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And now for something completely different...

Recently, I whipped up a fake license plate for a blogger who is moving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. During that, I re-discovered the delightful "License Plate Maker."

But after I finished off Bruce's plate, I thought of another blogger who could use a custom plate. And another. And another. Before I knew it, I had whipped up 9 plates for 9 different bloggers.

(I had ideas for a couple others, but I didn't know what states they live in.)

So, now it's your turn to have some fun. How long will it take for folks to guess all nine bloggers, and how many people will start making their own plates for other bloggers?

Have at it, folks. It was long past time for some fun.


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Comments (11)

Those are great Jay. I tho... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Those are great Jay. I thought No Dhimmi was Michelle, until I noticed the state. Glenn's was easiest to figure out. Is the Texas one RightWing Sparkle? I had a couple more guesses, but will leave the to others.

I know who they all are...<... (Below threshold)

I know who they all are...

NoDhimmi is Charles Johnson... (Below threshold)

NoDhimmi is Charles Johnson
NukeMoon is, of course, Frank J.
TX Classy is RWS, I think...
SMASHUSN is SMASH, of course
"Heh." A freebie!
Speak Up is Rob/Say Anything
Cat Crap is of course IFOC Lair

U Racist? I dunno. Lotsa DC/VA bloggers, so I'll guess Malkin, since the retarded moonbats are always calling her "gook" and other similar niceties. Just a guess.

OK, a hint or two:... (Below threshold)

OK, a hint or two:

1) Right Wing Sparkle certainly IS classy, but she's not CERTIFIED classy.

2) The Virginia blogger is NOT one I happen to admire.


The Virginia blogger is ... (Below threshold)

The Virginia blogger is NOT one I happen to admire.

Guessing that it's OW, then.

Heh, had to figure out what... (Below threshold)

Heh, had to figure out what ACOE meant to get the obvious answer -- that's perfect.

I know who the Texan is . .... (Below threshold)

I know who the Texan is . . . !

Er, the one besides Lair, t... (Below threshold)

Er, the one besides Lair, that is.

I thought Oliver lived in M... (Below threshold)

I thought Oliver lived in Maryland.

Great stuff, Jay! (Needed ... (Below threshold)

Great stuff, Jay! (Needed a laught today.)

I would have done "LT SMASH" instead of "SMASHUSN".
But I loved "HEH"(R) and "NUKEMOON" Fantastic. LOL

(R) "Heh" is a registered trademark of Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit.

lol I might have to get me ... (Below threshold)

lol I might have to get me one of them.






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