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A Jihad Christmas

The radical jihadists are not going to like this one, which is why I'm posting it.

Someone has already flagged it as inappropriate for some users. Shock. I wonder how long before it's pulled altogether.

Hat tip: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


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Comments (21)

Something to offend everyon... (Below threshold)

Something to offend everyone!

Great link.


That's great!... (Below threshold)

That's great!

Definetly offensive to the ... (Below threshold)

Definetly offensive to the democrats and their friends/supporters the terrorists, or make that all of Islam since they are all terrorists, bar none.

<a href="http... (Below threshold)

Evangelical-GOP alliance weakens

Of the many disturbing trends for Republicans this campaign season, one of the most troubling is the drop in support among white evangelicals.

The number of conservative Christians with a favorable view of the party has plummeted from 74 percent to 54 percent between 2004 and this year, according to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Evangelicals comprise more than one-third of GOP voters.

First the Republicans use stick figure cartoons to attract the GOP's single-digit-IQ constituency, and now Christian cartoons. Hmm, there's a pattern developing.

Sometimes the GOP can be so... slutty.

Of course anyone who dares question their motives will be labeled a 'jihadist"...

Stay the course, Wizbangers, stay the course. It's working.

*****... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the vid... It's ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the vid... It's hilarious... Peep into this amazing Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Apparently, clueLEEs is una... (Below threshold)

Apparently, clueLEEs is unaware that FrankJ has been using his unique artistic talents for years and years...

And here's a thought, Lee (try not to let it frighten you): perhaps some conservatives are tired of seeing their efforts to enlighten you go right over your head, so they're dumbing down their message for your benefit.


Lee:Hold your brea... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Hold your breath until one of those "white evangelicals" votes for a democrat!

My son attends a college-pr... (Below threshold)

My son attends a college-prep non-denominational Christian High Schoool. Many, if not most of the families who support the school, consider themselves to be conservative Christians--the press might call some of them "evangelicals" (as if that is a bad thing).

From what I KNOW...
--almost all the parents are college graduates, and working professionals, some are EVEN brain surgeons and rocket scientists!! (Maybe it's the Christian evangelicals who have the brains, wouldn't that be a shocker!)
--the word is NONE are staying home on election day here. They just don't get out and argue their positions.
--generally, most support the war as many have studied the mid-East & have relatives who have served recently or are serving; they don't just verbally support soldiers, but send packages, pray, etc.

It will be interesting to see wht happens on election day.

I agree Diane, the left and... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

I agree Diane, the left and Lee's of the world don't get it. Conservative are busy working for a living, supporting their families, living lives of individual responsibility, too busy to be caught up in the left's vitriolic hatred of President Bush and everything normal.

Not to worry Lee, you'll still be whining after election day as the silent majority goes to the polls in record numbers and crushes the hopes of Pelosi-Reid and company.

ClueLees indeed.If... (Below threshold)

ClueLees indeed.

If that is a "Christian" cartoon, then we're all in deep trouble. I hardly think the "gold cross" and its Christmas lights are symbols a Christian would pick to highlight their religion, especially an Evangelical. While it boinks Islam, the cartoon takes a swipe or two at certain Christian faiths as well.

I watched half of the carto... (Below threshold)

I watched half of the cartoon, maybe less. Glad to see that you made it all the way through, epador.

There's this - the third comment on the YouTube page for this video.

Islam is evil. Islam is violent. Islam is neanderthal wishing to bring us into the Dark Ages. Muhammad a false prophet who is in hell this very moment and now he cries out that Islam is a lie. Great video. No Racism for islam is not a RACE, but a religious and political tyranny. Racist is an overused word spouted by idiots who does not know the meaning of racism.

It sounds like the usual GOP evangelical moron chatter. You know -- "Our Way, or it's the Highway... to Hell!" kind of crap that you see from the intolerant "Christian" right.

You're such a bigot, Lee. H... (Below threshold)

You're such a bigot, Lee. Have you thought about attending counseling sessions to deal with your rage? Look at the hatespeech in this line of yours:
"...the usual GOP evangelical moron chatter."
And yet, in your very next sentence you accuse the GOP of being "intolerant." I think you're projecting your own shortcomings onto other people.
Perhaps someday, with enough medication, you will learn to abandon your hateful ways.

