democrats have managed to make voters forget
(1) The fact that Republican policies have helped produce jobs and helped make our economy strong and growing
(2) The fact that Republicans are serious and correct in analyzing and fighting the war on islamo-fascist terrorism.
(3) The fact that the Democrat leaders in the House are out of touch with mainstream American values. (pro-abortion, anti-death-penalty, anti-PatriotAct, anti-defense-of-marriage, anti-God-in-pledge San Fran Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi hardly seems a representative Speaker for heartland America).

So the Democrats don't want a balanced campaign on all the issues... They are gunning for victory via personal attacks on Republicans and defeatism on Iraq.

Well said Patrick. That is... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Well said Patrick. That is the answer to lee, brian, and all those of that sad ilk who infect this website.

Hmm Faith+1, where are you ... (Below threshold)

Hmm Faith+1, where are you located? Here at Naval Station Norfolk (where the USNS Saturn is homeported), I have yet to hear anyone talk politics. Maybe pundits and newshounds talk it, but the average worker who goes to work and goes home doesn't give a hot (except to vote for the same party/person they always have). I can't say much about locally here to Norfolk,VA (I'm from Bakersfield, CA), so for that I apologize.

I'll be here just another month, I'll be going on vacation sometime near the ned of November, so I'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

hoot, not hot, apologies</p... (Below threshold)

hoot, not hot, apologies

So, you want some reasons t... (Below threshold)
Paul Remarche:

So, you want some reasons to vote for someone other than Jim Webb? Here's some Webb writing nuggets for you:

1)"Fogarty . . . watch[ed] a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina."
Jim Webb, Something to Die For

2)"[Fogarty] has been thinking of the firm, springy skin and the sweet smells of a young Filipina woman named Maria in whose bed he had spent three nights almost twenty years ago. . . . She was a deliciously bad young woman. . . . On the second night, he had brought her a box of Godiva chocolates . . . . he had awakened to find her in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with her knees underneath her chin, eating chocolates and counting her rosary beads as she prayed."
Jim Webb, Something to Die For

Jim Webb, Something to Die For

4)"You wouldn't have believed it, Swede. She just dropped her britches and lifted up her skirt and pissed like a man. Didn't lose a drop, either. Not a drop."
Jim Webb, A Sense of Honor

One does not need to be a psychologist to see a clear pattern here. Combine this with Mr. Webb's reference to the the United States Naval Academy as being a "Horny Woman's Dream" and you have the complete picture of the man who holds the Democratic Party's nomination for the United States Senate from Virginia.






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