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Bill Maher: Totally Classless

Take a look at the Halloween costume that Bill Maher wore to an LA party:



Added: Someone asked what he's supposed to be. He's pretending to be Steve Irwin after being stabbed in the heart by a sting ray.

Hat tip: The Great Satan.


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Comments (54)

Well, it's inexpensive. Ma... (Below threshold)

Well, it's inexpensive. Maybe he's cheap and classless.

Lighten up. I laughed. But ... (Below threshold)
Joshua Fenton:

Lighten up. I laughed. But like everything Bill Maher, it isn't original since South Park already played this card.

What is it?... (Below threshold)

What is it?

Synova:It's suppos... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


It's supposed to be a stingray barb (though it looks like a lizard's tail), and Mahar is supposed to be Steve Irwin.

I imagine even the classles... (Below threshold)

I imagine even the classless, tasteless, clueless idiot liberals in Hollywood think that costume is a new "low" for one of their fellow libs.

All I can say is WOW.

It's tasteless. Steve Irwi... (Below threshold)

It's tasteless. Steve Irwin was a good guy who died just a month ago in an accident.

For South Park to lampoon it is bad enough, but that's its MO.

For an adult to to so is tacky beyond words.

Is that a cheap rug he has ... (Below threshold)

Is that a cheap rug he has on his head, too? How appropriate.

Here's an alcohol-swollen b... (Below threshold)

Here's an alcohol-swollen bill mahar trying too hard to be funny. What a loser, really.

I agree with goddess.... ... (Below threshold)

I agree with goddess.... "tacky beyond words"

I believe that Bill Maher h... (Below threshold)

I believe that Bill Maher has a Mel Gibson moment waiting in his future.

Thanks, Peter. For some r... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Peter. For some reason I was thinking Van Gogh. (Or whatever that dutch fellow's name was.) And that didn't seem right. (It would have needed a note.)

Has this week's caption com... (Below threshold)

Has this week's caption competition started already?

Maybe Bill Maher is hinting... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Maybe Bill Maher is hinting at the expected sudden death of this own television persona

Here's an alcohol-... (Below threshold)
Here's an alcohol-swollen bill mahar trying too hard to be funny. What a loser, really
Are you talking about his costume, or his HBO show?
Tasteless.But I ha... (Below threshold)


But I have to say Thank You to Maher, He teaches everything to my children that I am at a loss to do. Mr. Maher criticizes Christians because we fall short of being "Christ like." I somehow think that is the pot calling the kettle black.

I haven't laughed at anythi... (Below threshold)

I haven't laughed at anything Maher-related in years, with the notable exception of the brief mention of him (no names, but a pretty obvious reference) in Max Brooks' "World War Z". Ridiculous, especially considering the context (man vs. zombie!!). Considering how badly he comes off, I don't see Maher allowing Brooks onto his show anytime soon...

You shouldn't raise people'... (Below threshold)

You shouldn't raise people's hopes like this.

Actually, I think this is p... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think this is pretty funny. I guess I'm pretty tasteless, too.

(note: I think Bill Maher is an ignorant crapweasel, so I was predisposed to be against him, but I almost laughed out loud).

Making fun of someone's dea... (Below threshold)

Making fun of someone's dead father is funny?

I don't get it.

Picturing Maher dead- now that's funny.

Picture of a typical democ'... (Below threshold)

Picture of a typical democ'rat. Drunk or drugged, or both, as usual.

The perfect display of cras... (Below threshold)

The perfect display of crass stupidity.

I never did give him much credit for being clever, funny or smart and a whole lot less now.

he's no matt & trey, that's... (Below threshold)

he's no matt & trey, that's for sure

Isn't Bill a bit old to con... (Below threshold)

Isn't Bill a bit old to continue with these juvenile insensitivities? I sent a link of this photo to Irwin's foundation in Australia. I'm sure they'll see humor in a sad death of a real person with a real family and real life.

You mean Bill Maher is bein... (Below threshold)

You mean Bill Maher is being politically incorrect?

That's a surprise.

wad, why would you send the... (Below threshold)

wad, why would you send them a link.


Nice Hair though.W... (Below threshold)
Mark Bishop:

Nice Hair though.

Where is pancake makeup?

Totally disgusting, insensi... (Below threshold)

Totally disgusting, insensitive and cruel....

Typical Liberal.

This isn't merely political... (Below threshold)

This isn't merely politically incorrect. This is even beyond irreverent. Some things are sacred. There aren't too many places to go after that is lost.

Consider this:EVER... (Below threshold)

Consider this:

EVERY Democrat thinks JUST like Bill Maher....