I'm far from an evangelical... (Below threshold)

I'm far from an evangelical. My callsign on here is actually a reference to a mocking South Park episode. However, I find Lee call Christians "intolerant" as mind-numbingly, hypocritically hilarious. I've never met a more racist, intolerant, sexist, bigoted or just pure hateful than your average left wing liberal. Look what they do to an African-American who dares wander off the plantation and refuses to be called "Toby" and vote Democrat--out comes the "Uncle Tom" or blackface cartoons or the oreo references.

"Multiculturalism" is just their code word for segregation. "Political Correctness" is their code word for censorship. "Socialism" is just their code word for class separation or rule of the masses by the elite. It's becoming clear that the liberals are salivating like Pavlovian dogs at the idea of sharia law since that would give them ultimate authority to subjugate the masses. It's the ultimate socialist system.

I believe the Nov elections will once again show that the liberals simply buy their own hype and will be shocked to find out how many non-extreme liberals would rather vote Republican than give the reigns to people who's very sanity should be questioned.

The "Our Way, or it's the Highway" mantra is a perfect description of the left wing mindset. Ask Joe Lieberman. Pretty apt description of the radical Islam position as well.

This is great! I tra... (Below threshold)

This is great!
I trackbacked to you as well, but it isn't showing up yet at your blog.

Thanks for all you do.

Lee mindlessly blathered:<b... (Below threshold)

Lee mindlessly blathered:

It sounds like the usual GOP evangelical moron chatter. You know -- "Our Way, or it's the Highway... to Hell!" kind of crap that you see from the intolerant "Christian" right.

Tell that to Joe Lieberman - yet another victim of the Liberal Inquisition.

Don't worry about Lee and h... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about Lee and his claim of a 30-seat change. Just propose this bet and he'll not return (happened twice so far).

I'll bet Lee that the House stays Republican. If not, I will not post anywhere on Wizbang for one year from the election. But if it does, Lee is to not post anywhere on Wizbang (of course he is still permitted to read and be educated) for one year from the election.

I am shamelessly forwarding... (Below threshold)

I am shamelessly forwarding the link.

I am an evangelical, and I ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I am an evangelical, and I enjoyed the cartoon. Why? Because I have a sense of humor! Impossible for someone like me to have a sense of humor, you say? Ha ha! Of course Lee can find someone to fit his stereotype. And I can find numerous examples of people who confirm my prejudices too. Ultimately, I have decided not to engage lefties very much in these comments. It's kind of like throwing pearls before swine (figuratively, of course- please don't be offended!) without the trampling part (I will let the reader look it up). I see their desire to correct us as a kind of pathological need to be seen as right. A good evangelist presents his ideas and allows the listener to decide for themselves, with consequences delineated. Poor evangelists think it is about them, and as such think that the volume of their words, the "purity" of their motives, or their superior intelligence should turn the thinking of the great unwashed to their view.

"My way or the highway...to hell."

Ironically enough, Jesus came up with that. Sort of.
John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Please pardon His followers if they communicate what He said imperfectly, or aren't quite perfect in everything they do. I guess we will find out some day who is right.

Well, ain't this a cutey...... (Below threshold)

Well, ain't this a cutey... We're not supposed to get upset by bathering Islamic extremists, but by this yes? Ha ha ha

Well, Diane, we saw what ha... (Below threshold)

Well, Diane, we saw what happened on election day: the Repubs got theirs handed to them, across the board, with no exceptions, from every voting sector in America. If this was the presidential years, as well, the democrats would now control all US government, nationwide. I guess it will be another two years for that, huh?

Anyway, making fun of all religions is fun, actually, but that wasn't funny simply because it wasn't any good. The jokes are soooo tired: "I'm a Muslim, I'm a terrorist," and show so little knowledge of Muslims to make fun of beyond that, that we don't even laugh at the one tired old joke it makes.

Insulting a religion is funny because it's true, and insightful, and shows things that are stereotypes that you didn't realize until you saw them and then when you did you said "Hah...that's *so right*, it *is* really like that... that's funny." I guess you'd actually have to know a Muslim to do that. That's why racists are so good at making fun of blacks, because they know them, but not Muslims, because we don't.

So Charlie Brown is a jihadi, and in the end all he gets is Lucy. This is as tired as you can make a cartoon.






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