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Bill Clinton Birthday Bash Tickets Selling About As Well As The Dixie Chicks

This is pretty funny. Noel Sheppard writes that Bill Clinton's birthday bash tickets have been drastically slashed in price due to slow sales. They were extremely pricey, $500,000, but now have been slashed as low as $1,710. Can you imagine paying full price and then finding out you will be rubbing elbows with commoners who got in for $1,710? The event includes a concert by the Rolling Stones, but heck, I saw the Rolling Stones in concert and I paid no where close to that. Sure it was about 15 years ago, but still... Bill Clinton is going to have to do a whole lot more legacy building (ie. history rewriting) before he sells out the house at top dollar.

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I wonder what spooked Holly... (Below threshold)

I wonder what spooked Hollywoodenheads the most:

The cost?

The Clintons?

Admitting everyone alive grows old?

Or that a lot of the money would go to charity?

"...to raise money for his ... (Below threshold)

"...to raise money for his Clinton Foundation, which spotlights diverse worldwide crises such as AIDS, childhood obesity and global warming..."

What a jerk!

Maybe the left doesn't like... (Below threshold)

Maybe the left doesn't like private charity, only government social programs? Private, voluntary charity is so...conservative, so Republican. It doesn't take your money away and spend it fo rht "common good."

I wonder if this is a hint of Hillary the Has-been, too. Is the left only interested in the Clintons when they can assist the Dems to regain the White House, and this fundraiser was not obviously designed to further that?

If Hillary's negatives get so high that it will be obvious that she could not be a winner in the general election, I wonder how fast the Hollywood and NY elite would dump her.

What a jerk!<p... (Below threshold)

What a jerk!

Pretty much. Anyone who's so full of themselves to assume a bunch of people are going to pony up a half-million bucks just to have the honor of sitting next to them should qualify for the description.

Read somewhere that he's pl... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Read somewhere that he's planning to hand out cigars to those who attend; I wonder if they'll be new ones.

Old Coot, you are one mean ... (Below threshold)

Old Coot, you are one mean man (but honest) and I think I like you. ROFL

Can't I just get him an act... (Below threshold)

Can't I just get him an action figure and a card?

And is a Barbie Doll considered and action figure?

Didn't the Clintons make en... (Below threshold)

Didn't the Clintons make enough money selling those White House treasures they stole on ebay?

Guess not.

File this under "people who... (Below threshold)

File this under "people who should communicate less:"

"Pretty much. Anyone who's so full of themselves to assume a bunch of people are going to pony up a half-million bucks just to have the honor of sitting next to them should qualify for the description."

"Clinton's birthday celebrations in Toronto raised about $21 million."

Wizbang be proud.

So if Hillary doesn't ge th... (Below threshold)

So if Hillary doesn't ge the nomination, they can move to Canada, become citizens, and Hillary can say she's always been a Blue Jays fan when she runs for office?

Just when you think that th... (Below threshold)

Just when you think that the Klintons cannont sink farther down into the sewage and mire, they seem to find new ground... i mean turds.

It dose,nt matter although ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

It dose,nt matter although they will probibly have the usial of the hollywood left attending but frankly i would,nt go even if i were invited

If you are serious about st... (Below threshold)

If you are serious about steamy frontier lesbian lovin' but can't afford the prices on ebay, the entire Lynne Cheney shebang can be downloaded here:


This is the internet link where you can download Cheney's lesbian novel. I mean, if you're going to call a spade a spade, let's show that it's true for both political parties, right all you phoney right-wingers out there?

jp2,"Clinton's bir... (Below threshold)


"Clinton's birthday celebrations in Toronto raised about $21 million."

So at $500k per ticket, you're saying that only 42 people went to the party? Damn, not even as big as the average college kegger.

I'm sorry, but which office... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but which office is Lynn Cheney running for again?

illtemper,Bwhahaha... (Below threshold)



Must have been some party.

Actually, that $21 million ... (Below threshold)

Actually, that $21 million raised in Toronto owed much of its success to large corporate sponsors paying a couple of hundred thou per table (not per head), with most of the actual proceeds coming from auctions for things like a meeting with Bono from U2, not for a meeting with Clinton.

Will there be plenty for bi... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Will there be plenty for billy boy clinton to keep him busy or will hillary interveine?






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