Tomorrow I'm going as "Dick... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Tomorrow I'm going as "Dick Cheney, Hunter". Why is that more funny than Mahar's? Simple: No one died.

(Does anybody know how hard it is to find a toy rifle? Man, I've had a helluva a time....)

....and HE calls President ... (Below threshold)

....and HE calls President Bush stupid????

Can SOMEONE PLEASE tell me.... (Below threshold)

Can SOMEONE PLEASE tell me....

WHAT could POSSIBLY make Liberal Maher believe that it's funny???????????????????????????????????

That is not his nose!tell m... (Below threshold)

That is not his nose!tell me thats a fake nose.No! you mean its his honker.What a big nosed butt hole.

Would he wear that if Steve... (Below threshold)

Would he wear that if Steve's Irwin's daughter was going to be at that party? Or his wife?

He's an idiot for doing it ... (Below threshold)

He's an idiot for doing it in the first place, and he's a complete dumbfuck for not realizing that the stingray stinger would not have penetrated Irwins sternum. If you're gonna be crass enough to make the costume, at least do it right.

He lost the glasses and eye... (Below threshold)

He lost the glasses and eye brows that came with the nose

I'm glad you included the c... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you included the caption. I thought that thing coming out of his chest was Arianna's tail.

I expect to see him protest... (Below threshold)

I expect to see him protesting at a soldiers funeral with the phony church members. Someone stick a fork in him and see if he's done. Whatever network employs him should fire him today or suffer a boycott like never before.

I see a strike by a greedy union against Goodyear paid off really well. Goodyear closed a plant that employed 1500 of them. That should save close to enough money to pay the raise they demanded. Out of work, blame your friends. Sometimes liberal greed is not good.

... actually, I've been thi... (Below threshold)

... actually, I've been thinking about canceling HBO ever since the last Soprano's season ended. This is as good a reason as any to tell that guy to get bent.

Just so you know, Amigos...... (Below threshold)

Just so you know, Amigos....

Before you get too bent out out of shape about this guy....

This is the guy that that Ann Coulter calls her boyfriend.

Happy Halloween.


This is the guy that tha... (Below threshold)

This is the guy that that Ann Coulter calls her boyfriend.

So? That doesn't make Maher any less classless or tasteless. It just shows that he's also a slut.

Now that's just wrong.... (Below threshold)

Now that's just wrong.

Stupid Putz is too nice of ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Stupid Putz is too nice of a description. He's no different than Al Frankin or Janeane Garofalo. All useful idiots in any case but not funny. They should stick to their day jobs. Oh, that would be unemployed liberals.

Classless isn't the worst p... (Below threshold)

Classless isn't the worst part. The costume's already become cliche before Halloween.

Not a case of too soon, but too many (as in too many losers are doing the same costume).

Narcissus is alive and well... (Below threshold)

Narcissus is alive and well. Bill Maher exemplifies everything that is wrong with America in 2006.

Christians are called to the aid of widows and orphans. Bill Maher is called to satirizing their suffering for a laugh. Christians are called to labor and sacrifice. Bill Maher is called to privelege and self-indulgence. Christians are called to temperance. Bill Maher is summoned to "last call."

Christians are exhorted by God to Pray for the Bill Mahers of the world...

...Bill Maher should beg the forgiveness of the widow Mrs. Irwin and that vivacious little girl of hers. And the new son won't appreciate your humor once he's old enough to understand.

One explanation of Bill Maher's moral terpitude is readily seen in his flushed face. Alcohol does that. The rest of the explanation is in the costume. Soul sickness has no typical look, but the look is typical.

The evil inside this idiot ... (Below threshold)

The evil inside this idiot is starting to make its' way out through his skin. This is what a "Liberal " looks like kiddies--- don't grow up to be one or you could look like this too. I think he had some bad Vodka or is he really that ugly?

Most of the comments on her... (Below threshold)

Most of the comments on here bashing liberals as "all the same" and labeling this as "typical liberal" behavior are all just as ridiculous and inconsiderate as Bill is for wearing this costume.

So he has a different sense of humor than you do, who gives a damn?

Why don't you go protest a KKK rally or the fact that we're spending $11,000,000 an hour on the crusade (it's not a war anymore, ladies and gentlemen, get over it) in Iraq and stop worrying about someone else's sense of humor that you don't agree with.

Yes, Steve Irwin was a good man and made countless positive contributions to society.

Yes, Bill shed a bit of his class by wearing this costume.

But so have all of you that are stereotyping liberals and democrats.

Jo, you're an idiot for calling liberals classless and tasteless- when was the last time you heard of someone in a run-down trailor park that wasn't a conservative? I mean, if we're generalizing here, it fits.

