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Setting Up for a Loss?

Lorie recommended that you read Dr. Sanity's post on the media's and the left's preparations should the Democrats lose. I'd also recommend this article at the Time Online, which seems to work awfully hard to lower the expectations of a Democratic landslide:

PUNDITS predict that the Republicans will be swept from power on Capitol Hill on November 7 by an elemental force of voter anger aimed at President Bush and Congress. Some are forecasting a "Democrat tsunami", while Charlie Cook, the pre-eminent American election guru, talks of a "Category 5 hurricane".

But Democrats have learnt from bitter experience that breaching the Republican defences -- even with an opinion poll yesterday showing them with a 14 per cent lead nationally -- is harder than it looks. The more fatalistic among them point out that in the year since the Katrina disaster the US has received many warnings about other hurricanes heading towards it. All of these, without exception, have fizzled out into nothing more severe than storms.

At the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters, Karin Johanson, the executive director, has taken up smoking again, but with only eight days to go before polling day she says that there is scant time for indulging the habit.

Speaking to The Times as she pored over the latest numbers from swing seats, Ms Johanson said: "Some of the polls are looking great -- really great -- but some of the recent ones have been looking not so good." The Democrats were "swimming upstream", she said, against long-term disadvantages. They will be outspent by as much as $100 million (£52 million) in the coming week because their opponents have amassed vast war chests for TV advertising. Boundary changes (a more pejorative word might be "gerrymandering") mean that there are far fewer marginal seats to target than there were when the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives 12 years ago.


The Democrats need 15 net gains to regain control of the 435-member House for the first time since 1994. They can count on perhaps a dozen, but others are too close to call and the residual power of incumbency may be critical.

For instance, Tom Reynolds, who represents an endangered Republican district in upstate New York, was recently able to negotiate millions of dollars in federal aid for a snowstorm clear-up after being visited by Karl Rove, the senior adviser to the President. Polls indicate that Mr Reynolds is narrowly back in the lead.

Regaining control of the more powerful Senate is an even harder task for the Democrats, who must make six net gains from 33 seats being contested. Of these, only 15 are held by the Republicans, while at least one seat that the Democrats are defending -- New Jersey -- could yet be lost.


The hurricane season is coming to an end. Instead, families are preparing for Halloween tomorrow night. And the Democrats are spooked.

The tide may very well be shifting away from the Democrats to the GOP. Be sure to get out and vote Republican on November 7th.

Update: Meanwhile, back in NY the Democrats are telling their base to bring out their dead...to the polls:

Among the Journal's findings:

- Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than 4 to 1. The reason: Most of them came from Democrat-dominated New York City, where the higher population produced more matches.


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Comments (14)

Even if we do lose the Hous... (Below threshold)

Even if we do lose the House, it has been sweet to watch the democrats have to work so hard for it. It's Bush's 6th year, the Iraq war is not going well and the MSM is unashamedly working themselves to the bone trying to get people to vote for their pals in the democrat party.

It should have been a cakewalk for the democrats. It hasn't been. You gotta love that. : )

If the dems do win big, and... (Below threshold)

If the dems do win big, and Peter Jennings were still alive, do you think he'd say the country had a temper tantrum as he did in 1994?


Democrat takeover = the people have spoken
GOP takeover = temper tantrum

Got it. (wink)

Go over the Michele Malkin ... (Below threshold)

Go over the Michele Malkin and read what the slime ball 'democratic hero' Hanoi John said about the troops in Iraq. I didn't think he could sink any lower that the slander and lies he laid on us Vietnam Vet's but he has dug out the bottom of the outhouse hole and went deeper.

And this is the people the democrats want in charge of the country. If they win it will be a good two years of telling them everytime something bad happens, 'We told you so', and if they carry out their plans to cut and run hundreds of thousands will die at the hands of their friends the terrorists right here in the U.S., so you will have to copy the statement 'We told you so' so you can simply paste it hundreds of times a day and save the typing.

