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Be Campaign Manager For A Day

[Update: Vernon Robinson stopped by and posted a message in the comments section so after you cast your vote be sure to hit the comments section to read it.]

Vernon Robinson, Republican candidate for Congress in North Carolina's 13th district, is asking the right side of the blogosphere (the "Rightroots"), for help in the final week of his campaign. He is going to let the Rightroots vote to determine his schedule for Wednesday, November 1. Robinson's statement follows:

The race for Congress in North Carolina's 13th is razor close. My opponent is totally on defense even bringing in Jim Clyburne, South Carolina's black Congressman to try to shore up his black vote 8 days before. The DCCC has made inquiries and filed paperwork to buy time in the 13th district.

I've decided to fire my campaign manager for a day and have you, the Rightroots, vote on my schedule for Wednesday Nov 1. Whatever you select, we will execute. As the press will follow me around, try to vary the type of events and try to select a number of events to emphasize policy issues. For instance, a visit to the DMV, the Knightdale Minute clinic, and a charter school, would allow us to emphasize illegal immigration, consumer-driven health care, and education reform respectively. The only thing we must do Wednesday is to speak to the College Republicans at NC State in the 6-8 block of time.

Those campaigns that are engaging the blogosphere now are incredibly smart, and by the time 2008 rolls around, anyone not in touch with the blogosphere will be seen as a true dinosaur.

Cast your votes now to let Robinson know how you would schedule his campaign for a day!



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Comments (24)

I voted and it was pretty f... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I voted and it was pretty fun. All of my choices are not winning though. Some of you outside of NC might want to take a look at a map before voting. I think there is time to get from any of the choices to the next, but some serious zigzagging is possible with some combinations.

It was interesting to think about what symbols and statements could be made at the various stops. It looks like Wednesday will be a busy day.

This sounds like a very pro... (Below threshold)
lori from texas:

This sounds like a very progressive and creative approach. My only concern would be that he would get garbage results from all the lefties who might sabotage his survey. In the end, I would still encourage this kind of input from the blogosphere but might limit input to only republican/conservative/right-leaning blog posters who filter suggestions from their known commenters.

Energize his base!!! Where ... (Below threshold)

Energize his base!!! Where ever that is in NC. don't waste any time in middle/ neutral areas.
The demographics should be in HIS favor.
Make the schedule based on that factor.
Energize not convince.
Let the (base) KNOW Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy await their vote!!! What is it gonna be? RED STATE for crying out loud, NO excuse!!
Good Luck and GO GET EM !!!!!!!

I don't live in his distric... (Below threshold)

I don't live in his district but if I did he'd have my vote. Listen to his ads and look at this idea and it is obvious that this is a guy with fresh ideas. He is not going to play by someone else's playbook.

why not take the freedomwor... (Below threshold)
karen z.:

why not take the freedomworks candidate survey sometime soon?

Whatever Pat Adams tells yo... (Below threshold)

Whatever Pat Adams tells you to do, do it ....>LISTEN TO HER ....AND WIN THAT ELECTION. People in Pennsylvania are counting on you too!!!!!!!

Thanks for posting and voti... (Below threshold)

Thanks for posting and voting. All of the choices are good. I don't think you can use this medium and try to limit participation. If the objective is to reach out into the blogosphere then you must put up with the socialist representative(s) from time to time. I have a 13,000 person e-mail list from whom we should be hearing soon. It will be interesting how they will vote. I would have made different choices, but having real citizens make choices rather than a weary candidate probably will result in a better list. Thanks to Lorie et al for helping make this happen.

Dear Vernon....you are doin... (Below threshold)
Ann Esch:

Dear Vernon....you are doing a fine job and I wish I could vote for you like I did when you ran in the 5th district....we need you in Congress...Good luck and God bless you....Ann Esch and Family

I don't care what you do. ... (Below threshold)

I don't care what you do. Just WIN! My North Caraolina relatives are depending on you!

Us Yankees too!

If there's any way to get f... (Below threshold)

If there's any way to get face time on the local TV stations do it.

Drive hard for the finish Vernon, even though a lot of us can't vote for you we'll still cheer you on!