Soupy2c2, it's nothing like the pot calling the kettle black. For that to be true, Bill would have to claim to be "Christ-like". He doesn't. Christians do. And for the most part, they fail. Jesus wouldn't support poor farm kids being sent off to die (or anyone, for that matter). I bet you voted all Republican the last time you stepped into a voting booth.

Scrapiron, I hope you choke on your communion wafer on a Sunday in the near future. Who cares if Bill gets drunk or not? Do I call Mark Foley a "typical conservative" whenever he gets caught trying to sleep with underage boys? No. You're an idiot.

Wad, good move. Because doing everything possible to make sure the picture gets to his family is the right thing to do. You're sure teaching Bill a lesson. Way to right the wrong.

Steak111111, get your head out of your ass. You're not in the top one percent of the tax bracket, so stop voting Republican. You're so up on the anti-Democrat movement that you don't realize how ludicrous the things you're saying are. Because you know, everyone that's part of a group thinks the same. Christians, would you care to explain the whole KKK thing? I mean, you're all in support of Jesus, so you obviously have a white hood somewhere in your closet. What an idiotic generalizing of a group of people that think differently than you.

Clay, yeah, you're right. Sacred. I put Steve Irwin on the same level as Jesus, too, no worries.

VagaBond, would you have sex if your parents were in the room? No, because that would be wrong. But it's totally acceptable when they aren't there. So shut the fuck up.

Bob Jones, Bill Maher makes more money in a year than you and your hard-working Republican family will ever make. But it's okay, because at least you have values, right?

Denny, I've been waiting to get to you. You're so morally self-righteous that by being so, you're already a fucking hypocrite. You talk about doing all that God asks, but last I checked, bashing those with different tastes and opinions wasn't one of them (good thing I'm not trying to follow that path).

Christians are called to the aid of widows and orphans. Really? Tell that to all of the kids running around without dads because you wanted cheaper gas and all of the wives who lost husbands in Iraq (in the battles that YOU fucking voted for by voting for Bush). But that's different for you, I guess.

Christians are called to labor and sacrifice. Wow, good for you. Welcome to the rest of the American population, dick.

Christians are called to temperance. Ha, okay. I really hope you're not saying Christians can't drink alcohol. If so, Jesus has a lot of explaining to do to you for that wine that acts as a symbol for his blood. Temperance preaches everything in moderation. Be sure to remind that to all of the people that are overweight at your church. They obviously have faith issues.

Christians are exhorted by God to pray for all of the Bill Mahers of the world. I'm exhorted by my hope for the future of America that you don't have children.

You, Denny, should beg forgiveness from your God for misusing the Christian faith as a fucking weapon.

One explaination of your moral TURPITUDE is your closed-mindedness. Being a dumbfuck does that.

And you wonder why people like Bill Maher bash Christians for their attempts at being "Christ-like". All of you Christians that are good people and actually have a grip on reality, you have people like Denny and the other "Christians" that commented on this to thank for this.

No Griff it's ugly, very ug... (Below threshold)

No Griff it's ugly, very ugly! ...A stingray wouldn't hurt this old sozzled trollop as he obviously doesn't have a heart. I just wish everyone would just stop knocking and let Steve rest in peace. It wasn't about him, it is STILL about the animals!!!!!!

What is funny about someone... (Below threshold)

What is funny about someone dieing? Steve Irwin was an icon. The world loved his humanity - he dedicated his life to preservation of wildlife. I don't understand the reasoning process here. Steve Irwin was a human being - with a family - who is still in mourning, along with the rest of the world. I also noted Bill Maher's puffed up face. I guess it was the alcohol that muddled his thinking. He has definately LOST viewers because of this.

Bill Maher's tastless costu... (Below threshold)

Bill Maher's tastless costume has nothing to do with what party he belongs to. Do not try and put this on "all Democrates". I happen to be a Democrate, and I am totally dumbfounded as to why ANYONE would think this is funny! I'd say its time for an AA meeting.

those of us who are christi... (Below threshold)

those of us who are christians pray for TV Talk Show Host Bill Maher and pray he will have a "road to Damascus" experience like Saul did and will turn to Jesus.

Bill Maher recently said on tv that all christians in america are hypocrites and has said other things bashing christians as well.

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you

and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you

Maher could have just omitt... (Below threshold)

Maher could have just omitted the barb and fake blood effect and gone as the big nose with a bad dyed combover that he is.Jimmy Durante had nothing on this bird.

I see a prosperous future f... (Below threshold)

I see a prosperous future for Bill Maher in Nasonex commercials.

carolyn, don't you have to ... (Below threshold)

carolyn, don't you have to be able to spell democrat if you are one. That's like that old joke, "Last week I couldn't spell engineer, now I are one.






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