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I Don't Know How Much Karl Rove is Paying John Kerry...

but maaaaaaan it ain't enough.

We now know the theme for the last week of the campaign. John Kerry's record on veterans. OUCH!

If the Dems fail to take the House, it will be blamed on John Kerry's "Howard Dean moment" in today's speech.

Kevin adds: Martin Lewis at The Huffington Post is in full meltdown mode over Kerry's bumbled response... It's priceless...


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Comments (42)

John Kerry is a narcissist.... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

John Kerry is a narcissist. Therefore, psychologically, he is not capable of apologizing. I felt ever since he ran for president that Kerry is a sick man. Someone who actually took a video camera with him to Vietnam and had himself filmed reproducing "attacks" with him as hero, marching through a field with bullets in the background. Sick, sick man.

Can you say Cluster B? Joh... (Below threshold)

Can you say Cluster B? John F'n Kerry is becoming the poster child.

...ah...if Republicans were... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

...ah...if Republicans were so confident about holding the House..we would hear it...again this is not about Kerry...the Republicans will lose the House because of Iraq and the fact the House conducted business on fewer days than any Congress in History...the voters have moved beyond Guns..Gays..Abortion....voters are concerned but not afraid...
Tell you what..if Republicans hold the House I will change from an Indy to going back to Republican..I will offer proof of this change...
until then...

May I suggest http://icasualties.org

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
He's definitely not intelle... (Below threshold)

He's definitely not intellectually smart--Throughout his '04 campaign, I thought his main problem was that he was just too dense, despite his faux Boston Brahmin ways, to run a smart campaign.

He's incredibly empty headed, and with no principles, just about anything could come spilling out of that grim little mouth anytime.

Yes, let's up his pay. Thanks, John K.

Karl had a microchip implan... (Below threshold)

Karl had a microchip implanted in Kerry at some point, which makes him act like a robot.

Nobody noticed the difference.

Florence...yeah I took Psyc... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Florence...yeah I took Psych 101 in college too..but that really doesn't qualify me to make psychological studies of others....but hey..unlike our troops in Iraq we can post whatever we want..
by the way...again...if all you folks have is Kerry as the Republicans face defeat then go for it...

There are NO WORDS to descr... (Below threshold)

There are NO WORDS to describe how STUPID Kerry is....

And to think he almost became president....

The thought of him as president makes me shutter worse than the goriest halloween horror film....

Could Kerry be a zombie?</p... (Below threshold)

Could Kerry be a zombie?


I thought the Dems were ver... (Below threshold)

I thought the Dems were very proud of the Iraq war veterans they have running? Have they been misleading us?

Yep, Lurch has just stuck t... (Below threshold)

Yep, Lurch has just stuck the other foot into the deep shit. He couldn't be content with one foot in the stuff, he had to go hog wild. If he had not cost the Dims the election, yesterday, he really has done it now. People that were left after yesterday's fau pax, are going to be checking their hole cards even closer now and they are not liking what they are seeing. Yes folks, Lurch is the gift that keeps on giving, along with Howard Dean and others.

Rove's October surprise, ab... (Below threshold)

Rove's October surprise, absolutely brilliant. This is John Kerry, this is the Democratic party ... and it isn't pretty.

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
This liberal couldn't be ha... (Below threshold)

This liberal couldn't be happier than to see John Kerry fade from politics. I'd happily attend a good-bye party for him and Gore. They both blew it and they both need to go away.

His comment was stupid.

Now, do you rightie loons have anything substantive to run on this election?
Of course not. If you look at the posts and threads for the past week the only thing the loons talk about is hypocrisy and outrage about a stupid politician making a stupid statement. You don't dare debate anything because your cause is a monumental failure.

I think we can run on our r... (Below threshold)

I think we can run on our record. No attacks since 9/11. great ecomony. interest rates are doing well. gas prices down and the DOW is up....

why would we want to screw that up? because Iraq is not going as smoothly as hoped? think not...

"You don't dare debate anyt... (Below threshold)

"You don't dare debate anything because your cause is a monumental failure."

