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Mary Katharine Ham on CNN

This is very cool. Mary Katharine made her national television debut today on CNN debating with John from AmericaBlog the "racist" political ad criticizing Harold Ford. Note the anchor's reaction when MK says she doesn't think the ad is all that bad. Obviously, the anchor disagrees.

And MK looked cool and collected in spite of her going splat, as she describes it, before her arrival to the studio, which, by the way, would have been something I would have done as well.

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I don't think most Tennesse... (Below threshold)

I don't think most Tennesseans saw that ad as racist. Most thought it was talking down to Tennesseans and failed to get any humor out of it. You know the guns part. The "replacement" ad seems to talk down even worse. BTW Ford debated Corker tonight ... League of Women Voters and Channel 5. Ford stated Colen Powell worked in the Clinton administration? Did I miss that?

What's new with Ford's scre... (Below threshold)

What's new with Ford's screwup's. He said the Aussie's are a nuclear power and a threat to the United States. I"m wondering when that happened. Put Ford in charge of National Security and he'll launch a nuclear attack on the UK thinking it's the USSR. Dumb doesn't describe this criminal.

Powell served as Chairman o... (Below threshold)

Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff until 1993. The JCS Chairman is NOT part of an administration!! Powell took the position during Bush's presidency, and served well in that capacity during the first Gulf War (you know, the one Kerry voted against...even though it passed "the Global Test).

For Ford to claim Powell as part of Clinton's administration is misleading...at the VERY BEST!

People still watch CNN??</p... (Below threshold)

People still watch CNN??


People watch CNN for proof ... (Below threshold)

People watch CNN for proof that if you are black you are a 'slave of and to the democratic party', and if you split with the party and run as a republican they will make you pay dearly with slander and slime. I see no other reason the democrats would fund CNN to keep it on the air. As stated last week by someone, CNN is the democrats network and less than 1% of the viewers are anything other than democrats.

I find it amazing that CNN ... (Below threshold)

I find it amazing that CNN would actually put a man like Aravosis on the air as an objective talker. Aravosis is a definitive example of the nutroots left who whips up a furor on his blog with little or no evidence for his rants. Usually providing plenty of sloganized materials for sale that relates to what he is currently ranting about.

I used to think reading the folks at DU was wading in the muck of the net until I checked out Americablog.

The idiot fromn the Dems 'd... (Below threshold)

The idiot fromn the Dems 'decries homophobia', then unsolicited, brings up the fallacious crap about Lyn Cheney's "lesbian novel"? What a scumbag.

Ahhhh... Mary Katharine was... (Below threshold)

Ahhhh... Mary Katharine was completely blown out of the water. I'm a conservative, but come on let's not put on blinders here. She was totally out maneuvered and was not nearly forceful enough. This is the problem with conservatives. They don't do well at playing in the sewer. If you're going to "debate" the leftards, you have to put on the hazmat suit and go in swinging. I give her credit, particularly since it's the typical two against one setup - leftist interviewer and pundit against the conservative.

While I lean toward hemj's ... (Below threshold)

While I lean toward hemj's points, I don't think she was blown out of the water, just sucker punched and discounted. She did a good job of keeping her cool and smiling, which isn't easy under the circumstances. We don't need more Ann Coulters. Though just once I would have loved to hear her say "BULLSHIT!"

Well, I'm from Tennessee, a... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm from Tennessee, and I think it's ridiculous to say this ad is racist. I may be wrong, but I think Harold was dating a white woman. Who cares. No one in Tennessee does. Nor do I. That was a Playboy bunny. White, black or polka dot, the point was she was a Playboy bunny and Ford had been playing games with whether or not he attended a Playboy Pary. Who cared about that, either. If he'd had the good sense to say, heck yes, he went to the party, what red blooded guy wouldn't, it would have been over. Instead he slid around the issue and looked as if he had something to hide. It's all idiotic nonsense that athe Dems. who are more racist than Republicans ever thought about being, thought they could use to their advantage. Of course, the media was, as usual, their willing accomplice.
On another aspect, the two had a debate tonight. Ford outslicked Corker, but Corker, according to my very independent, aged mother (I am so prejudiced I didn't trust my own opinion), she much preferred Corker who looked as if he actually "liked" people where Ford looked far too smooth and practiced. For what it's worth.

That Ham girl is a conscien... (Below threshold)
j.p. willickers:

That Ham girl is a conscience short of being sexy.

Aravosis is a pretty smart guy. I'd have come across nervous and impotent if I had to debate him, too (not that I'd debate him, as we both have the same talking points beamed directly into our brains from Soros' control centre).

Easy bub. Thats Mary Kathar... (Below threshold)

Easy bub. Thats Mary Katharine...Ms. Kathy if your nasty!

Wolfe (Blitzer) was "quite ... (Below threshold)

Wolfe (Blitzer) was "quite a tiger"?????

I'm laughing so hard i can hardly type!!!!

Lynne Cheney blew him to bits.

I guess for the gullible CNN audience, any lie sticks.

Typical liberal BS. They c... (Below threshold)

Typical liberal BS. They can't refute facts, so they resort to name calling. Racist! Homophobe! Environment Killer!

It's pretty pathetic, but they do it every time, yet they are hypocrites as they are racists and they kill babies yet to be born.

Wow that is the prettiest p... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

Wow that is the prettiest pundit ever, I like her understated speaking style and clear thinking

That Ham girl is a... (Below threshold)
That Ham girl is a conscience short of being sexy.

Oh, yeah, nice backhanded misogyny there. Mary Katherine Ham isn't a *girl*. But hey, whatever you need to do to puff up your self esteem JP.

Ham got hammered by Aravosi... (Below threshold)

Ham got hammered by Aravosis. She appears nervous, and it's understandable - lying on national television about an important issue like racism must be nerve-wracking.

I'm sure that, with lots more practice, she'll be able to go on tv and lie like a good little Republican shill. She has great potential.

I just have to say this: I'... (Below threshold)

I just have to say this: I've thought for a long time that Carol Lin is one of the dumbest TV presenters I've ever seen, and that includes local.

For anyone visiting Wiz... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

For anyone visiting Wizbang for the first time disgusted with the propaganda spreading liberal media and fairly new in seeking the "TRUTH" on their own. BEWARE! They are here too! The bedwetters here are lee , jp2 , truthseeker2 , Muirgeo, hugh and many many more. They like to come here and practice their "LYING SKILLS" and defend their Criminal democrat party of fraud. I am sure it won't take but reading a couple of their posts to make up your own mind.

What do ya thing about a "PARDONED FELON" as Senator in New York soon to be running for President. Sound familiar? John Fraud Kerry.

Come on losers , let the whining begin.

Jimmeny Crickets! Lee's jus... (Below threshold)

Jimmeny Crickets! Lee's just a hatefull sum'bitch, ain't he?

Which blogger was the girl?... (Below threshold)

Which blogger was the girl? The one on the top or the sensible one on the bottom? Aravosis is a fool. Jungle drums? What a complete idiot. He/she reminds me of Lee. Of course the liberal was the rude one in the interview, cutting off Ham whenever he could. Anybody who saw some sort of racial message in that ad must see the world as balck and white. These are the people who are the racists. It is a great ad. Of course if the ad showed people throwing oreos at Ford, then I'd agree the ad was racist.






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