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Weekend Pumpkin Fun

For those looking for some non-political fun this weekend, check out some of the pumpkins at Extreme Pumpkins.com. Of course I guess the pumpkin below could be interpreted as a bit political considering it is what very likely could be taking place among those in the losing party November 7.


Update: Musing Minds has a "puppytini" costume in time for Halloween.

Update II: For some fun Halloween party treats (especially cool for kids), check out the Kraft Foods site.

If you need some last minute decorating ideas, check out my cousin's site, Sleepless Souls.


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Comments (3)

Awesome pic! funny and orig... (Below threshold)

Awesome pic! funny and original. Unfortunately in the apartment complex it's kind of hard to get pumpkins and put em anywhere. Guess i could put em in the hall, but it's not the same as the porch when i was a kid! Oh well. Things for me are looking up and may have the money to buy a house soon! I'll put pumpkins out in the spring! (if i can find any!)

Nobody will eat Rick Santor... (Below threshold)

Nobody will eat Rick Santorum.

I saw a thing on the Histor... (Below threshold)

I saw a thing on the History Channel the other day about the history of Halloween. Turns out much of our modern take on the holiday - such as emphasis on fun for kids - stem to the waves of Irish immigration in the late 19th Century.

The Irish were happy to adapt their carving of Jack-o'-lanterns to pumpkins, because they are much easier to work with than what they had to use back home: turnips.







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