Says who?

Says Hugh!

...well then it must be true!!

John Kerry just gave Dem ca... (Below threshold)

John Kerry just gave Dem candidate Tammy Duckworth the 'kiss of death'.

How can anyone be persuaded to vote for her if one of her own senior party leaders says she and other military veterans are stupid?

It is poetic justice that L... (Below threshold)

It is poetic justice that Lurch, er Kerry, comes out on Halloween to scare all the little citizens.

JfK went to college, and as... (Below threshold)

JfK went to college, and as he'll tell anyone who'll listen (and those who won't) he ended up in Vietnam. I guess he didn't work hard or study during his school years.

"Bottom line, these Republi... (Below threshold)

"Bottom line, these Republicans want to debate straw men because they're afraid to debate real men."

Right on John Kerry. Our country is totally screwed over by these poeple and they can only hope an out of context quote will save them.
Desperate measures for desperate times.

These people couldn't debate themselves out of a wet bag.

Anyone want to talk about the disproportinate numbers of poor signing up for the military and dying for your sleezyness? Any one want to talk about all the politicians with children volunteering to serve?

John Kery's statement is RIGHT ON!!!

Anyone want to talk about the truth and who REALLY is dispicable? I'm guessing not.

Trick or Treat - Trick or T... (Below threshold)

Trick or Treat - Trick or Treat;
This halloween brings swift defeat,
To Democrats - 'cuz in Gore's mouth,
He shoved in both - his stinking feet....

"I voted for Halloween, bef... (Below threshold)

"I voted for Halloween, before I voted against it"

"In the manner of Genjis (sic) Kahn, I will cut off arms, and ears, and legs"

"Look away, I am an animal!!!"

--Lurch Kerry

Hillary Clinton checks her ... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton checks her "To Do" list.

#3. Get Kerry out of the way.


Anyone want to tal... (Below threshold)
Anyone want to talk about the disproportionate numbers of poor signing up for the military and dying for your sleaziness? Any one want to talk about all the politicians with children volunteering to serve?

I guess that most of the people that have at least two years of college are dirt poor, huh. How did they pay for that schooling? It sure was not through the good graces of the Liberal establishment and their minions.

The military will not take anyone that has not gotten a high school diploma or its equivalent. Now they really prefer that their enlistees have at least two years of college. To be an officer you must have at least a four year degree or they won't even look at you.

There are men and women signing up for military service, fresh out of high school and college graduates. These people come from all walks of life and places. There are senators' sons and daughters' serving in the armed forces. Some of them are over in Iraq and Afghanistan, while others are in Korea and Europe.

Just another 11th hour atte... (Below threshold)

Just another 11th hour attempt at creating a diversionary tempest in a teapot. Kerry refers to a demonstrable truth of the volunteer army and it launches yet another round of salivating from the troglodyte/lizard-brained faithful.

If Kerry had said "flipping burgers" instead of "stuck in Iraq" would all of you howl equally loud about the disrespect shown to fast food workers everywhere? Doubtful.

Dream on, this won't change a thing next week. The desperation from those about to lose their stranglehold on power is nearing fever pitch. This quote from Kerry is despicable? Where was the outrage over one of the high priests of the neocon cult mocking and insulting another human, unfortunate enough to have a serious debilitating disease, to gain some political advantage?

Hypocritical bastards.

"Anyone want to talk abo... (Below threshold)

"Anyone want to talk about the disproportinate numbers of poor signing up for the military and dying for your sleezyness?"

Muirgeo: I responded to your last attempts at this in another thread. And the Heritage Foundation seems have come to a different conclusion than your leftist friend Krieger. Oh but wait, they're part of the right-wing cabal, aren't they?

And I think the word is "sleaziness".

I guess according to muirge... (Below threshold)

I guess according to muirgeo, poor = stupid.
I was not for this war, but certainley do not consider it's beginnings as sleezyness. After all, I find it hard to believe that so many smart congress person's were hoodwinked by a dumb old country boy. Maybe the congress people should get more education so they don't get stuck in congress.

