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More on the Aussie Mufti

According to Australia's News.com, Sheik Taj al-Din Al-hilaly, the mufti who insisted that women were were the cause of their own rapes because of how they dressed, apparently had ties to terror organizations, including, "Soldiers of God, which is thought to have been involved in the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1981."


ASIO warned authorities 20 years ago that Sheik Taj al-Din Al-hilaly could inflame communal violence in Australia.

Court judgments show ASIO initially believed the controversial mufti posed a risk to the community because of his alleged propensity to cause or promote violence.

Shortly after his arrival in Australia as the new imam of Lakemba Mosque in 1982, Sheik Hilaly was also linked with a shadowy terrorist group, Soldiers of God, which is thought to have been involved in the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

A group of the same name, also known as Ansar al Islam, is among those listed by the Federal Government as a banned terrorist organisation.

Western governments believe Ansar al Islam has close ideological and operational links with al-Qaeda.

Sheik Hilaly was also alleged to have endorsed suicide bombing, verbally attacked women and preached a highly political message of extremism.

The Sunday Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman writes today that a former intelligence officer said Sheik Hilaly's name first surfaced in a report by one of Australia's most senior intelligence assets in Cairo. The claimed the sheik spent a number of years training in Libya and was sent to Australia to train extremists.

Akerman writes the report was shelved and the agent who sent it believes that a campaign was waged against its contents.

As we learned yesterday, he's an Australian citizen, so the Aussies are stuck with him.

And the mufti is gloating about the fact that he can't be fired.

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While I claim no expertise ... (Below threshold)

While I claim no expertise on Australian law, I doubt that a non native citizen could not ultimately be de-naturalized and deported.

They are not stuck with him... (Below threshold)

They are not stuck with him.

His citizenship can be revoked and he can be deported.

There is no reason to allow this barbarian to infest our culture.

When will the world wake up... (Below threshold)

When will the world wake up and realize that we are fighting a bunch of crazy animals from the 17th century? They are sub-human in all of their actions, and Islam makes the Nazi's look like choir boys.

Perhaps he could be sent sn... (Below threshold)

Perhaps he could be sent snorkeling along the NW Coast looking for Crocks?

I've had quite enough racis... (Below threshold)

I've had quite enough racism and islamophobia. No one is defending Hilaly's views, any more than people can defend Peter Hollingworth's comments when he was governor general that 14 year old girls were seducing Anglican priests! Hollingworth resigned, as he should have, given his failure to understand the issues around rape. Now, he was an Anglican bishop, so there weren't calls for him to be deported or charged with terrorism offences. But his offence was the same.

Just last week we had 'gangs of White Christian youths' terrorising and filming a girl in Werribee - but apparently, respect for women is only lacking among muslim lebanese youths! The double standard is breathtaking. There's a problem in our culture of respect for other people, full stop. And all the Abrahamaic religions have had issues with women since Adam received the apple. So hopefully members of all religions can learn the error of their ways.

Muslims are no worse than Christians in this regard, so stop talking about 'barbarians infesting our culture' - when 'our culture' gave us torture at Abu Graib, the Holocaust, Inquisition - the list goes on. Respect starts at home.

Aron, you are ignorant as h... (Below threshold)

Aron, you are ignorant as hell. First off, Abu "Graib" was not done in the name of Christianity, it was done by only a few sadistic individuals who were condemned for their actions. Second, the Holocaust was not done in the name of Christianity, it was done in the name of Germanic racial superiority. Thirdly, the only action that you list that was done in the name of Christianity, the Inquisition, ended centuries ago and is now universally condemned by Christians everywhere. I notice that whenever anyone says anything bad about Islam or its adherents, someone always tries to list Christian atrocities. Most of which are centuries old and are now reviled. There are some exceptions, such as the priests and young boys, but at least action is now being taken. If it were shieks and little boys, they would defend themselves by using the old racism card, or by saying its a time honored tradition or some other bullshit. Also, Aron mentions that there are problems with all religions and women. Yeah, cause I am always hearing how priests say that rape victims have it coming to them. And lets not forget the rape epidemic growing in Europe, especially in Northern Europe like Denmark, oh wait, thats not Christians, those are Muslims doing it. Lets see, there are also honor killings done against females who are seen to dishonor their families, nope, no Christians doing that, Muslims again. Aron, you also mention that there are no calls for the deportation of the Angelican Bishop. Maybe, just maybe, that there have not been God knows how many thousands of people killed in the name of the Angelican Church, or God knows how many threats to do more killings in the future. You don't have Angelicans strapping bombs to themselves blowing people up. Maybe, just maybe, that could be the reason that there were no calls for deportation. I see you list all the horrible offences from our "culture." The biggest difference between us and them is that we see those events and are shamed by them and we vow never to let such things happen again. In their culture, their offences are to be praised and honored and to vow to do more.

Yeah! Some guy in Australia... (Below threshold)

Yeah! Some guy in Australia is a big jerk! Let's blog about it!

Seriously, what are you going to do about it, Kim? Have you sent a letter to the Australian government? Or are you just content to spout off on the wankernet? Insofar as this guy does pose a threat to you (an idea which you have failed to convince any reasonable human being), perhaps being a little more proactive would be fruitful...?

Nah, fuck it, let's BLOG about it! When the Islamonazicommufemifascists come pounding on your door, you'll have a hard drive full of clever rhetorical condemnation ready to heave at 'em! YOU GO GIRL!

Wow, someone with a keyboar... (Below threshold)

Wow, someone with a keyboard and an internet connection is an unimpressive jerk. Lets not blog about that, please.






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