Good luck!

1:30 PM Check with realest... (Below threshold)

1:30 PM Check with realestate agent for good apartment win nice view in D.C. area. Need to be within walking distance of Congress. :-))


Hello, Vernon!Keep u... (Below threshold)
Ashley Griffin:

Hello, Vernon!
Keep up the good work.As you know, I live in the 12th, so I will vote for Dr. Fischer.Keep fighting for the Fair Tax Plan, healthcare, and keep combating illegal immigration.

My husband is in video production and suggests you work on the picture quality in your ads. Just a constructive suggestion from him. He says Miller's ads have better picture quality.

Good luck Vernon! I was bo... (Below threshold)
Jeanne McCormick:

Good luck Vernon! I was born in Salisbury, and my parents and grandparents were all from Charlotte. I haven't lived in N.C. for years, but it still has a warm and special place in my heart, as do you. The entire country needs you, and I only wish I could vote for you. Since I cannot, I will just have to make do with rooting you on!

Please Try to Visit Winston... (Below threshold)
Bill & Sylvia Redding:

Please Try to Visit Winston-Salem Street School &/or Latham School, which Greg Errett (Pub Works) & Carmen Caruth (Convention & Visitors Center)

That was fun. I took Lorie... (Below threshold)

That was fun. I took Lorie's advice and found a good map of the district in .pdf form here: North Carolina CD-13.

Vernon, I live in AZ, but y... (Below threshold)

Vernon, I live in AZ, but you are my man and I showed it by twice donating $$$ to your campagne.
I look forward to vote for you when you run for Preseident.

Cheering you on.


YOU ARE A WINNER! A GREAT A... (Below threshold)
Silvia A. Gonzalez:




Just remember to take good ... (Below threshold)
Janice Lee Urton:

Just remember to take good care of you. Our weather is changing here in Missouri, the wind is cold, and leaves us chilled if we've been out long. Please don't eat lots of fast food... eat good stuff. You'll stay healthy through this rushed and rugged schedule and keep your energy level going strong.

Remember your family is in this struggle too so keep in touch and know there are many of us praying for you and them and your staff and your victory.

WE ARE DESPARATE FOR MEN OF EXCELLENT CHARACTER to represent our states and our country not only here at home but around the world. God bless you.
A "Grammy" from Missouri.

The international two spiri... (Below threshold)

The international two spirit community, our friends in the press, and faith communities around the hemisphere are listening carefully and by the hour to the candidate's analysis & critique on aboriginal people :)

If you end up talking at UN... (Below threshold)
Jeb Bush:

If you end up talking at UNCG, we'll miss you at the Klan meeting.

Any blog still using the te... (Below threshold)
Laughing softly:

Any blog still using the term "blogosphere" in 2006 is already a dinosaur.

Fantastic! Bet today is go... (Below threshold)
Ms. Zombina:

Fantastic! Bet today is going well. Too bad you couldn't fit in some time for some AR-15 shooting of a post-Halloween pumpkin. ;)
Your Friends in Fairfax

The challenge in District 1... (Below threshold)

The challenge in District 13 is going to come down to energizing enough voters in the more rural areas to offset the large block of Raleigh voters that lean heavily towards Miller and any Democrat.

One issue where Brad Miller's voting record looks real bad is last years' legislation to protect private property owners from eminent domain abuse.

Brad Miller and Mel Watt both voted against the majority bi-partisan support for the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2005(H.R. 3135).
Watt tried to gut the Bill to meaningless proportions, but failed.
Miller voted against it's passage more than once.

Why isn't Vernon highlighting this issue on Millers voting record?

Especially since Vernon has a history of supporting the people against forced annexation and he does include that on his website??

I am very puzzled about why this issue is being given short shrift when it is so important to so many people.


POSTED: 4:04 pm EST Novembe... (Below threshold)
Little Man:

POSTED: 4:04 pm EST November 8, 2006
UPDATED: 4:04 pm EST November 8, 2006

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Vernon Robinson says his loss to Brad Miller in the 13th District congressional race may be his last run at political office.

Peace, from a 2 Spirit person :)






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