Hillary Clinton checks her ... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton checks her "To Do" list.

#3. Get Kerry out of the way.



If he had said "flipping bu... (Below threshold)
right foot:

If he had said "flipping burgers" instead of "Iraq" it would be a fact. How many people with an education flip burgers for a living?

Hugh, define a position tha... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Hugh, define a position that can be debated and we will debate it. Anti-Bush is not a topic. Muirego, you are a liar and an idiot. What John Kerry said is indefensable. He was talking to students and said if you study you can be smart, if you do not you will be stuck in Iraq. I thought you had to join the all volunteer Armed Forces first. You have no viable position on anything. You can't lead, so follow or get out of the way.

Zelsdorf:I don't d... (Below threshold)


I don't debate with the lunatics of the right. And you are a bright star for them.

Hillary Clinton checks h... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton checks her "To Do" list.

Now that's funny!

Hugh: That's correct, you d... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Hugh: That's correct, you don't debate; you just occasionally visit to fling your troll-poo and then return to you're home under the bridge. Yawn.

I can't wait for the next D... (Below threshold)

I can't wait for the next Democrat to whine about Bush not admitting his "mistakes."

drjohn:Kerry makes... (Below threshold)


Kerry makes a stupid comment, should admit it. Hopefully the voters of Mass will toss him out.

Bush makes a mistake(s) = 3000 dead soldiers, 10s of thousands wounded and maimed soldiers, 100s of thousands dead Iraqis.

Gee, I'll take Kerry's stupidity and lack of admission any day.

Hugh, non-sequitur. We're ... (Below threshold)

Hugh, non-sequitur. We're not talking about Bush, or war dead. We're talking about Mr. Kerry's dysfunctional view of the world.

And, another Dem. talking point is false--the actual education level of military personnel is higher than the general population of same age bracket.

So stuff another of your inane, lying talking points in the trash along with your support of about every ill-conceived movement of the last 25 years.

It's an outrage that Sen. Kennedy was in touch with the KGB, and the Kremlin, during the '84 elections to undermine Reagan. Remember all that jive about him being a cowboy, and his "mistake" in calling USSR an Evil Empire.

You Dems. were all against that and the deterrent effect of Pershing missiles in Europe. And again, your world view, like Kerry's, is realistic or well-reasoned.

I say, I say, NOT realistic... (Below threshold)

I say, I say, NOT realistic or well-reasoned.

Basically, I'm calling shit on you guys.

Hugh,Insulting our... (Below threshold)


Insulting our troops, thus hurting their morale in a time of war is no small matter. If you think it is, then I can see why you're on the Left.

Question our military's intelligence, but don't dare question the democrat's patriotism, right?

Got it.

Jo:More air out of... (Below threshold)


More air out of your ass, err mouth, as usual. If you just read somehting just once you'll se I condemned the remark and in fact said he shouldn't be sent back to the Senate.

What are you, a frigging automaton to the right or just plain stupid?

Hugh: "I condemned the rema... (Below threshold)

Hugh: "I condemned the remark and in fact said he shouldn't be sent back to the Senate."

Good on ya!!

You just may be salvagable!!

Thanks Hugh. That was gene... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Thanks Hugh. That was generous of you. I am sure no one has ever said you were ever anything close to bright. Possibly because you are not bright. Let us examine exactly what you are about. You ask for a discussion then when offered one decline because you chose not to discuss with us. Go away.

Well, the moonbats are in f... (Below threshold)

Well, the moonbats are in full "howl 'n' wail" mode, so it is safe to say that the world is coming back into alignment.

The real test is the Democrats Kerry is scheduled to appear for in the next day or two. I heard one of the Michigan congressional candidates already canceled and called for him to apologize - Ralz, I think. He is supposed to campaign for Bob Casey, Jr., in PA, too - no word from the Casey campaign on it, but that isn't unusual: Casey has no opinion on most issues, and no comment on any.






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