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If the Democrats Were in Charge

From the comic stylings of Frank J. at IMAO. What life could be like if Democrats were to be in charge:



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Comments (21)

There's only one thing moon... (Below threshold)

There's only one thing moonbats really can't stand, and that's intolerant cartoon stick characters. Expect a wave of riots and car burnings across the Blue States any minute now...

Ah yes, Frank J. His artis... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, Frank J. His artistic vision will be remembered for generations!

Counting down the days unti... (Below threshold)

Counting down the days until they lose both the House and Senate, the GOP is resorting to stick figures to communicate with their few reaming constituencies -- reminding them to vote in a hip, new "cutting-edge" advertising approach.

Testing showed a strong approval rating for the stick figure ad campaign among the targeted demographics -- high school dropouts who hang out behind the 7-11.

Are you with them, or with us?

Vote Democratic.

Heh, a Democrat, from the p... (Below threshold)

Heh, a Democrat, from the party that invented bumpersticker politics, complaining about juvenile cartoon is pretty rich, Lee.

If you want to see some juvenile leftist cartoons, Lee, I suggest looking up Ted Rall.

After being called a racist... (Below threshold)

After being called a racist, inbred, hillbilly, redneck, retard, stick figure (A) shoots big mouth liberal stick figure (C) and that ends that!

And after the GOP keeps the Senate, and (maybe) keeps the house, we can get back to normal ideological differences on issues.

Ah yes, Ted Rall, champion ... (Below threshold)
Is that supposed to be funny?:

Ah yes, Ted Rall, champion of "The Left". Took only 4 posts for that to come out. I masturbate to his cartoons frequently while dancing on a burning flag and singing China's national anthem.

I'd like to see a poll of racist and inbred Americans' political affiliations. I would bet that they would be in the minority of "people" (zombies, lizard-brains, whatever) who support this administration. Stereotypes tend to have an iota of factuality, and what-not...

Oh, and there are no good conservative cartoonists, because there are no funny conservatives other than Chris Rock (but he cusses too much so he'll never make inroads with the Family Values herd). When Dennis Miller is the best you got, you don't got much.

On November 7th, inbred retards throughout fly-over country will all be very disappointed. Nancy Pelosi is less than ten days away from aborting ALL of your babies and making Kumbaya the national anthem. Suckers!

Figurative mayhem in the st... (Below threshold)

Figurative mayhem in the streets. Somehow I don't feel as threatened as you intend. I think its those frilly sleeves.

Maybe you all would do better in Pirate Shirts?

Amazingly that really funny... (Below threshold)

Amazingly that really funny.

Isn't that Lee with the fri... (Below threshold)

Isn't that Lee with the frilly cuffs?

Yep, he'll be the first to go even after he pays the jiza tax. The blade will be upon him, but I think he'll just convert to islam and follow the teachings of mo /spit be upon him

Nothing is funny unless the... (Below threshold)

Nothing is funny unless there's a hint of truth to it...

That is why it's SO hilarious!!! I can see Nancy Pelonazi attempting JUST THAT!


That is so funny! ... (Below threshold)

That is so funny!

For Kalifornians this hits ... (Below threshold)

For Kalifornians this hits WAY too close to home.


Because out here the Legislature (read: "Democratic Party") decreed our schoolchildren must undergo THREE WEEKS OF MUSLIM IMMERSION.

For three weeks they dress in Muslim garb, recite the Koran and take on Islamic names...among other things.

I wish to God, er ah, Allan, that I was making this up...but I am not!!

The stick figure cartoon is, as said, WAY too close to home out here!

...with their few reaming c... (Below threshold)

...with their few reaming constituencies. Sorry Lee, the reaming constituencies are almost exclusively democrat.

...isn't that Lee with the ... (Below threshold)

...isn't that Lee with the frilly cuffs?

No, Lee is the one with frilly underwear.

And with the permament "puc... (Below threshold)

And with the permament "pucker".

Crude (but certainly more a... (Below threshold)

Crude (but certainly more appealing to the eye than Rall's trash), but entertaining and accurate. The liberals love to pontificate ad nauseum about "tolerance," but are always the last ones to actually practice it.

"complaining about juven... (Below threshold)

"complaining about juvenile cartoon is pretty rich, Lee."

Who's complaining? Seeing conservatives forced to reduce their message to stick figure cartoons to reach their target audience is not something I complain about. I'm glad the Republicans are making an effort to reach that all-important "Bubba" constituency.

In the vein of "no good con... (Below threshold)

In the vein of "no good conservative cartoonists" that was mentioned by a moonbat above, i would like to point out Cox and Forkum. Their political cartoons are usually quite funny and full of truth.


if you haven't heard of them, you have now.

In response to the idiot, L... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

In response to the idiot, Lee. Say what you will about Republican voters, at least they are alive, speak english, and can prove they are citizens of this country. That is much more than you can say about democratic voters. Particularly those who do not or cannot prove citizenship. You got papers, lee?

Speaking of Cox and Forkum,... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Cox and Forkum, my favorite drawing of theirs has to be this one: http://www.coxandforkum.com/archives/05.11.13.HistortRewrite-X.gif

And who says they don't have humor? I crack up every time I see it.

Check out Glenn McCoy's com... (Below threshold)

Check out Glenn McCoy's comics. They usually have a nice conservative air to them.


I'm particularly fond of "We're Shocked!"






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