I just listened to John Fuc... (Below threshold)

I just listened to John Fuc*ing Kerry SLAM the U.S. military in that despicable soundbite.

What a total prick!

I am still stunned.

Even for a MORON like him that was a new low. and yes, Scrapiron, I DID think that piece of excrement couldn't surprise me anymore!

They talked so much about h... (Below threshold)

They talked so much about how the past elections were fixed that they've depressed voting by blacks.

They've also gone out and recruited candidates who favor gun control and oppose abortion and gay marriage to run in key districts. So if they take control of the House it could be at the cost of giving Bush a working majority of conservatives.

If they win, we win. If they lose, we win.

Democrats who cast... (Below threshold)
Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than 4 to 1

How typical of Repugnicans... trying to suppress to dead vote. Why do Repugnicans hate dead people ?

Jo:As usual when y... (Below threshold)


As usual when you open your mouth (figuratively) all that comes out is wind. One can only assume that your ass is where your mouth should be.

What you said, or rather winded about, was that the democrats cheat better than we do. Your remarkable record, of the past 3 days, of saying absolutlely nothing continues unabated.

Whining that the dems out cheat the repubs!! As I continue to say, you right loons have nothing to talk about so all you do is break wind - so to speak.

P.S. Your conclusory statement that the economy is "good" was a whale of a response yesterday.

When the liberals lose the ... (Below threshold)

When the liberals lose the "dead" vote, how are they EVER gonna win????

Someone should be in jail F... (Below threshold)

Someone should be in jail FOR A LONG TIME for that.

Democrat OR Republican.

The fraud created by Democr... (Below threshold)

The fraud created by Democrats is massive. Year after year the DNC pays more fines than the RNC.

They will get huge numbers of votes from dead people, falsely registered people, people who moved without being taken off the roles, and illegal aliens.

There are many solutions to this problem, but none that Democrats will accept because they rely on the votes. It's too late, but I'll make my suggestions again:
1. Require a free id -- not one that you carry -- but require that people who register to vote have their height, weight, and picture kept by the election commission. When you go to vote or pick up an absentee ballot, the voting list is checked, including a reproduction of the picture that they kept.

The main advantage is that it is paid for by taxes and not related to other id (e.g. driver's licenses). The other big advantage is that the only way to fake it or modify it is inside the election commission. Any other form of id can be forged.

2. Get people to stick their thumbs in the ink well like they did in Iraq. The way to get get dead people to vote is to have people voting under several names. The ink on their hands makes it tougher because it will appear that the person has already voted or had an accident with a bottle of purple ink. It doesn't solve the illegal alien problem or the voter fraud assisted by election commission workers, but it is a simple start.

RE: 2006 election
1. I'm 70% sure the Republicans will hang onto the Senate.
2. I'm 90% that the Dems will take over the House.
Democratic onservatives in the House will make it difficult to get anything done, but that's OK: the Democrats don't have a clue, anyway.
3. I'm 90% sure the Arab street will be party like it's 9/11.

I have a friend in Albany, ... (Below threshold)

I have a friend in Albany, NY who bought a house from the estate of a guy who died. Every other December and January the previous, dead, owner starts getting junk mail again.

And this comes on the heels... (Below threshold)

And this comes on the heels of the NYT editorial page saying that the issues of voter fraud are insignificant when compared to the possibility that some voters might be scared off because they would have to show ID. Never mind that reporting in NJ found the dead voting in significant numbers, along with people voting in multiple jurisdictions and other assorted problems that could be addressed by checking ID.

Now we've got another example from the Times' backyard showing that voter fraud is rampant and that the dead vote quite regularly.

Hugh dear, the number one w... (Below threshold)

Hugh dear, the number one way to tell the economy is good is that most democrats aren't bringing it up at all.

But you keep on truckin.

lawhawk,Of those p... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Of those people who are scared off from voting because they might have to show ID, I wonder how many of them are scared off from:

-writing checks
-checking into a hotel
-opening a bank acct
-going to a doctor
-jury duty
-signing up for utility service

I'm sure there are others.






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