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Who Were Those Men in the World Series and What Did They Do with the Detroit Tigers?

What happened to the Detroit Tigers?

Were they abducted en mass by aliens and replaced with people who didn't know how to play baseball?

Was there a interruption in the space/time continuum and the Tigers and anti-Tigers found themselves in opposite but parallel universes?

Something must have happened because it simply isn't possible that the team that showed up to the World Series was the same team that played during the regular season and the playoffs. I mean, they were playing like they were channeling Walter Matthau's Bad News Bears. Arrgh!!!!


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Comments (9)

It was pretty bizarre. Pit... (Below threshold)

It was pretty bizarre. Pitching was a strength all season, who could know that it was defensive play by the pitchers that would do us in. That and the lack of hitting -- but both teams were pretty mild offensively.

When I went to the game last Saturday, I had no inkling that it would be the only game that they would win. So, at least I was there for that -- it was a blast.

A pathetic effort by both t... (Below threshold)

A pathetic effort by both teams, but at least the Cards can say they won.

Hard to watch.Go B... (Below threshold)

Hard to watch.

Go Blue!

Its quite simple. Rove.... (Below threshold)

Its quite simple. Rove.

Having the Cards win helps the incumbent, Talent.
Having the Tigs lose (they don't deserve their full name) hurts the incumbent (stabenow and granholm).

He would have stayed out of it and used his awesome mental powers elsewhere, but the polls were close enough he felt he had to do it.

Ugh, Saturday=Sunday. It o... (Below threshold)

Ugh, Saturday=Sunday. It only felt like Saturday because I stayed out until 2:00 a.m.

Please, don't remind me!!!<... (Below threshold)
field negro:

Please, don't remind me!!!

The answer seems simple to ... (Below threshold)

The answer seems simple to a pagan like me. Detroit tried to cheat (pine tar on pitcher's hand) in the very first inning of the first game of the World Series. The Gods of Baseball took note and punished them accordingly. They did not win another game ant their pitching staff set a record for errors.

Jay, Kenny "Pine Tar" Roger... (Below threshold)
eddie bear:

Jay, Kenny "Pine Tar" Rogers pulled hus trick in game 2. Also, I find it amazing a man who was brave enough to dodge questions about pine tar in game 2 and beat up a cameraman last year was too chicken to pitch in St. Louis in game 5, when his team needed him. It's not as though he was in Philly or NYC, where his life may have indeed been in danger.

I was wrong. I said the Car... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I was wrong. I said the Cards in 6.

Too many braindead pitcher errors--that's exactly what cost the Tigers the Series. Slppery fields don't help, but you can can't make those excuses because the Cards played on the same field. Finally, no hitting from the middle of the order also really hurt.

My apologies to Tigers' fans. My BIG congrats to Cardinals fans--maybe the classiest organization in baseball.






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